This is the Britbo Remix - featuring @fionaandell @wonderlively@daddys-denied-bimbo and @callmemollymaybe - the last version was OK, but the levels needed some adjustments.  

Be sure to plug her in for housework until she’s begging to clean in apron and heels.


I feel the sudden urge to make someone a sandwich…


Mandatory education for trophy wife training.  You will listen.  You will be porno housewife.  


CW: this file contains strong Hyperfeminization and domestication materials.

It is deliberately designed as a mindworm that plays with the theme of addiction.

Please listen responsibly!


Dear girls - listen to how happy you can be..

Just listen every night before bed for 10 minutes. Then start listening while you do chores… like laundry and cooking and cleaning… let us all know how much happier you are.