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    I want my body to be abused. I want to be tied and up force fed, my belly staying tight and filled to be millimetres from bursting all day and all night, no relief from my body’s constant processing of food and making new fat. Stretch marks appearing daily ruining my skin and making it impossible to reverse my weight gain. Tied up and gaining until my arms are so heavy that I won’t need to be restrained anymore, my legs so wide that my thighs touch all the way down, my belly so big and heavy that I can’t even wiggle my hips. Trapped and forever growing fatter until my body can’t take it anymore. This is the life I need and dream of.


    i told ya we’ve canceled discourse n we’ve moved on to homesteading skills


    it’s just choppin wood and harvesting vegetables and herbs from here on out


    unironically this


    Please hit me with more homesteading concept drawings


    Good reference material here.


    My brain during sane hours of the day: “I have a good job with benefits, a stable social network with supportive friends and family, and I’m a nerd who thrives on advanced technology. Also, I dislike the taste of fish.”

    My brain on Tumblr at 3:30am: “Y’know, abandoning all technology and leaving civilization behind looks like a lot of fun! And I could teach the kids how to build a fish trap!”


    May this thread never die


    For the herb spiral


    A metal one lets you heat the water right in the container. A plastic one is cheaper but you have to heat the water then pour it in.


    A single pellet of #0 lead buckshot is about .310 diameter and 40 grains, identical to a .22 bullet but with a much larger frontal area.

    Some handloaders use them with a very light powder charge and some polyester filler for the empty space. It’s about as powerful as a .22, but it won’t fly nearly as far due to the lower ballistic coefficient. That makes it safer to shoot upwards at targets in trees, for example.

    A few round-ball .30-30 cartridges allow you to shoot at targets of opportunity, not just big game. A normal deer bullet would vaporize a rabbit, but a single small lead pellet won’t even damage the meat.


    It’s back again so I’ll add more. On the Canoeing, “Indian” stroke is brilliant if hunting from a canoe, as the paddle never leaves the water so it is far quieter. It’s labeled as underwater stroke in this photo:

    Also if you have a two person canoe but only one person in it, turn the canoe around (bow becomes stern, stern becomes bow) and sit on what was the bow seat facing what was the stern seat, this puts you closer to the center of the canoe giving you greater power and control.

    You can also kneel down and Keel the canoe over slightly to one side to give it a small area of drag in the water.

    For up river in shallow water poling  


    So many good folks contributed to this one.