I stare at the reflection, the woman who stares back is not who I was born as. He's molded me into something else entirely, his toy, his puppet... his bimbo. That was the last moment before my old memories completely faded away, free for him to change those as well.


Silly girl @roxydolly .

You've always been a bimbo. Right?

You've always been Daddy's good, obedient, trophy doll.

You've always been clingy and codependent and grateful for Daddy making your decisions for you, cos he knows what's best for you, right?

Your future has always been by Daddy's side. Being his infantalised, indulged little dress up fuck doll. Yeah honey. That's right!

You've always been dumb. Like, really. Like, super dumb. And it's just so good that Daddy doesn't mind that, and even kinda seems to like it maybe? Even though you're like such a ditzy tits and are super easy dilstrakted and ohmygoodness don't ur tits look so cute today?



Omg ur so right Daddy 💖