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    The hottest fucking thing - 

    Being starved, or having my food controlled completely by someone else.

    Having daddy tell me how fat and ugly I am,

    Daddy helping me with my diets and extra forced exercise. 

    Giving daddy complete control over my diet and fluid intake.

    Getting reminded that food is a privilege and not a right,

    being made to do disgusting things for food, being a starving, skinny, obedient, depraved fuck doll for daddy’s pleasure.

    Being forced to associate daddy’s cock with survival.


    Traditional Gender Roles

    I’m a fiercely independent woman, so what is it about traditional gender roles that turn me the fuck on?

    Like YES forbid me to wear trousers because a woman should only be seen in skirts or dresses (or nothing if she’s at home, obviously)

    If I do something you don’t like or do something that inconveniences you, bend me over your knee and spank me

    Tell me that jobs are only for men and forbid me from working outside the home. Expect me to cook and clean and have everything in order when you come home from a long day at work

    Take away my cards and cash and make me completely dependent on you for money (I’m a woman so obviously I can’t be trusted with money)

    Make me wear silly little maids costumes while I serve you around the house

    Tell me not to speak unless spoken to

    Tell me I can’t go somewhere or meet someone without your permission

    I’m a fiercely independent woman, but GOD get me in a traditional relationship


    Damnnnnn that’s hot


    Because men and women’s are different and made for different things. Feminist ruined everything for you and made you a slave.


    Because patriarchy is the truth. Because it’s in your nature. Because YOU know where you belong in this world. Because YOU know women belong under Men. Because you know the truth. Don’t deny it, feed it. Follow the patriarchy and everything will fall into place.


    omg it’s my first blog si cute 😍😍


    It’s amazing how many women feel this way. Gentlemen need to help make this a reality for them, it really is for everyone’s benefit.


    When I say I want to be a submissive little wife, this is what I mean:

  • I want to be talked down to, humiliated and babied.
  • I want to ask permission, be told no and have my wants controlled by my husband.
  • I want to be scolded and corrected and told how to behave.
  • I want to be put over my man’s lap and spanked like a child until I beg and cry.
  • I want to be owned and obedient in every sense.
  • I want to be his, to use and shape however he wants.
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    The perfect obedient wife


    It dawned on her that the punishment, as awful and as painful as it had already been, was not over. He seemed to be even angrier now that she had swore at him. Before she understood what exactly was happening, she was up on her feet, still bare from the waist down, and she was being marched down the hall toward the bathroom. Her stepfather was a strong man and had a tight grip on her arm. She had no choice.

    "You brought this on yourself," he said as he pushed her into the bright, little room. He was oddly calm and collected. 

    Knowing that her mother was downstairs listening to and approving all of this was beyond infuriating. But also knowing, deep down, that she deserved all of it and much more, was beyond humbling. She had not been spanked in well over 10 years and this had been quite the wake up call.

    The wake up call to end all wake up calls actually. 

    Right as her stepfather jammed the wet bar of soap into her mouth, she caught sight of herself in the mirror and shame washed over her. Her little triangle of neat pubic hair between her legs, her red face still moist with tears. She couldn't see her ass in the mirror but could feel it burning hot. She had acted like a fool and was now being justly rewarded for that behavior.

    The soap was a bitter nightmare, mashed against her teeth and tongue, making her gag. She moaned and wailed, trying to pull away. He remained firm and commanded her stick her tongue out so that he could paint it white with that nasty bar of misery. Saliva and soap were everywhere.

    "Bend over and stick your butt out," he commanded when he finally set the soap down. 

    With her mouth still full of bitterness, her stepfather began to beat her already very sore butt with a flurry of spanks that quickly set raging fire to both of her cheeks. She was determined to take this final bit of chastisement silently, ever aware of her smirking mother right downstairs, but it was a battle of wills she was destined to lose. Before it was over, she was bawling like a baby.


    Lucky girl


    Cunt Homework

    Here’s my first official piece of homework for any cunt that follows me.

    Tell a man that you like misogyny today. Tell him that actually, it kind of turns you on.

    If you can’t find a man in real life to tell this to, then you can settle for a male tumblr user. Just sitting down to type out the words “misogyny turns me on” (preferably to a stranger) will be a healthy thing for you. But…

    If you can, telling someone in real life will be more beneficial. I’ve done it before. The guy will most likely be amused even if he’s all for equality.

    He’ll start making jokes. The same jokes you hear from Family Guy or other mainstream comedy shows, the things he may not have even realized he payed attention to. The typical stuff like telling you to get him a beer, or don’t you feel uncomfortable when you’re not in the kitchen? It will all be in good fun; he’ll laugh, thinking it’s a kinky (albeit kind of unusual) game. Giggle and joke with him, but do as he says. When you do, he’ll begin to realize that you really don’t want to be an equal. For all intents and purposes, you really do what to be that female stereotype- to serve and make the men around you happy.

    It will slowly shift from a game to reality. He’ll realize that deep down, he always wanted a girl to boss around, and here you are. It’s ok for him to be like this, because you already told him you like it.

    Soon when he tells you to get him a beer, he won’t be laughing. Playful demands will turn into demands, the pretense of a joke long gone. He’ll start to see you as you want to see yourself, as a bitch suitable for housework and fucking.

    Another good step towards obliterating your autonomy. Just like you always wanted.

    Xoxo Dbts


    All cunts follow this channel


    Here’s another ‘so what’ story. My brother in law spanked my sister during a visit. She got all flustered because her ass was bare, and he said ‘so what’. And to drive home the point he made her go bottomless for the rest of the visit. My kind of man.

    OMG! Awesome story. We need more Men like that. Your brother in law is a good gentleman. i hope your sister learns to behave better.

    i would DIE if my Owner had to spank me in front of my friends. He probably wouldn’t do it anyway, but when he gives me an angry look i feel soooo bad. Luckily for me the threat of a punishment is enough to make me behave again :)


    Never underestimate the punitive power of public humiliation.


    You’re standing in the aisle of the mall, busy crowds of shoppers bustling all around you, when your phone buzzes.

    How do you feel, darling?

    You squirm, texting back. Its starting to ache now, but im soo wet. can i go please? 🥺

    A minute passes. Your bladder is starting to feel full, making your pussy feel tighter, leaking into your thong from how full and turned on you are. A venmo notification comes up, showing they just sent you $20, and a text. No. Go buy yourself a venti iced coffee, sweetheart. Post a pic of you drinking it.

    Your heart flutters. You go to a Starbucks kiosk and buy your drink, and take a picture of your tongue teasing the tip of the straw. You post it on your blog, with the caption, holding in public, short skirt, no panties - how long do you think i can last? 🤭

    As you drink, the notifications pour in. They text you back. Good girl. Go walk around and drink it. That straw stays in your mouth until its done. Tell me when it starts to hurt.

    You obey, walking around the mall with your ridiculously sized drink in your hand, constantly sucking the tip. You imagine them holding it to your lips, knowing they’d love the desperate, gulping noises you’d make forcing it down your throat, filling yourself up for them, hurting yourself for them… but the drink isn’t even halfway gone, when your belly really starts to ache. You dip into a store, browse a little, looking innocent enough, heading to a corner in the back. You bring up your blog again, and take a quick pic of your unfinished drink. Im not even halfway done and i already feel like im going to piss myself, its so heavy it hurts to walk ><

    A couple likes, and they text you again. God, you’re so hot. Take your panties off and put them in your purse.

    Your face turns red. can i PLEASE pee now? it hurrts ><

    No. Take them off and finish the drink I bought you.

    You slip into a change room, and take them off in front of the mirror. Looking at them, how soaking wet they are... you text them back: may i lick my panties? they’re soo wet nd they smell so good 🥵😵‍💫

    You fucking whore. Of course you can. Send pics.

    You take a picture, posing with your tongue out, and then another, licking the thin strip of fabric that had just barely covered your hole. You take another, with them stuffed in your mouth.

    Good girl. You can have your clips and your plug now. Try not to piss yourself while you push it in.

    Your heart skips, and you immediately set up your phone to record a video. You keep the panties in your mouth and strip for them, peeling off the slutty little dress you had on. You sit naked and spread your legs, and clip a clothespin to each nipple, four on your pussy lips, and one on your clit. They pinch, and hurt, but you’re soo horny that it only heightens it. You feel so desperate, your belly bulging form holding so much, naked and perverted in public, in secret. You try not to whimper as you lube up a plug you also brought, spread your ass, and start pumping it in, a little bit at a time. Your tight little ring fights it, and between the pain and the nervousness and the caffeine, you get light headed. You need to relax a little to open it up, but if you do, you might let go and piss all over the dressing room stall you’re in. So you have to work it in slowly, stretching your ass with the toy, until you force it deeper - your breathing hitches - the pain reaches its full, overwhelming height - and your hole sucks it inside. You shake, and shudder, sucking on your panties, your clit flexing against the clothespin, hurting even more -

    When you finally catch your breath, you stand up, feeling the toy roll in your ass and the clips pinching your pussy. You put your dress back on, the clothespins on your nipples showing through, the skirt just barely covering anything, and hiding nothing if you bend over too far. You stop recording, and send it to them. You remove the now-sopping wet panties from your drooly mouth, and put them in your purse, while their replies fly in.

    Holy fuck, you’re perfect.

    You look so beautiful, baby.

    God I wish I could fuck you right now.

    You blush, sipping more coffee from your cup, though you really didn’t want to anymore. You have to force it down, but you make yourself drink it all the way down to the bottom. You take a pic of that too. Done ;)

    How do you feel? You must be leaking now

    i amm >< i wish you could squeeze your cock inside me and feel how tight i am right now

    Another $20 is sent.

    Buy a couple bottles of water and walk back to your car. Let the cashier know you're really, really thirsty.

    What? You’re so full you’re almost bursting, and this dress doesn’t hide anything… and they want you to walk like that all the way back through the mall, talk to someone, and walk into the parking lot? You hesitate. But, fuck… this is so hot, this is so fucked up and embarrassing, and oh my god, it would hurt so much to walk like this…

    You pack your bag, and look at how slutty you are in the mirror. With a shaky breath, you open the door and take your first few steps out. The clips hurt - ouch - you’re very aware of how full your bladder is - and the plug filling your ass only makes everything feel even more squished. Your pussy is pressed down and leaking all over your clips, drooling down your bare thighs as you walk back through the store, face on fire, not looking anyone in the eye.

    The walk feels so long. You think people are looking at you. You swear you saw a guy turn his head to watch you go by, as if he knew. A group of girls make a funny face as they pass you. When you buy the bottles of water, you can’t even look at the cashier while you tell him you're very, very thirsty, knowing full well your tits with clothespins on them are fully visible through your shirt. With every step, your bladder and your plug roll and squish your insides until you are a sopping mess, reminding you what a disgusting, gross, perverted little piss and anal slut you are. Every painful step makes you hornier than the last, even though you are denied your poor little clit, pinched tight in denial.

    You make it outside, and the sun feels warm on your face. There are still cars and people all around, watching you blush and do your slutty little walk of shame all the way back to your car. You have to pee so bad your legs are shaking. Your cute little pisshole is trying to clench shut, but you keep leaking and twitching, the full weight of your bladder threatening to spill down and have an accident right there.

    Once inside your car, you close the door, spread your legs, and take the clips off your pussy. You cry out in agony as blood refills your sensitive little clit, and it swells under your touch. You can’t help but rub it a little, finally touching it for the first time. You get greedy, sighing and gasping, feeling how wet you are, forgetting that you are behind car windows, and anyone walking by could see you.

    You get out your phone, and call them. They pick up. Baby… baby it hurts, it huurts, im so wet,” you sigh, pleading. "I'm leaking everywhere, I cant hold it any longer-"

    I know, baby. You did so well. I’m proud of you,” they purr. “You want something in your pussy now?”

    You moan something that sounds like a ‘yes’.

    Finger your pussy, I want to hear how wet you are.”

    Your hand travels down to your soft, wet hole, swollen and sensitive from the abuse. Your fingers fill your pussy and curl up, to beat against the soft wall of your bladder, immediately squirting into your palm. You drool, and moan for them, finger-fucking your sloppy hole with as much of your hand as you can fit, pissing uncontrollably now.

    Put your hand in your mouth and gag for me, bitch. I want to hear how fucking stupid you sound.”

    You obediently move your fingers to your mouth, and lick and suck the piss and pussy juice off your hand. You push them deeper, over your tongue, and start fucking your throat and gagging hard for them. You can't stop pissing, and everytime you gag you squirt harder.

    You can hear their breathing changing, their tone darkening. Oh fuck, yea, gag for me. Gag and then slap your clit until I tell you to stop.”

    You pull your fingers out, dripping spit all down your chest, and start slapping your wet hand against your clit, over and over again, until you finally stop peeing.

    Finger your slutty little pussy again. I want it to hurt this time, you fucking whore.”

    You pull back your legs and spread them wide. Anybody who got close to your car could look down and see you with your tits out, pumping your hand inside your sloppy wet pussy, completely lost in ecstasy. It was so freeing, to be an exhibitionist slut under their control, listening to them tell you what a pathetic little rapeslut you are, baiting yourself like this, begging a stranger over the phone to fuck you -

    Your orgasm is building. You’re riding the edge, taking your fingers out and stroking the other, less sensitive parts of your pussy. “Babyy, I wanna cumm, I wanna cum, please please let me cum-”

    Cum for me, baby. Show everyone what a disgusting little slut you are.”

    You sit up, so anyone walking by could see you - tits out, tongue out, eyes glazed over, rubbing your clit. The humiliation made you long for a cock to suck on, and that tips you over the edge. A full-body orgasm rakes over you, and you cum in public, on the phone, in a piss-soaked car, nearly naked-

    As you come down from your high, you slump down in your chair, moaning when each after-shock hits you. "Good fucking girl," they groan, chuckling, sighing. "Now, sweetheart… I want you to drive home with your tits out and the clips on. I want everyone to see what a desperate little slut you were for me. Text me when you get home."

    They hang up. You toss your phone away and sit up, finally alone with yourself. A group of friends walk in front of your car. One of them sees you through the glass and stares as he walks by. You try to work up the nerve to look at him, but can't. You start your car, sit up tall, tits out, clips on, and glide out onto the highway home.


    I never realized how much the idea of bladder control turns me on until reading this, wow 😳🥹💦🥵🫠