Foot Domination Captions
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2021-02-23 19:28:07

    Training to be a foot slave

    Part 1

    Growing with my mom and my 6 year older sister, many things seemed different to me in our house. Mom always seemed to favor my sister over me, and eventually my sister too began to think of me as the lowest member of the family. Around the age of ten years old, I started having more and more responsibilities around the house. Most of the easy and safe chores were done by me, while my sister and mother were relaxing. More things changed when I turned 10. My mom explained to us that I had to go through a serious training in order to become a perfect male. My sister had to help in my training as well, so she could be a perfect female. I didn’t understand much at that time, but I only did as I was told. So on my 10th birthday I went shopping with my mom and sister. Actually they shopped, I was just following them around. I was surprised by the amount of socks, stockings and pantyhose they bought. Returning home, my mom explained that every 3 days, I had to collect their dirty socks, pantyhose and stockings and stuff them in my pillow.

    “Learning to adore the strongest scents of a woman is very important. So you must sleep breathing our foot aroma every night. Depending on the amount of dirty socks we have, I’ll tell you when it’s time to empty your pillow, wash the old ones, and re-stuff it with our fresh worn smelly socks.”

    It took me some nights to get used to it, but I guess it was not that hard. Even their gym socks, which were the sweatiest after 3-4 days of use, started to smell pleasantly to me. After a while they would use their socks for more days, before they ordered me to stuff them in my pillow.

    As the years passed, I was asking, even begging them to let me peel their moist smelly socks off of their stinky, sweaty feet. They liked how I evolved to love their feet and were preparing for the next phase of my training.

    To be continued...