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    Gold Rush (optional bias)

    A/N: I honestly don’t know a lot about the middle ages, so if anyone is a history genius, pls bare with me if I write something that doesn’t make sense asfghjk PS: feedback is greatly appreciated!!

    genre: optional bias (male), thief!au, strangers to enemies to lovers, medieval!au, suggestive content, reader is always ready to fight lmao, a tiny bit of angst

    summary: As thieves, you both try to steal from the same royal carriage. Only it doesn’t go as planned for either of you. Will you get away before the king sentences you both to death?

    words: 8.9 k  

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    Loverboy (m)


    original gif by @jeongjaehyuns

    Since dating your boyfriend, you were more social than you’d ever been before; meaning that you were inclined to make awkward conversations with his friends that he dragged you along to meet with. Although it wasn’t your cup of tea you did it anyways, just for him. But what you wouldn’t do was go to any party with him— that is, until you caved in one night.

    Reformed Fuckboy!Jaehyun x Shy!Female Reader

    Content: smut, fluff, nipple play, fingering, clothed sex, unprotected sex, light thigh slapping, spanking, female ejaculation, creampie

    A/N: This is a rewriting of a scenario from my old blog to which I made a good amount of changes to.

    Disclaimer: None of this writing depicts real life/reality and is strictly a work of fiction.

    The soft whirring of cool air conditioning buried the dead silence of the apartment. At first glance, if someone were to walk in, they’d think no one was home. That is, until they walked to the end of the long and spacious hallway, only to find two bodies finding purchase in each other as smacks emitted from their lips.

    Jaehyun’s body pressed yours between him and your shared bed. The cool luxurious sheets caressing your arms and the heat radiating off him had goosebumps running up your skin. His forearms propped up to avoid crushing you, while he continued kissing you ardently.

    “Mm, Jae?” You called out in between kisses. Your boyfriend only hummed, too indulged in the taste of peachy lip balm. He soon parted from you, only to dive down to your neck. “Ah, what time is it?” He continued peppering open mouthed kisses, murmuring along your skin. “I don’t know, probably six… why?”

    The vibrations of his soothing voice had you craning your neck, hesistating before reaching to sink your fingers into his soft hair. “I just oh, I don’t think we should be doing this for so long…”

    You became nearly inaudible when you felt him snap up his head, leaving you with faint blotches. Confused, he knit his brows and gave a slight tilt of his head. “What? Baby, you know I can easily do this for a long time.”

    That nickname made your heart flutter— even after a whole year of dating it still brought warmth to your cheeks. Often, when you looked at him your brain felt frozen in time. He was from a whole different world than you; how did you manage to get here? Despite those thoughts, you couldn’t ignore the way he looked at you as if you were the only woman on earth. Those small moments always reassured you in times of doubt.

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    Rat Recommends: Free Otomes

    Here’s some cute FREE otome games that can be found on PC. Note that each game you play as a female. In no particular order. 


    1.   Blossoms Bloom Brightest

  •  Steam? Yes
  • So technically this is a demo for the non-free game Galaxy Girls (which I haven’t played yet but for some reason everyone has huge boobs now), but this still has two (decently) cute routes with two girls in space. Though one route and LI definitely overshadows the other, seriously it’ll take you two seconds to realize the one chick has some errr issues. Overall the premise is pretty interesting, you’re a space captain on ship with two other girls.  One downside is that you can’t change your girl’s name which is a serious turn off for me in these types of games. Also, being a demo it’s pretty short, I finished both routes (both good and bad endings) in just under two hours.
  • Best girl? Kotoha duh
  • image

    2.      Cinderella Phenomenon

  • Steam? Yes
  • This game ended my life. It honestly blows me away at the fact that this game is free. The art, the story, the music, the characters are beautiful interesting and unique. There are 5 routes and each is very unique. The premise is that you are a princess and get involved with this fairy tale curse that causes you to be forgotten by pretty much everyone. Each route took me about two (fully well spent) hours to fully complete. The story fully gripped me and even managed to almost make me cry. I can’t recommend this one enough
  •  Best Boy? Karma
  • image

    3.      Seduce Me the Otome

  • Steam? Yes
  • OK if I’m being honest I’ve barely scratched the surface with this one. However, from what I’ve seen and heard its pretty darn good. There are NINE romance options (three of them being ladies~)! There’s voice acting which is always nice. UH not sure what else I can say right now other than the story seems pretty interesting. This game currently has a non-free sequel.
  • Best Boy/Girl? Ask me later
  • image

    4.      AIRIS

  • Steam? Yes
  • I literally played this game for ten minutes so can I even recommend this… well it shows potential from what I’ve seen. It’s fantasy which is always interesting. There’s 3 romance options (1 being female). What turned me off from playing this one thus far is that once again you can’t change the main characters name *SIGH*. I’ll play this one eventually once I get over that fact.
  • Best Boy/Girl? Probably Everea
  • image

    5)      Cute Demon Crashers

  • Steam? Nope
  •  This game is 18+ game with the ability to censor scenes and focuses on ‘consent and feeling safe in intimacy’ I’m sold. So basically main girl meets 4 succubi/incubi. Very cute very sweet very sexy. Seriously the creators even have a tumblr check them out and support them!
  •  Best Boy/Girl? Mirari  
  • 𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐳 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 || 𝐛𝐲𝐮𝐧 𝐛𝐚𝐞𝐤𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧


    genre: enemies to lovers, sports au, angst, smut, maybe some comedy idk

    pairing: figure skater!baekhyun & figure skater!oc, rival!baekhyun & rival!oc

    summary: you’re an extremely competitive figure skater who thrives in the public’s eye, and byun baekhyun—a cocky and skillful athlete, is your greatest rival. the two of you are well-known for being the nation’s pride and joy during winter sports, as well as for your many crude remarks and quarrels caught on live television. after a heated argument at nationals, both of you are banned from solo figure skating. unwilling to leave the rink, though, Baekhyun and you register as a couple to take on pairs skating!

    OR in simpler terms, you and baekhyun are extremely talented and badass figure skaters who happen to loathe each other. both of you get banned from solo skating after anahem “inappropriate” fight caught on television, then start skating as a pair to stay in the rink. 

    warnings: swearing, fighting (verbal, lil physical), technical terms

    word count: 4.7k

    future warnings: smut (warnings are tbd), mentions of blood and injuries, childhood trauma, technical terms

    a/n - i’ve been dying to write a figure skater au, and baekhyun just fits the role perfectly with his body and personality. a sassy and condescending baek paired with a short-tempered and talented oc is all i want to write for the next several weeks tbh. 

    also, i’ll make a tag list if anyone wants to follow the fic! so just let me know if you’d like to be tagged for future updates ♡ enjoy~!

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    It was an addiction. 

    The feeling of skates strapped skin-tight around your feet as you glided across the ice; the sound of music intermingling with the audience’s cheers that echoed across the stadium; the crisp breeze that caressed your thighs as you raced down the rink. Approaching the rink’s railing, you swiftly turned around and propelled yourself into the air, landing a flawless quadruple salchow. Those watching in the stands screamed praise and vigorously clapped, nearly losing their minds when you followed the spin with a triple toe loop. A soft smile tugged at the tips of your lips at the sound of their cheers. 

    You were the center of everyones attention, including Byun Baekhyun’s. 

    He stood next to his coach at the rink’s entrance, intently following your figure as it skated across the ice. You were well known as the “Queen of Eros” due to your sensual choreographies, which is why Baekhyun—deemed “Sex On Ice”—was your greatest rival. None of the other competitors stood a chance between the two of you with the faultless quad jumps, unabating speed, and alluring movements. The only threat Baekhyun had at competitions was you, which was why he couldn’t look away the second you stepped onto the rink. 

    Well, that and he thought you were hot. 

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    The midnight man | l.ty

  • Pairing- Lee Taeyong x reader
  • Mentions- Lee Donghyuck, Na Jaemin, Liu YangYang, Nakamoto Yuta, Seo Johnny, Kim Doyoung, Ten Lee, Lee Dong Wook.
  • Genre- Horror!au, angst, crack, part fluff.
  • Warning(s)- Evil entity!Taeyong, Manipulation, Major character death (lmao you’ll actually punch yourself towards the end), sexual themes suggested, impulsive decision making, talks with religion.
  • Word count- 11.83k
  • Synopsis- ‘Lust though pleasurable, innocent and vice, thee shall stay loyal to thy partner regardless of wants. To betray thy partner is to deceive thy people and hence the kingdom. Thou shall pay for thy soul shall remain wandering, driven by the desires but, shall not be able to feel the human love thou took for a grain of salt. And all who shall follow thy steps shall face the same wrath.’
  • @kpopscape
  • This story is pure work of fiction and therefore doesn’t speak about the mentioned members’ personality in real life. I, in no manner, am trying to encourage hate speech towards the members so please don’t come at me. This story was written using a mix of a bunch of urban legends and few made up by myself and therefore it isn’t going to be spoken about the same way as it is in google. I also worked really hard on this piece and it’s by far, the longest story I’ve written so feedbacks would mean a lot!, also it could get a little boring since i took time to focus on the side characters too. Make sure not to repost my works and sign it off as your own because that’s a little disheartening and mockful towards the writer. So all credits reversed to @jaeminscoffee 2020©®

    If anyone here doesn’t know the story behind the midnight game, then read on! Because I’ve described it throughout the story! Happy reading!


    29/10, Thursday, 10:57PM

    “We need to do something this halloween man, Y/n come on!" 

    Your friends all collectively whined as you constantly kept rejecting their proposal. 

    Halloween is bullshit. It’s overhyped and in all honesty, childish. You’d rather prefer staying home than go house to house and make a fool out of your existence. Not to mention you were all past the age of trick or treating. And to add on top of that came all the sugar rush you’d all go through at the end of the day. "For the last time, Hyuck we’re not dressing up like crewmates and going trick or treating. I’ve got other things to do for the love of god” you grunt, rubbing the scrunched up skin to soothe the pain at the temples. University has been acting up again and so has life. “If your 'other things to do’ is binge watch high school musical then no, you have no other better things to do” Yangyang bites back. 

    “It’s just, I don’t feel like it anymore, alright? It feels too weird going out asking for candies when we’re all literally 19 and above. It’s time to up the notch.” you say, plopping down.

    When Haechan called for an emergency meeting in pure 'among us’ style back at the guys’ dorm, you’d expected it to be about something along the lines of having to console Jaemin or someone for having been stood up on a date. What you didn’t expect was to have the boys prepare an entire presentation on who’d dress up as what character from among us and who’d be the impostor, do a little play and then say 'red is sus’ and then ask for candies. What made it worse was that you thought they were just pulling a prank on you when in all reality, they were dead serious which made you go, 'oh, oh they aren’t pretending to be stupid, they’re just in their original form.’

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    I recently started working in hospitality, and I’ll tell you guys right now, the trope of “there was only one bed” is not as rare as you’d think in real life. A few times a week, at least, I have guys come in who are working together on projects in town or passing through who have to literally book the last room I have available for the night and lo and behold — there is only one bed, and guess what, they give each other a side-eyed look and begrudgingly take it. So write it up, it happens all the time!!!

    Quit Your Life (M)


    Pairing: Lotto Baekhyun x reader

    Genre: bodyguard!AU, bad boy!AU, soulmate AU, symbolism, angst, romance

    Word count: 14K

    Warnings: language, violence, mature content

    Plot: After developing a different eye colour in one of your eyes, it enabled you to see various hues of people that would tell you their impact on your life. However, with this you have become the main target of modern witches and magic geeks that wanted you for their own profits. In order to protect you from kidnaps, your father has ordered you to get a bodyguard. But this one particular bodyguard seemed to be much more lethal than all the kidnappers combined.

    A/N: Whew, finally edited this deep into the night, so apologies if any mistakes appear >< I honestly enjoyed the ride, and I hope you will too. There is quite a few symbolic things happnening - let me know if you caught them! That would make my day! I love feedback, it gives me unimaginable motivation, honestly. Please dont hold back. Thank you! :)

    tag: @junmyeonnoona

    You never thought you would be kidnapped like that. In a nightclub, while trying to enjoy the music with your two friends who you weren’t even close to. They were a bit younger than you, so it was expected of you to look after them. Until it became you who was supposed to be looked after.

    “Don’t wear your contacts,” they giggled as you were trying on various dresses in front of them, both of them settled cross-legged on your bed. “Your eyes are so pretty. I wish I had your eyes.”

    “Right? It is so unusual! Are you sure you can see like other people do?”

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    —𝒍𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒏 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓

    summary: It’s by chance that you stumble upon Geralt of Rivia; it’s by chance that you fall in love with him, too.

    pairing: geralt of rivia x reader

    word count: 8.1k

    warnings: smut, mentions of expectations of marriage, use of the word whore, geralt being a nasty ass and covered in dirt

    note: um 👀 hey guys,,,, turns out watching henry cavill kill people in a bad lace front awakened something in me!! who’s surprised!! not me!! anyways this was a big excuse to write geralt smut but also a big excuse to write geralt fluff. pls dont snipe me if the characterization is wrong, ill cancel myself. let me know what you think!! scream in my ask box, send me geralt fluff and smut headcanons, go crazy, go stupid 😌😌😌 also if you want to listen 2 something while you read i have a playlist that i use whenever im writing medieval-y type stuff right here <3

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    ♡ꜜ cupid victorious﹫jaehyun jung


    pairing : jaehyun x reader (f) ft. doyoung, jungwoo, yukhei, mark, taeyong and sicheng as the six other cupids, quick mention of seventeen’s jeonghan as jaehyun’s old tutor and red velvet’s joy as the reader’s close friend.

    genre : angst, fluff, another smut with too much plot, cupid!jaehyun, soulmate!au, strangers to friends to lovers.

    warnings : slow burn, one protected sex scenes, two unprotected sex scenes (as always, stay safe in real life) : heavy making out, dirty talk, body worship, praising, nipple play, penetration, marking, cock warming, morning sex, shower sex, manhandling, degradation, oral (make receiving), face fucking, creampie, fingering, overstimulation, heavy making out in an elevator, they can’t keep their hands off of each other at some point, mentions of sexting (again, in real life know the precautions to take before sending anything risqué) and non descriptive masturbation scene, car sex, semi-public sex, grinding, oral (female receiving), tongue fucking, edging, hair pulling, slight ass play, mention of spanking, slight impreg kink and cum play. 

    word count : +26,5k

    synopsis: where Jung Jaehyun is one of the seven cupids, one for each continent, and he truly, deeply loves what he does for the small people on planet earth. there isn’t any competition between him and his six other brothers, but most would agree that he’s the best cupid among them. and yet, he’s been stuck on a case for a bit too long now. down on the pretty blue planet, is you. equally as pretty, Jaehyun has to say, yet it seems his arrows aren’t working on you. being a hard-working and pretty stubborn cupid, he decides to take a trip downtown to get to know you better and why exactly, are his arrows not working like they’re supposed to. things don’t go as planned, especially when you take interest in him. 

    a/n: please read this i just, this lowkey means a lot to me, this isn’t proofread and, peep my weak attempt at giving jaehyun pink eyes, this takes place in seoul.

    taglist : @coffeeofmine​, @mailuvsnct​, @junguws​, @suhweo​, @suhfluffy​, @animegirl366​, @ceruleanskies​, @the-un


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    Camping - Smut

    Author: @dumbass-stilinski​
    Rating: NSFW 18+
    Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
    Words: 3,649
    AN: So this happened? Have some filth. Thanks for being patient. Thanks to @writing-obrien​ and @celestial-writing​ and @rememberstilinski​ for helping me out with this! Y’all are the best and I love yo
    u guys sm.

    You rolled your eyes as you trudged through the forest, your backpack slung over your shoulders and your sleeping bag rolled up and tied to it. Of all the people you could be paired with, it had to be Stiles. The two of you were at each other’s throats constantly, and you had a feeling that this was Scott’s underhanded way of trying to get you to get along.

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    Entry #4 - Let Me Distract You - Smut - By @mf-despair-queen


    Author: @mf-despair-queen
    Rating: NSFW 18+
    Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
    Words: 9,263
    Prompt:  “I admire your ambition, but question your mental stat

    You tapped your foot rapidly against the floor, glancing at your phone every few minutes. Lydia followed suit, pulling her phone out of her purse to check. You sighed angrily at the blank screen, void of messages. Your eyes glued to the wallpaper on your phone, a picture of you and Stiles, your boyfriend of the last year. He was kissing your cheek while you took a selfie, a giant grin on your face. You smiled slightly, tucking the phone in your pocket.

    “Have you gotten any word from them? I haven’t heard from Stiles since they were chaining up Liam for the full moon,” you asked Lydia, seeing her groan in annoyance.

    “No. I haven’t heard anything. They should be here by now.” She paused, looking at you. “You don’t think something happened to them, right?”

    You sighed again, kicking off the wall you were leaning on. “I’m going to try looking for them.” You took off down the hall, ignoring Lydia’s protests. You pushed open the doors of the school, rushing out into the pouring rain. “Where the fuck are you, Stiles?”

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    The Future Within You | Sam Taylor

    Author: @roscoeknows

    Pairing: Sam Taylor/Reader

    Words: 12,913 (The ‘Keep Reading’ is added so I’m sorry if it doesn’t work).

    Warnings: NFSW (+18), sexist comments and situations of the time, swearing, masturbation, oral (female receiving), dirty talk, kinda Dom!Sam, unprotected sex, nudity, fingering.

    Summary:When Sam is beginning to rebuild his life in a new era, he comes across a woman out of her time who will make him believe in love again.

    A/N:Hello everyone! I’m not dead! Lol Well, I hope you like this fic after a long time and also thank @writingsbychlo​ because she has helped me a lot to start writing again and because she has proofreader this fic for me because I’m still horrible with English after all this time lol.


    The sun was beginning to rise on the horizon, awakening everything in its path, including the people of the small town, causing a rooster to begin his crowing, signalling the time to wake up and get to work.

    Sam watched from his window as the orange colors of the sun began to flood the entire wild landscape of the area around the town. He still didn’t believe the calm of this era; no noise or light pollution, just the diffusion of the street, of the people, gave life to the town; no horns or car engines, nothing, just the humanity of 1919.

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    Like Silk | Sam Taylor


    Author: @writingsbychlo

    Word Count: 6171

    Notes: My first Sam Taylor smut, I’m really not sure how I did with this, so PLEASE give me some feedback on it. I’m just not sure I captured him very well or if it works, I’d love a bit of confirmation or something. Inspired by a lil’ something-something @roseisreallytired​ brought up in the group chat. I just couldn’t resist.

    Warnings: Thigh riding, oral (both receiving), overstimulation, marking, striptease, biting, spanking, scratching.


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