Pig Brain

Not everyone is wired like you are. Very few people are. There must've been some mishap or reason to cause this, but it's apparent you share the mental characteristics of a pig. You may pretend you have some higher career or life aspirations for yourself that society would deem acceptable. But those goals are facades you use to hide the truth. The truth is, the loftiest aspirations you have revolve around food, sex, and growing to the biggest size you can.

For a time, maybe, you keep that pig brain of yours under control. Only letting it out late at night when you're alone and at your most hornily vulnerable. But the more you let this side of you out, the longer it decides to stick around. This side of you encourages and tempts you to eat food beyond what a normal person should. You let yourself become a slut for calories. The higher the calorie count, the better for you, greedily getting your fill. You feel at your best when you're chewing, so you actively try to make it so you can take more. If you ever had a skinny body, it disappears quickly. Pigs aren't supposed to be skinny, so neither will you.

You let yourself grow fatter like a common pig, marketing your increasing obesity as a personal triumph to any feeder willing to consider you a suitable mate. You see your deepening rolls, lower hanging flab, and lard-packed belly as value. They're now your tools in your arsenal to attract the most fitting breeding partner for your unquenchable lust. Your increasing size is a promise that you'll consider growing for whatever feeder wants to take you on as their project and partner. You know, if the right feeder comes knocking, you'll submit yourself entirely to them, allowing them to make you into the perfect blue ribbon hog.

Now that you're fat, you only want feeders in your life since their goals align with your piggish aspirations. A feeder will let you eat during sex. A feeder will feed you more when you get too lazy. A feeder will supply you with a steady supply of feed to keep your pig-like gluttony sated. A feeder will know when you're in heat and be willing enough to mount you like the fuckpig you are. You'll be taken care of as your feeder grows you to their desired size.

As time goes on, that pig brain will completely take over. It's a simple brain that needs simple things. It isn't good at thinking and making decisions, but that's okay. Your purpose isn't to think about anything other than food and sex anymore. So spread your legs, open your mouth, and satisfy your pig brain.