Blackmailed Sissies

a Blog created to expose, humiliate, and blackmail sissy sluts. Forcing timid faggots into doing Daddys bidding through bullying, degredation, and intimidation.  Contact me if you have the need to be Dommed by a brutal Daddy.  This blog is not for the faint of heart.  You've been warned...

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    I am seeking submissive sissies that need a Dom to push them into continue their femanization. Online and/or in person training is available.

    Me - agressive, Dominant, bully, rough, straight acting.

    You - submissive, gone as far as you can push yourself, inexperienced, weak (mind and physically).

    Goal will be to turn you into a completely submissive bimbo slut for cock. Serious replies only. Boundarirs can be agreed upon together. If you do not complete tasks or progress is not being made I will loose intrest.