Boring old werewolf instincts:

    Sexual jealousy

    Constant aggression

    Rigid hierarchy

    Must win sports

    Homophobia And Sexism Is Normal™

    Eat people

    Cool new werewolf instincts:

    There is no five second rule

    Corvids are friends

    Hang out as a pack


    Gotta pee


    Also consider:

    Separation anxiety

    Unconditional love and loyalty

    Being able to sleep in almost any situation or position

    Irresistible urge to chase squirrels and rabbits

    Hating the vacuum cleaner

    Wanting to do everything with friends

    Loudly and repeatedly announcing to housemates that someone is at the door

    Long, shouted conversations to other werewolves across the neighborhood (bonus points at 2am)

    Taking advantage of any and all free food

    Werewolf-vampire solidarity

    Fighting any animal that trespasses into the backyard

    Boundless energy

    Too much energy

    Eating out of the trash if it smells tasty

    Being bad at sports because you don’t want to let anyone else take the ball from you. Then destroying the ball in front of everyone because you want to make a point

    Trying to fight things 10x your size like a fucking idiot

    Being unable to hold a grudge for more than a few hours

    Trying to make people feel bad for you over mundane things that aren’t actually that bad. And somehow succeeding.


    Needing to try a bit of your friends’ food, even if you’ve tried it 5645674 times before and have never once liked it

    Getting way too friendly with random strangers

    Being in a love-hate relationship with water

    Digging. For no reason.

    Thinking you’re a badass despite being a hyperactive ball of emotions and hedonism

    Loud sobbing while pressing yourself up against the sliding glass door at your friends who locked you out because they were tired of your bullshit and wanted some goddamn peace and quiet


    Okay this one is a gem:

    “ Loudly and repeatedly announcing to housemates that someone is at the door


    So most of these are very dog oriented, which makes sense to me, since dogs are just wolves that have co-evolved with us for thousands and thousands of years BUT I wanted to add a few that are wild wolf based:

  • Multigenerational households!
  • Kids get really excited when someone comes home with groceries
  • “I can HELP put away the food!” “Oh, and have you whisk away the ice cream like last week? I’m fine, dear.”
  • Love to travel and follow food trends
  • Mostly very social and must have roommates/family/significant other/kids/friends around
  • However, not uncommon to travel alone for periods of time, especially after leaving home
  • Big friendly communal meals with lots of ritual around who gets served in what order
  • “Let grandma take her pick of the turkey first. It’s respectful, and she won’t take kindly to you cutting the line.”
  • Full pantries, stocking up on basics, the kind of people who always have extra oatmeal, or batteries, or a jump cable
  • Can hold conversations using body language and eye contact without saying a word
  • Cuddlers, especially with the social group
  • Yelling to get everyone to gather, and phone chains for anyone who lives further away
  • Lots of singing, the pack has a bunch of favorite songs that everyone knows by heart, and some may be song writers
  • “Can you smell this? Does this smell weird? Does this smell good?”
  • Lots of candles and incense with unusual scents
  • Passing houses and farms and land down through generations
  • Love home renovation
  • Communal child care and sometimes communal nursing
  • Kids are all really into wrestling and being outside
  • When someone is ready to leave the household, the younger they leave the further they tend to travel. Someone who leaves at 18 might go to another country, but someone who leaves at 26 might just move a town away.
  • Whether someone moves far or close to home, it’s not unusual to move back in at home a few times before settling down
  • “You know the futon is always open for you. Your cousins are in your old bedroom, but you’re always welcome!”
  • Kinda grumpy about neighbors pushing property boundaries
  • “Why do they have to let the damn mulberry tree hang over OUR driveway?”
  • Good endurance runners
  • Late walks at night, naps in the middle of the day
  • Really playful, especially with kids
  • Lots of rough housing and board game nights!
  • monstersandmaw

    I’ve been looking for the one with the wolf-aspects added for a while and I found it again! Reblogging for A+ extra wolfy content!


    I love love love everything about this




    @jellymadebutler This is 1000% the Wolf Pack


    Omg 1000%!!! I love all of these!


    I….I suddenly want to write werewolf fiction that is domestic and ridiculously wholesome.


    Why is rivaere so precious- 😩💖


    > Eren canonically dreams about Levi (see Eren-heichou)

    > Mutual hatred and passion to exterminate titans くちく!

    > Levi is fixated on mentioning Eren’s ass throughout the story

    > Levi willingly breaks into Eren’s home.

    > Unconventional yet significant touching foreheads (see volume covers), fingers (see theme song), shoulder leans (x3), indirect kiss scene (lol)


    > Most popular ship in the fandom! (Ereri and Riren both have strong followings and works dedicated to the pairing!)

    > Eren cleans best according to Levi

    > Mikasa’s VA, their English VAs voiced support for the ship!

    > Kaji Yuki’s love for Levi! (see his “heichou...” tweet) and Hiroshi Kamiya loves Kaji’s work on Eren

    > constantly being centered in the official arts next to either Hanji, Mikasa, Erwin, Jean, Armin

    > Levi doesn’t care how messy Eren is, he’ll still care for him (nosebleed, cleaning Eren up in the 4-panel, saving Eren)

    > Levi’s sacrificed so many of his trusted friends and comrades for Eren ( m a n g a )

    > Levi’s protective of Eren (see Yelena interaction)

    > They work as werewolf x vampire, reindeer x Santa, director, celebrity, zookeepers, businessmen, mafia, cooks, so many different canon AUs with them together

    > Them being featured on every calendar cover

    > multiple visits back to the sea (AND THE FACT THAT THEYRE WATCHING THE SUN SET WHILE EATING TOGETHER), ride horses together across the horizon and sunset

    > the lottery poster where Eren eats with Levi again, the connected lottery poster where Eren is buttoning his shirt and Levi is just there sewing—!!!

    > the fact that Levi calls Eren—Ereeeeen

    > the fact that Historia questions their relationship together

    > complementary colors!!! (Red and Green) Levi being referred to as cool and Eren as hot!

    > Wings of Freedom symbolism (Humanity’s Hope x Humanity Strongest) see the black and white rings

    > Eren bringing along Levi with Armin and Mikasa to hanami, flower crown making (Note Levi’s line of eyesight!!!)


    > Levi forcefully washes Eren and shaves Eren (4-Koma for episode 67!)

    > Levi following Eren (secretly) in manga and gazing at Eren in official arts

    > Levi constantly calling Eren “not bad” and even in a promo for 進撃の阪神競馬場, calling merch of them together—“not bad”

    > Eren making Levi his phone case choice despite the other anime characters using either themselves, another object, or their confirmed CP in the docomo select campaign!

    > Eren also vehemently arguing for a motherly Levi look! While he himself, told to have a motherly look by Isayama.

    > Levi’s dish being a three tier chee-burg steak at the hot spring promo! (Eren’s favorite food — 2021)

    > Ererin (from drama CD) and No Name parallels

    > Eren celebrating Levi’s birthday in junior high and at Fukuoka Tower (Christmas 2020)

    > Red Swan Spotify album cover is just the two of them


    > Their backs—touching!!


    > Pretty much all of Attack on Junior High episode 2 is Eren chasing after Levi

    > no one else understanding why Eren works so hard to protect Levi (Historia’s punch), get praised by Levi (Levi’s disappointment at their lack of cleaning)

    > Eren constantly defending him from bad rumors (interview with Eren)

    > Mikasa making out Levi to be a pervert for taking Eren away too often (2013 drama CD)

    > Levi kicking down doors for Eren (return to the basement)

    > edit: Levi and Eren got in the same sauna room nekkid and nothing happened


    So yes, ereri is precious.

    A Masterlist of Ereri/Riren Translations I’ve Done (8/12/20)


    [Levi’s Birthday] by Miyano Chi

    [Lost Child Tracker] by Miyano Chi

    [after Shower] by Tani Rinko

    [Santa Levi] bysaku_moni

    [Everyday Riren] by saku_moni

    [Cleaning Eren] by yuko

    [Plushie Levi] by JOCA

    [Cloth Levi and Morning Eren] by JOCA

    [Rivaere Reprint Anthology] by Valero

    [Resident Evil Riren] by flapppper

    [Lost Erewan] by Himemiko

    [My Lover is a Cat] by Himemiko

    [Lunch Riren] by momo_yd77it

    [High School AU] by momo_yd77it

    [Shota Eren] by momo_yd77it

    [Naked Challenge] by Raruko

    [First, I want to apologize to Captain] by Tamiko

    [Eren’s birthday] by Tamiko

    [Quarantine] by Yomi

    [Riren Shorts - 1] by Yomi

    [Ererin] by Kiyoshi

    [Heichou’s Chocolate] by Suzusawa

    [Strange] by Nanabiyoshi

    [Sukiya] by Hato

    [New Year Eren] by Hato

    [Honeymoon] by Hato

    [Sick Eren - Part 1] by Hato

    [Sick Eren - Part 2] by Hato

    [Fem! Eren is my wife] by Amane

    [Can Phone] by SLAMP

    [Animal Crossing Hobo Eren] by RiRi

    [I can’t wait until I grow up] by Sinba 

    [Riren Omegaverse Story Part 2] by Luo Yin

    [Riren Omegaverse Story Part 1] by Luo Yin

    [Captain Eren AU Doujinshi Preview] by GD

    [More than 1 billion] by GD

    [I will love you even if you don’t] by Simapan

    [Domestic Riren] by Sumaere

    [Plushie Riren] by Kyo

    [Detour Saving Eren] by Yugu

    [Embarassed Eren] by Mandarinda

    [Bird! Riren in Pool] by ccfafa

    [Prostitute Eren] by kogatta

    [Eren and Levi watching SNK] by ponikapompom

    [Feudal Riren AU] by Ichika


    [The Story Behind Heichou’s Sleeping Face] by zndmcmc

    [Star Heichou] by chakoriinu

    [Drunk Heichou] by mituhasi_le

    [The Clumsy Child and Grumpy Grown Up] by Maine

    [Wolf Eren and Araiguma Levi - Part 1] by oNANACOo


    Hi! You mentioned in the comments on Twitter that the court scene (when Levi beats Eren up) gets misinterpreted a lot. What exactly do you mean? I don't know where else to ask, Tumblr seems like the most convenient place for long replies. I love your drawings btw and have a nice day!

    Hi! You mentioned in the comments on Twitter that the court scene (when Levi beats Eren up) gets misinterpreted a lot. What exactly do you mean? I don't know where else to ask, Tumblr seems like the most convenient place for long replies. I love your drawings btw and have a nice day!

    Thank you very much for loving my art <3

    And YESSSSSS THANK YOU FOR THIS QUESTION I really needed an excuse to talk about it and now I finally was enabled to do so lol

    When the anime first came out, this scene absolutely blew my mind, I watched it like 100500 times. It was so intense and interesting to me for all the wrong reasons lol Looking back, I think it’s fair to say that this was scene that cemented Levi’s status of a violent and dominant person who is all about discipline and showing brats their place, so to speak. So yeah, in retrospect, this whole situation did him dirty.

    After some time passed and we revisited SnK again, this scene suddenly felt… off. And this is why I love rewatching/rereading stuff: when you know Levi’s character better, his motives and priorities, and come back to this scene, you just know there is something wrong about it. It was the first scene when Levi got physical. We’ll see him getting aggressive and kicky again (I’ll address this later…), but this particular scene is very different from the other ones.

    I also want to mention that what really got me thinking about all that is this scene. To me personally this reads as “oh come on, I said so much cringey hot bullshit to them, how am I supposed to show my face to them now that we failed miserably?”, and that was the moment when I realized that Levi didn’t mean anything there at all. It was all bs.


    I also need to mention that we’re slow af and it takes ages for us to come to the most obvious conclusions, so I’m sorry if some of the things here are too obvious.

    Since I can’t just write a short and lovely answer to your question, why don’t we analyze the scene and figure out what the hell happened back then.

    Starting with Eren losing his shit and shouting, scaring the heck out of people who are already horrified of him.

    These people have no idea what to do with Eren, to them he is a monster, an anomaly, an uncontrollable unpredictable beast who can end the humanity if they’re not careful (lol the irony). They panic to the point of almost shooting him to death.

    They are scared shitless, they’re in panic.

    And then there comes Heichou. Like a wrecking ball.



    At first glance, the scene is very obvious: the entire manga page is dedicated to Levi kicking Eren and basically asserting his dominance. He shows that he isn’t scared of the monster that Eren is. Other people might be threatened by Eren, but he isn’t – he can deal with him easily and can shut him up with just one kick.

    ... except this isn’t true.


    I want you to take a closer look at Levi’s face on this page, especially the third frame.

    This frame got me thinking because at first I wasn’t sure about what emotion it can be (just in case Isayama doesn’t know what he draws, which isn’t really true. I feel bad for doubting him lol). And if his emotion isn’t important, then why did Isayama make such a big deal about it: he basically dedicated an entire page to it, the frame with Eren is much smaller in comparison. Levi isn’t concerned about Eren slightly throwing up, all the people that watch them have mostly the same expressions.

    After thinking for a while I realized that the emotion on Levi’s face is fear. We’ve seen this face before (and after…):


    If we don’t interpret it as fear, then well what is it? What did Yams want to say? Levi isn’t smug, he isn’t strict and stoic, he’s not mad or firm (his mouth and eyebrows show it), he has a clear emotion on his face. I think he’s most likely afraid that Eren might transform because he was kicked so harshly (or because Eren would get angry thanks to that horrible treatment), but at the same time it’s not like Levi can hold back: the whole thing needs to look believable. He’s fully aware that Eren is very dangerous, he knows it better than anyone else.

    And yes, believable. Because this is a fucking stage play.

    After looking at Eren all shook and stuff, he continues with his performance for the crowd:


    What an interesting opinion you got there, Levi. The most interesting part is that you never ever mentioned it after that and we’ve never seen you act upon it, unless future chapters prove me wrong. Also... a punishment for what? For Eren defending himself, especially when Levi was the one who said that people from inner walls were pigs? Levi himself was mad at MP and would actually most likely openly agree with Eren lol

    I said it 1004552 times already: Levi doesn’t care about subordination or discipline. He never punishes his subordinates, he isn’t strict and he lets people decide for themselves. He loves giving everyone a choice because it was his first lesson with titans which made him change his mind about many things. He is physical, can’t argue with that, but he isn’t sadistic and doesn’t think it’s a good punishment either.


    … he said, looking at the people around them and not Eren.

    Why is he looking at them and not Eren who he's supposed to teach some discipline lesson? That's because this lesson is not for Eren, it's for convincing everybody else that there is a lesson to begin with. He needs to see their reactions and he honestly doesn't give a fuck about Eren here, even though he's supposed to be the most dangerous person here. Why? Probably because if Eren wanted to transform, he would've done it already. It's a reach, but it might be the same logic with torn off fingernails with pastor Nick.

    In the court scene Levi plays the role of a lunatic who is also a titan whisperer with questionable but effective training techniques. Because people wanted an uncontrollable beast to be either tamed or killed. I already said that this was a stage play, but dang it, this is such a stage play.


    Look at these frames and what they’re focusing on. The second frame, the one with Eren’s angry face on it, takes like 2/3 of the overall space there. We see what these people see, and they see something dangerous, something that can snap and kill them all. Understanding how dangerous the situation is, Nile asks Levi to stop.

    But Levi is too busy smacking Eren with his foot, he says “what” like he’s doing something so insignificant that idk anymore. Look at this frame. It’s small, it’s almost comedic. It shows how easy for Levi it all is. At least it looks like it to Nile and his folks, and this is what Levi and the SC are going for.


    Aaaand this is where it gets more than obvious.

    Now, when people started to have doubts about this whole situation and think that maybe Levi is the only one who can work with Eren, Erwin suddenly has something to say.


    Look at this mastermind of a script writer lol.

    They couldn’t have just suggested this plan in court. They NEEDED to be convincing, they NEEDED to SHOW that the plan would work. They needed to show that Eren can control himself perfectly despite of his emotions when he was beaten up and it worked. So they prepared an entire spectacle, although I’d say it’s more of an improv show lol.

    It was just another gamble for Erwin. He gambled that Eren would lose his cool and they’d get a perfect opportunity to show that they can control him easily. With the ways that these people can understand – violence and aggression, something that’s hard to argue with.

    And these aren’t Levi’s ways to control someone. Both Erwin and Levi know that people see Levi as a cruel lunatic and they wouldn’t doubt that Levi would be strict and controlling enough with Eren (especially after that convincing rant about discipline...), so Levi easily takes this role for the greater good.


    He even got Eren confused about all that:


    By the way, I’m pretty sure you also remember that this isn’t the only time when it’s mentioned Levi plays the role of a lunatic. And although the situation is slightly different there, this is still the same role:


    Ok, so back to the courtroom scene. I mean, the scene after that.


    This is one of those moments where I go “wow why didn’t I notice this earlier” because Erwin basically admitted it openly: he said that he was a gambler and he made his bet, the bet paid off, the plan was successful, Levi was going to get recognized by the Academy for his amazing acting skills. But to be fair, I didn’t really carefully think about Erwin’s plan before, this is why the scene was so confusing to me.


    Aaand the first thing that Levi does after all that is running to Eren to make sure what he doesn’t hate him, which to me proves ones again that Levi isn’t sadistic and he doesn’t really believe in what he was talking about back there. He’s always so concerned about his subordinates, why would it be different for Eren?

    I don’t see an aggressive and cruel man who is also a dog trainer that deals with every situation with disciplinary kicks.

    What I see is a socially awkward grumpy man who ruined Eren’s first impression of him and doesn’t want Eren to hate him. He is relieved when Eren says that he understands that it was all a show. If he really believed in what he was preaching back there, he wouldn’t care.

    So yeah, the thing about Levi being physical. He is physical and sometimes aggressive, I can’t deny that, it’s an important part of his character. But he kicks and punches people only when he’s emotionally frustrated (or angry), most likely thanks to Kenny who taught him how to fight to survive in the Underground. That’s why it’s the first reflex for him when situations get stressful. All of this is purely my assumption though, the reasons for Levi being physical are purely something that I have no solid proof for, so feel free to disagree here.

    He punches Jean and Eren when he’s mad at Erwin (and I think he feels guilty about it afterwards, when he went to talk(?) to Eren and ended up listening to EMA’s conversation about the ocean); he punches Eren on the roof because Erwin is fucking dying; he stomps Annie’s head because he’s irritated and mad at her for killing so many people; he kicks Eren on a blimp because he’s sad af about Eren and doesn’t know what’s going on with him + the situation Eren put all of them in was extremely dangerous, and... you get the idea.


    All these scenes (apart from Annie, ofc) show Levi being violent towards his own people, and they actually have little in common with the way he treats his enemies – Levi is brutal to them, he doesn’t show mercy, he breaks their bones like nothing. I know Eren got the same treatment once, but let’s not forget that Erwin was dying, and Levi remembers that Eren can heal himself pretty well. Levi didn’t touch Mikasa who held a sword to his throat in the same scene.

    And this is why I don’t think the courtroom scene shows us anything about Levi and what he believes in. this just isn’t the same. I’ve never properly been a part of the fandom, but you don’t need to be a genius to notice the way people treat this scene since 2013. It fucked up people’s perception of Ereri and Levi, thus so much hatred towards them.

    TL;DR: Levi kicked Eren as a part of Erwin’s plan, not because he wanted to show the brat™ his place and to discipline him with his sick moves.

    How Levi sees Eren (Official VN)

    You can watch the VN here:

    And read its translation here:

    Please, do not post this translation elsewhere nor translate it into another language, as requested by the author.

    For me, these are the main points of the VN

    I. Levi understands that Eren is a monster

    II. Levi realizes there is much more to Eren than just a plain monster

    III. Levi accepts Eren

    Let’s see one by one!

    Seguir leyendo

    How Levi sees Eren (Official VN)

    You can watch the VN here:

    And read its translation here:

    Please, do not post this translation elsewhere nor translate it into another language, as requested by the author.

    For me, these are the main points of the VN

    I. Levi understands that Eren is a monster

    II. Levi realizes there is much more to Eren than just a plain monster

    III. Levi accepts Eren

    Let’s see one by one!

    Seguir leyendo


    Stephen: Google maps says it’ll take me fifteen minutes to walk to my destination. Bitch, I am caffeinated, gay, and I have long legs I’ll see you in five.


    Tony can only go half as fast because he’s short and bisexual


    Actually I was wrong:

    Given: gay=1, bi=.5, caffeinated=1, short=0, tall=1

    15/(1+1+1)=5 v. 15/(1+.5)=10

    :. It takes 5 minutes for Stephen to get there but 10 minutes for Tony, which is not half as fast, rather 2/3rds as fast. I apologise for my faulty math.


    Okay, I’m gonna nerd out here for a second so bear with me.

    The formula for speed is s=d/t. Or distance divided by time. We know that Google maps declared it would take 15 minutes, and that Tony and Stephen would both take 10 and 5 minutes respectively.

    What we do not know, is distance. However, I happen to know a few places that are “15 minute” walks from my house, so I snagged one and it’s 0.6 miles from my house.

    So Stephen, walking 0.6 miles in 5 minutes, is going 0.12 miles per minute or 7.2 miles per hour. VERY speedy, given the average walking speed is ~3-4 mph.

    And Tony, walking 0.6 miles in 10 minutes, is going 0.06 miles per minute or 3.6 miles per hour. A far more reasonable speed.

    Since 7.2/2=3.6, Tony is actually going half as fast as Stephen so you were correct in your first assertation.


    I’d like to revisit my math on this. The reason I didn’t use exact numbers is bec I figured this situs was far to abstract to warrant it. I approached this situation with variables, albeit equal to each other and replaced with their relevant ratios given gay=1 in realtion to it. Bear with me now, maths not my strong suit and the person above is probably more correct than I am, but this is how I saw the problem:

    Gay(g)=Tall(t)=Caffinated© => g=c, t=c, g=t


    Bi(b)=.5G => b=.5c, b=.5t


    All in all, I think the equation is:

    (Given: Tony and Stephen are both caffeinated, Tony is short while Stephen is tall, Stephen is gay while Tony is bi)

    (Stephen) Y=15/(g+c+t)


    (Tony) Y=15/(b+c+s)

    Now if we replace each variable with a number (let’s say g=1) while keeping the direct ratios it looks something like this:

    (Stephen) Y=15/(1+1+1) => Y=5 minutes

    (Tony) Y=15/(.5+1+[-1]) => Y=7.5 minutes

    Granted this is a much more abstract way of thinking about it with such assumptions as short is the opposite of tall and that a variable can be applied to homosexuality and bisexuality, but overall, that’s how I thought about it! Yay! Math!


    I see how it is


    To this day I am still proud of the reactions this post elicited


    A stray dog in Bolivia joined a monastery and became a monk. The resident monks of St. Francis Monastery, named for the patron saint of animals, decided to adopt a dog they call ‘Friar Bigotón’ from the Cold Nose Project, which hopes the dog’s story will now inspire more monasteries to take in homeless pets. Source Source 2 Source 3




    are we just going to ignore the fact that they named him friar moustache?


    Always reblog Friar Moustache.



    “We are living a life of quiet spiritual fulfillment here in this monastery”

    “I HELP”


    “I HELP”


    I love Franciscans. They are just like that.


    St. Francis is an animal saint. You can’t be a Franciscan and not love animals.