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    Every Digimon Series

    Digimon: Sup man, been waiting on you

    Children: What the fuck are you supposed to be?

    *Shenanigans for five episodes*

    Children: diGiVOLE?

    Digimon: Yeap, this is a thing that happens sometimes.

    *Between five or twenty episodes of fuckery*

    Sensitive Child: Digimon are more than data, i love them

    Digimon: Literally been saying that the whole time

    *next episode*

    Goggle Child: CorRuPT diGiVOLVE? My fault?

    Digimon: *loud yelling for fifteen minutes of screentime until friendship overcomes*

    *Obligatory Villain Redemption Arc*

    *Surprise Digidestined sibling out of nowhere*

    Children: Sure, that makes sense, also sEcONd diGiVOLVE!?!

    *New villain appears with ten episodes left*

    Digimon: Villain too stronk, can't win

    Children: The fuck you can't

    *Deus ex digivolution activate*

    Villain: Umm, da fuq is this?

    Protagonist(s): THE POWER OF UNITY/FRIENDSHIP/LOVE!!!11!1

    *emotional farewell*

    Children: Maybe someday we'll see our digimon/the digital world again.

    Every Totally Spies Episode

    Alex clover and Sam: omgsh I love clothes let's go shopping

    Boy: hey

    Clover: I'm hecka in love

    Sam and Alex: dang it not again clover

    Mandy: not so fast clover, i saw him first!

    Clover: Grrrrr

    Alex Sam and clover: *gets sucked into trash can*

    Jerry: hello girls nice of you to DROP in




    Jerry: here are your gadgets, go find out what the Hades is wrong with people going missing

    Girls: *goes to some other country*

    Obvious bad guy: who r u???

    Girls: we're not spies.

    Bad guy: okayyyyyy but I'm suspicious of you....

    Sam: let's look for evidence!

    Alex: gross! What's that on the floor!

    Sam: ill send it to whoop for analysis.

    One of the girls: *gets captured*

    Jerry: how goes it?

    The other two: not good! The other girl got captured!

    Jerry: well here's the analysis for that thing it will lead you to the bad guys hideout.

    The other two: *goes to bad guy hideout*

    The other two: *fights henchman*

    The other two: *gets captured*

    Bad guy: here's my plan to take over the world, now I'm just going to leave you here to die because I'm too busy to watch you die or shoot you in the face.

    Alex: ow my gadget is poking me

    Sam: Alex your a genius!!!!!!!!!!

    Alex: what

    Girls: *escapes*

    Girls: *beats up previous henchman*

    Girls: *beats up bad guy just in time*

    Jerry: *flies in with a random fleet of professionals* good work girls

    Girls: thanks*goes home*

    Clover: I'm over said boy now

    Mandy: yay

    Clover: wait jk

    Alex and Sam: *facepalm*