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    Party pants

    Jonathon had been particularly naughty that week and despite three over the knee spankings, two of which were bare-bottomed in front of his sister, Mummy still didn't think he had learned his lesson. It didn't matter though, if spankings and nappy punishments weren't working, a good dose of old fashioned public shaming would always do the trick.

    "Please Mummy, no! I can't go to Robbie's party like this" Jonathon cried, as Mummy pushed the third suppository up his bottom and pinned the super thick, triple-layer terry nappy in place.

    "Oh yes you can sweetie" she said fastening the straps on his plastic bib pants. "You've been such a naughty boy this week, I'm continuing your nappy punishment over the weekend."

    "But Mummy I can't even walk properly!"

    "No of course you can't darling! Your going to waddle like a baby and when those laxatives kick in everyone's going to know you've done a great big poppies in your nappy. Oh and don't you dare touch any of that nasty party food Jonathon, Robbie mum's kindly organised a high chair and I'm bringing some of your favourite baby food to spoon feed you when it's tea time. Now why don't we pop your bib on now so we don't forget it. And here's your dum dums, open wide there's a good boy."

    "I'm sorry Mummy, whatever I've done wrong, I won't do it again, I promise!"

    "I know you won't darling, particularly after all your friends see you dressed like this! You know Jonathon, I might even change your nappy whilst we're there, right In front of everyone."

    "Please mummy nooooo!"