i’m convinced that the ice age franchise won’t end until the squirrel that always chases after the nut gets an equally hideous girlfriend with Squirrel Tits™ and eyelashes


    no….. No



    No you don’t understand, I have this entire developed theory about the Ice Age universe which has been cooking up in my mind and has only be reinforced by the latest 5th installment. Scrat is the god of the Ice age universe. The story began with him and the story will end with him. If there weren’t hints before, in this latest installment, it becomes clear that Scrat’s actions dictate what happens on Earth and to the protagonists. Yes, maybe Scart’s only goal is to get the nut, but his actions SHAPE what happens in the film. If we needed any further proof then may I point out something Buck said in the 5th film along the lines of “we’re 6 mins early! Somebody up there likes us!” That phrase is usually used to refer to a god and in this case it’s used to refer (unknowingly) to scrat!

    However, there is an ALTERNATE theory that I have been working on. What if Scart isn’t the god of the ice age universe, but rather, the NUT is? As i have already said, Scart’s actions shape the course of the story but what motivates Scart? That’s right: the nut, it is truly because of the nut that Scart does what he does that leads to the events that take place in the story. This would create an interesting metaphor here. Scrat is chasing the nut like man chases divinity. So when will the Ice Age saga end?? When Scart finally gets the nut for good. When man catches God.


    i didnt even read this but im laughing at how many times scrat is typoed as scart


    “what motivates Scart? That’s right: the nut” is the funniest fucking string of words I’ve read in my life


    hiking? to get places? can’t relate


    I hate hiking with people who want to reach destinations or travel a certain distance. I LOVE hiking with people who don’t mind stopping every thirty feet to look inside rotting logs or photograph spiders or identify salamanders. people who hike for exercise confuse and terrify me.




    I joined an outdoors club in college and it fucking sucked because all anyone wanted to do was get to the top of the mountain as quickly as possible and only stopped to drink water and eat trail mix. It was awful.


    Ideal hiking companions: botanists, entomologists, mycologists, people with asthma, children with ADHD, easily distractible dogs, people with great butts who walk slightly faster than I do


    someone in a fanfic: s-stutters in embarrassment

    me, closing the tab: sorry I must go


    Unrealistic Stuttering: “S-sorry I-I d-d-didn’t m-mean t-to…”

    Realistic Stuttering: “Sorry, I uh… I didn’t mean- I didn’t mean to do that…”

    When people stutter, they usually reword what they’re saying as they speak, and subconsciously insert “filler words” such as “uh, like, you know,” and etc.


    *puts on speech therapist hat*

    ACTUALLY! It depends on why they are stuttering. 

    A Nervous Stutter results in what is called Mazing, or rewording the sentence. That is the classic “I, um… well I… look it’s just that… so we…” that @hellishhues is talking about. When someone is mazing their words you’re seeing a form of Speech Apraxia where the brain is having trouble forming verbal speech. This can be brought on by brain damage, memory loss, anxiety, nerves, and several other things. 

    The root cause of a nervous stutter is a disconnect between the mouth and the brain. 

    With this you will also sometimes see the classic “S-s-s-sorry…” especially if the person has been training to speak clearly and is now at a point of fatigue or stress where they are not mentally capable of forming the words.

    The other kind of stutter is a Physical Stutter, sometimes referred to as slurring, and another facet of Speech Apraxia. This stutter is caused when the muscles of the mouth, tongue, and throat are physically unable to form certain sounds. This is most often seen in the very young and victims of brain trauma. 

    Sounds are acquired at different ages, so a 2-year-old will probably not be able to clearly pronounce certain words (which is why toddler sound so off when they’re written with developed dialogue). These mis-pronunciations are sometimes referred to as lisping, but only if the sounds are run together. If the person starts and restarts the sound because they got it wrong, it can also sound like the classic sound stutter. 

    But it all depends on why the character is stuttering!

    Do they have Speech Apraxia, Audio Processing Disorder, muscle dysfunction, or another medical reason to stutter? (1)

    Are they stuttering because of anxiety, stress, or fatigue? (2)

    Does the stutter stem from intoxication or blood loss? (3)

    All of those will sound different! 

    1 - Will have mazing, repeated sound stutters, and be the classic stutter that annoys OP.

    2 - This is where you’ll see the repetition stutter, mazing, rephrasing, and filler words.

    3 - This is where you are more likely to see starts and stops and slurring of words. 


    My mum has apraxia and I just wanted to say that’s one of the most concise and clear ways I’ve seen it explained, thank you!


    This is like the people always mocking “X let out the breath they didnt know they were holding” as an unrealistic cliche. Just because you dont realize its real doesnt mean its not real


    Also idk where this falls on actual disorders but sometimes I stutter because I’m actually stressed but sometimes I just happen to really like the sound that I’m stuck on. Like, for some reason the ‘ka’ sound sometimes feels really nice in the back of my throat and if I say a word with that I’ll unconsciously repeat it a few times. It’s like my body puts the rest of my brain on hold and I’m stuck listening to elevator music while my vocal chords gets held hostage by my throat until The Good Sound is made enough times for me to receive the Dopamine.


    Sometimes when I stutter my mouth just refuses to make the rest of the word and keeps restarting it, and I end up sounding like “here’s the p-pro-p-project I’ve been working on”

    Jimin: Jungkook as literally no sense of self preservation. I think he was born without it.

    Hoseok: Nah, even if they don't show it, everyone has a sense of self-preservation.

    Jimin: Watch this

    Jimin: Hey Jungkook, race you to the ground floor of the building!

    Jungkook: *flings himself out of the five-storey window*

    Hoseok: Oh my god


    I will have what she is having


    She enunicated this SO PERFECTLY and completely in a single tweet. A whole informed essay in a single tweet. Your fave could never!


    Same problem we have with cops. Police are more likely to have certain characteristics and personality flaws not because becoming a cop makes you that way, although that may amplify the effects, but rather, men with these problems gravitate to the position. That’s why so many bullies end up becoming cops


    You pointing out the cops means I need to point out; Female bullies tend to go into nursing! A position that puts them in power, and gives them control over people. If you knew a girl in highschool who was just an awful human being but thought she was great? Chances are she went into nursing.


    Reblogging because I never even thought twice about how many nasty as hell people I’ve met who are both nurses and women.

    Some people in the notes are arguing against these being gendered trends, but I think maybe a job that attracts abusive people is just by the nature of abusive people pretty likely to have developed and keep reinforcing an internal culture of rigid conformity to arbitrary traditionalism, is all.