Real Pregnancy Risk and Impregnation
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2020-09-28 18:32:48

    Yep, tumblr is officially dead.

    So I’ve moved!  Yes, at long last I’ve moved to another site where we can continue enjoying our pervy ways unfettered.

    Go here: https://impregnationfreak2.bdsmlr.com and let’s get back to having fun.

    Nearly ALL my old posts are already there (yes even the ones tumblr won’t let you see anymore), so cum on over and let’s get back to having all the hot, sticky unprotected fun we want!

    So I’ll be continuing to recover my old ImpregnationFreak posts until the “Pornocalypse” happens, if only to export the works and save what remains.  So stick around, plenty more filth to come until then.

    And rest assured, if I find another home for everything, I’ll let you all know.  Change is hard, but sometimes necessary.  We’ll all get through it together.

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    Reblog if you’re a birth fetish/pregnancy fetish blog, I really need new blogs to follow!


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    Hello, pregnancy/birth world! 


    All about pregnancy risk and impregnation.  The user formerly known as ImpregnationFreak.  I’m back.  Again.

    kik: RiskSexFreak