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    When auntie asked me to get her pregnant we both it was going to a lot of work. My uncle was amazed at how much I had stepped up and helped Mom around the house with cleaning and cooking and such. Of course she was very thankful and even toward the end we were having sex as much as possible. She always that we had to be good at so in a year or so we could do it again

    One of aunty's and my favorite places for sex is on the stairs. Nothing like shooting a huge hot load in your aunt while looking at you and your cousin's baby pictures. Speaking of baby pictures, aunt going to have to add another frame as she just announced to my uncle and our family she is pregnant. Looking forward to being a cousin/Father

    While visiting uncle's house, aunt asked me if I could be honest with her. “Of course I will.” She left the room and came back naked except for the shoes, stuck this sexy pose and asked me if I would like to have sex with her. Apparently uncle was often ignoring her so she wanted me to fill the bill. That day I not only filled the bill but also her top and bottom holes with my juice

    While having dinner with my aunt and some her girlfriend she excused herself for a ladies room trip. She returned and showed me she had removed her panties telling me it was time to get home and have some sex before uncle got home from the game. Well soon that black dress was in a heap by my cousin's bed and I was filling aunt with a very hot potent load

    My uncle was at a lose as to how come when he asked me to do stuff around the house all I did was complain but aunt was always to get me do almost any she asked. What he failed to see is Mom has a special way of asking. The reasons were simple; she is naked the whole time, she gives me access to all parts of her body and she is great in bed. I work as fast as I can to get things done then it aunt's time till we hear his car pull into the driveway.

    Aunt and uncle had just gotten home from diner. Aunt looked so hot in her short white dress and hose and such. My uncle had already fallen asleep on the couch giving aunt the opportunity to set her breasts free for some air and also for my mouth to suck on her hard nipples. A quick check on uncle and aunty was soon in my, white dress piled on the floor and with just her garter and hose on aunt was riding me like no tomorrow. I told her I was close and she told me to fill her up which I did. I again checked on uncle again and it appeared he was just starting to stir a bit so no seconds that night but aunt and I will always find the time.

    Aunt decided that she wanted something to remember me by when I deployed overseas for 8 months and she thought my baby would be the best. Besides scorching hot letters from her describing  what sex acts  we were going to do when I got to uncle's house, she also sent progress pics of herself pregnant.

    Aunt had just put on her new lingerie and she is making one final check that uncle was not home yet. Soon the jacket was on the floor and those delicious breasts were in my mouth. I eased my erection into her and just as I filled her with my juice uncle got home. We quickly broke free and aunt ran upstairs to clean some, but not all, of my DNA out of her. Sometimes uncle likes a lick or two when he gets home so he may have a little extra protein before dinner

    Got this text from my aunt which is her way of telling me uncle is golfing and I can have those luscious breasts all to myself. 15 minutes they were in my mouth as aunt rode my erection till we both exploded. Quick snack, text to uncle to make sure is still on the back nine, then at it again

    Aunt was wearing one of my favorite outfits. Red shoes, her ankle bracelets and a smile. With uncle gone we have all day to play. I really like when at first I can feel the shoes on my sides when I am licking aunt's oh so sweet and wet spot and then later when they along with the anklets are scratching my back when I am buried deep in aunt. Best thing we never have to leave the living room; unless we go their their room and do a second round in the same spot where uncle sleeps. Adds so much to the sex

    Auntie is just starting to show signs of her pregnancy. She had told me that uncle wanted another son but she never told him would would help them make it. Well I got picked and we have been having non-stop aunt-nephew sex ever since. She is hoping after this one is delivered that uncle will agree to get her pregnant again. Just kidding it will be me again.

    My aunty is pregnant with my baby! Her nipples are starting to show her pregnancy state as well as her baby bump! I’m going to make sure her tits are sucked dry every day once she reaches the milk stage!