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    The Hermit

    It’s a skill, to look inside yourself, one you have mastered. The endless corridors and shifting thoughts are mapped to very carefully. This all takes time, of course. And those twisting hallways are so very difficult to map. It would be so easy to get lost. You know this space so well. Wouldn’t it be a lovely place to stay? So well-known and comforting. Why go back? How nice, how easy, to dissolve, to hide from the rest of the world and all the people in it. Why bother, when you are so good at looking inside yourself. Like enlightenment, the self. Retreating this far inwards is like retreating just as far out, into the vast ether. So comforting. The thing that was you looks at the thing that was the old woman. There is no you anymore. Goodbye.

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    ☋ - Does your muse believe in the ‘brothers and sisters of battle’ concept, growing close to their fellows, or are they distant from others?


    Prior to his employment in the Midnight Pearl, N’hil was a mercenary of no consequence. He was brought into Free Companies and trained to become a component of a unit, which then sold their services in times of conflict. In these battle and skirmishes, N’hil was treated very much like an expendable. For all intents and purposes, he was.

    Consequentially, he did not form bonds with his allies because he was not capable of it. He only understood obedience, and serving a function in a system on an instinctual level. However, he eventually learned self preservation in his service to the Free Companies. This lead to the formation of one of his fundamental characteristics: tenacity.

    Presently, his working environment contrasts his past mercenary work completely. As a more humanized person, N’hil is slowly coming out of his shell and developing close bonds with his peers. But when battle occurs, he often slips back into what he knows: performing as a cog in a wheel.

    (ty for the ask, @dawning-star! I actually drafted a short story out of inspiration from this and maybe someday I’ll push it out ^^)


    What does N'hil think of Lupus Maxius? Has that opinion changed from when they first met and how so? How much do you trust or do not trust them?


    “Lupus,” N’hil said as he reflected on the question. His brows knitted. “I vaguely remember we were adversaries in the beginning. From the encounter in that shop to the way he looked to me when our opponent was slain. Things were.. certainly tense.”

    “He’s a formidable warrior. One might underestimate him, but they’d be foolish to do so. He’s accurate with his weapons and has a certain ingenuity when it comes to taking things down. I remember his plan to destroy a large beat. It was.. audacious,” he said with a nostalgic smile. “He pulled it off though.”

    “...Brave,” he nods. “Brave, steadfast, and strong are the words I’d use to describe him. Stronger than most, really. He’s a veteran. I’ve seen him suffer quietly because of what he’s seen.. because of what he’s lost.”

    “Those kinds of battles are withering. I think he’s still fighting them because of his family-- Mh.. Us.”

    His head lowers ever so slightly as he’s drawn into deeper contemplation. “I use to revile him as a killer. But, he is truly anything but. He’s steadfast to his friends and loyal to the company. He’s even treated me with kindness despite our clashing. Now, in my weakest, he cares for me as the others do.”

    “That’s the kind of guy he is,” N’hil nodded before he looked to the asker.

    “Do I trust him?” N’hil huffed in mild amusement.

    “With my life,” he affirmed.

    Thank you for the ask @circasky​! Sorry it took so long to do this ;-; The development between N’hil and Lupus has been really awesome tbh. I STILL REMEMBER THAT SCENE ON THE BOAT LOL!!! ))


    ♯ - Something that gets your muse angry

    ♯ - Something that gets your muse angry


    His head canted at the asker’s question. “Hm, that’s a tough one! I try not to get angry. The little things like the mistakes I make in the kitchen bother me. Stubbing my toe is awful too,” he snorted. A light smile crossed his lips, but he thought on it some more. “..I guess people in Ul’dah get on my nerves more often than not.” His smile faltered as a particular memory infested his thoughts and slowly raked something out of him.

    “I meet so many people who boast of their triumphs on battlefields. They’re the sort that portray themselves as Doman comic book heroes. Manga..? Hentai..? I don’t remember what it’s called,” N’hil said with a short huff. But the more he thought on it, the more his brows furrowed.

    N’hil cast his gaze out to the window where he stared for a long while, lost to his own thoughts. His lively tail dropped down low. N’hil’s head lowered ever so slightly as his posture went stiff.

    “Why would anyone speak of it like that..?” he asked quietly.

    He swallowed, and then spoke in a low and shameful tone.

    “...I remember the artillery. The explosions. The constant rain of projectiles,” he said as his brows unfurrow. He stared out the window with a hardened gaze and spoke his mind. “The screams and shouts. I.. remember everything.”

    “We were soldiers of fortune. Didn’t matter who we hit. So long as we got paid,” he spoke quietly. “I used a greatsword,” he explained without looking to the asker. “I had armor, and my task was to cut the spearheads from pike formations to enable an assault. They paid us a lot, because we usually took the most casualties.”

    “I wish I-- Mhn..” He cut himself off before he spoke again.

    “After our job was done, the enemy line didn’t last long. I wouldn’t call my peers at the time ‘soldiers’. We-- they were killers,” he explained. His gaze grew harder to fight back a cocktail of emotions. “I was.. lost. I was looking for a place to belong, and I thought it was with them.” He gritted his teeth. “I don’t.. understand why..-- they.. Butchered them the way they did. And I.. I was part of it. The things I did with them--” He stopped himself before he looked to the asker in alarm.

    “I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “I shouldn’t have said that.”


    Ty for the ask @dawning-star and sorry it took so long and for the edgy response! xD;; It was an interesting writing experiment though ))


    😇 - What was your character’s last good deed?


    “We were in a tea house. I think it is called the Shroudrose Tea house..” N’hil said as he rubbed the back of his helmet head and looked off to the side. “My friends had invited me to attend with them. I was more than happy to share in their company.” After some recollection the miqo’te laughed! “I remember the waitress. She’s a lalafell that was wearing a maid outfit. She was kind.” N’hil chuckled faintly. “My friend handed me a menu and I decided upon something called Tranquility. My.. eyes were drawn to it’s description. I can remember it now.. Gunpowder green tea, rolanberry, prickly pineapple, and a sunflower blossom.” He huffed in amusement. “I remember the strangest things.. Perhaps it was the sunflower..”

    “...However..!” This was when his laughter picked up. “When I asked her for Tranquility, she gave me a certain look and said something along the lines of, ‘I’ll give you some space’. I must have confused her and lead her to believe she had bothered me!”

    He chuckled faintly. “I apologized profusely and we had a laugh. After we were served and the night came to an end, I returned to her when she was not busy. Gave her a hefty tip, and the surprise on her face is what made my night,” he nodded.

    “She treated us well,” N’hil concluded as he looked to the asker. “People like that deserve it. I can only hope she and her peers are treated well in return.”

    Thank you for the ask @dragonwitch-ffxiv. That was from a fun social event housed by . Thank you to @fair-fae and everyone else who hosted that! It left N’hil with a funny story lol. I can’t remember the name of that lalafell but she was fun to rp with))


    ☺ - Something that makes your muse happy ☹ - Something that makes your muse sad/upset


    Something that makes your muse happy.

    “Friends,” the armored warrior replied without missing a beat. “The company of my companions is all I truly want.” His lips curled into a faint smile as he reminisced his past self. “There was a time when I wanted nothing to do with people. Now, my fondest memories are sharing my strange stories with others.” He smiled warmly. “Making others laugh is.. an incredible feeling. Meeting new people is nice, too.”

    Something that makes your muse sad/upset

    His brows knitted. “I am bothered by how quick others are to hurt one another.” He looked to the asker. “I’m no fool. I have seen how we are treated, only to become wounded and treat others just the same. As idealistic as this might sound, I wish the world was gentler.”

    “Perhaps then I wouldn’t need this armor!”


    @yuki-yukichan Thanks for the ask ♥ ))


    19. How attractive do they think they are to the opposite sex? {Helm optional >:3c }


    His brows furrow harshly at the question. N’hil looks to the asker with a long stare. 

    "I don’t think women are attracted to suits of armor,” he said with a quiet laugh. “It’s a wonder I’ve caught the interest of anyone at all..! Even if one were to peel the armor away, they’d just find a..”


    “Well, I haven’t the tools to be attractive. I think.. most are drawn to the mystique my code inadvertently creates. At least, so I’ve been told.” He forced a chuckle.

    “...There’s a saying, though. Familiarity breeds contempt. I haven’t the qualities to make someone happy in that sense, I feel.”

    He nodded with a hint of acceptance.

    “Better for them to pursue interests elsewhere, to be honest..”

    Ty for the ask, @dawning-star! )


    2. What’s the best sex they’ve ever had?


    N’hil STIFFENED. He looked left and right and then leaned toward the asker before speaking, “..Say.. keep this one between us, aye?” He cleared his throat. “..Well.. I might be prudent when it comes to this sort of thing, but I’ve had my fair share of erotic.. encounters!” He let out an awkward laugh, finding the subject a tad unusual to address. But he’d not refuse!


    “...You see...”

    “I use to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.. and my interest at the time was /very/.. charged.”

    “So when I was making us food, one thing led to another and well... We started to do-the-do on the counter. It was very risky..! Considering there were others in the building. I think there was even a rule not to do it in the kitchen..! It makes you wonder how many people did it in the kitchen--”

    “Well.. Anyways! She.. certainly knew what she was doing.”


    “...Heh.. Uhh.. That’s a question I just answered,” he said as he awkwardly cleared his throat.

    “It’s a good thing the people that live with me will never learn of this! It’s not like they’ll see this in some kind of dashboard of sorts. I’d never hear the end of it!”


    He looks forward, his tail falling between his legs.


    @malvalen-ooc -sips tea- If my FC mates read this I will perish. If I stop posting, remember that I existed. TY FOR THE ASK! ))


    12. How often do they think about sex during the day? 13. What’s the quickest way to get them in the mood?


    “...Oh...! Uhh..” N’hil cleared his throat. He could not lie, and he would not shy away from the question this time. Even so, several moments passed as his tail stirred behind him. After a stiff moment, he let out a disarming exhale and forced a chuckle. 

    “Hmm.. As much as anyone else does, I suppose?” he said tentatively. Though he knew he had to add more substance! He inhales. “..Well, a few times a day, when the mood occurs to me. It’s hard not to, especially when I pass the Quicksand..”

    “Err-- Not that I would partake! Nor judge them, at that. They can lead their lives as they see fit,” he said with a nod.

    “...But to get me in the mood?” His brows furrowed as some composure returned. “...Well, I like boldness and confidence. Someone who is sensual is sure to create an interest. Temptation.”

    He smiled faintly, “I’ve become quite good at hiding it though. Can’t let that sort of thing rob me of my wits, either!”

    @yuki-yukichan “...Well... as much as anyone else!!!” had me dying, LOL Ty for the ask! ))


    Hot Chocolate, Mittens, and Scarf! <3


    Bubble Bath: What’s your favorite scent?

    “My favorite scent..?” N’hil thought on it and let out a laugh, his tail swaying! “Well, I seldomly smell anything but my own helmet!” he said, still laughing. A grin lingered on his lips as he put more contemplation into the question, though. “Hmm..” As he considered it.

    “Incense,” he answered earnestly. “None in particular beyond the regular.” His lips pulled into a faint smile. “As odd as this might sound, the scent of body odor mixed with incense reminds me of martial arts.”

    “It’s very particular but.. Well, that’s me, I suppose!”

    Mittens: Do you like to play in the snow?

    “That reminds me of a story,” he said with a huff of amusement. “It was an ordinary day in Ul’dah. Except.. there was nothing ordinary about it at all. Not only was it snowing, but I was walking down the streets when a complete stranger hurled a barrage of snowballs at me!”

    “At first I didn’t know how to take it, but her laugh was quite disarming! Now, at the time I was of the reserved sort, but I surely returned the favor with a snowball or two! Heh.. If only I was more spirited back then..”

    Scarf: Can you sing?

    It was a quiet night in N’hil’s bathroom. The door was cracked open and warm air escaped from the cracks into his room. The abundance of cats he sheltered as guests were particularly active at this our. Two of the kittens dueled in pounces and wrestles which the older cats watched with what essentially amounted to deadpans. 

    It was a peaceful night. 

    As N’hil showered, the two cats began to circle one another. One poised high while the other ducked low. Both of their tails swayed sharply as if it were some kind of stand off.

    Moments passed as the other cats watched with some measure of interest. But before the fateful moment occured, N’hil’s horrible singing voice called out:


    The kittens scattered and several of the older cats vacated from his room’s window, not wanting to deal with N’hil’s antics.

    Thank you for the ask @seaguanaisland ^^ I had this Silly Singing Scene™ in my mind lmao )


    Do they get embarrassed easily when it comes to nsfw things? Or are they shameless?


    “Yep,” N’hil replied with a pop at the last letter of the word. This much he had become keenly aware of in recent events. “Well...” He cleared his throat.

    “It’s not that I don’t have an interest myself! There is a person underneath this armor after all,” he said with an impish chuckle. “..Though, my code prevents me from pursuing those temptations so readily. I.. prefer it that way,” he nods. He looked off to the side as a measure of composure returned to him.

    “It’s hard to flirt in a full suit of armor. You can’t see my eyes, you can’t read my face, and you can feel my skin,” N’hil said with some comfort found in the notion. “It’s a barrier of my design. To be candid, I don’t know how to react sometimes, because it is often a realm I do not partake in.”

    However, he turned his head to look to the viewer. “Yet.. It’s not as if I am pure. I’ve.. certainly acted in a shameless accord with the privacy of a lover.”

    He then laughed at himself and covered his visor with his palm. N’hil’s tail swayed behind him. “I deal in contradictions often, don’t I? Hahaha! Ha.. Ahem.”

    Thanks for the ask @yuki-yukichan ^^ He’s been flirted on by someone and its funny to see how awkward and flustered he gets, lmao )




    ❄️: name something that makes you unique.


    N’hil’s brows furrowed at the question. His head lowered ever so slightly in both deliberation and pensiveness. “Who am I to claim myself to be unique?” he mused outloud before he took in a breath and looked to the asker.

    “For better or worse, I do not succumb to injury,” N’hil said with a hint of gloom in his tone. A bittersweet chuckle escaped his lips. “It is.. a boon and a curse. My ability to survive is formidable. Yet, I feel no pride for it. The cost is too heavy, and the strength, perhaps, is not entirely mine.”

    He lifted his head slightly. “But no matter. I envy those who press on without special powers. Though who have a sturdy grip and will to endure, even as others seek to strike them down by any means. Not so much in battle alone, but when faced with the challenges of life.”

    N’hil felt a smile creep on his lips. “Those are the ones to be respected.”

    Thanks for the ask @seaguanaisland! ))


    10. Is there anything they won’t do in the bedroom?


    “...Well... That’s a surprisingly hard question to answer!” N’hil chuckled NERVOUSLY as his tail swayed with the same nerves. He cleared his throat and planted his knuckles to the ‘chin’ of his helmet thoughtfully. 

    “Probably the extremes,” N’hil said vaguely if not to afford himself more time to collect his composure! “Though, I’ve partaken in my fair share off odd encounters,” N’hil mused. “So long as what we do is not terrible or appalling.. I see no reason not to experiment.”

    “...Except for putting anything in my butt!” he said suddenly as if remembering an encounter.

    “Nothing... Nothing goes in my butt!” N’hil stammered. 

    Ty for the ask @deadtail-ffxiv ^^ ))


    8. Are they polite or do they have a dirty mouth?


    “Hmm.. When given the option I shall always pursue politeness over belligerence,” N’hil said with a measure of solace in his tone.” There’s a lot of reasons for this! Primarily, it is written in my code.”

    “However, I believe people should be respected and treated with kindness. Even those who have lost their way can be redeemed, I think. Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries it, so the scholars far wiser than myself say!” He laughed, though there was confliction in it.

    “Mmh.. Even if there are terrible people in Eorzea.” He looked to the asker after taking in a breath, steeling himself from the doubts. “It’s.. not so much a matter of respecting them. In truth, by being polite and dignified, I respect myself through all encounters. That is the aim, at least.”

    “There was once a time I had lost my way. Though when I injured another, he returned the injury with kindness. That.. is the greatest strength. One I should like to emulate someday.”

    Thank you for the ask, @malvalen-ooc! This was loosely inspired by a Kung Fu video LOL ))


    Exerpt from Cult of Passion by Quill Quivers

    Adalind ran her delicate, cream-colored fingers over Armand’s stomach and chest, feeling the rippling muscles beneath sun-kissed skin. She dared not look at his face. The man was a sacrifice, allowing herself to think of him as anything but was sacrilege, and yet, the night of stolen passion they had shared felt like anything but.

    She stepped closer, feeling the heat of his body against her own, the gauzy dress doing little to sell the illusion of distance between them. 

    “You don’t have to do this, Adalind,” he whispered, his voice hoarse with barely contained desire. “We could go away, together, just you and I, somewhere where they can never find us.”

    “I…” She finally looked up, meeting his gaze, those orbs made of molten gold boring straight through her. She melted in their heat, melted into his arms. Their lips met, their tongues battling for dominance with fiery passion.

    She could all but hear her heart breaking when she tore herself away from him.

    “I can’t,” she whispered as she tore herself from his embrace, tears stinging her limpid ice eyes.

    He didn’t resist when she guided him to the alter, his naked body like a statue, a work of art on the cold stone slab…


    @blue-sentinel, I apologize on behalf of Malika who has stolen one of N’hil’s dragon books. But, at least in its place she has left him this? I’m sorry that it probably won’t do much in the way of teaching him dragon lore.


    After a long day of N’hil-ing, the miqo’te found himself back within his sparsely decorated room in the Sealight Estate. As barren as it was of furniture, it had no shortage of feline companions. Most of them lounged about the room lazily, though one in particular sought for N’hil’s attention with a particular mewl.

    “Give me just a moment little one,” N’hil spoke in his soft spoken tone as he loosened the strap of his helmet and pulled it from his head. He ran his hand through his dark and shaggy hair and sought to place it down on his bed. Only, a peculiar sight caught his attention. 

    “...Cult of Passion...?” He asked no one in particular and he pulled the saucy book from his desk and opened it with furrowed brows. “..Is this a prank?” His eyes narrowed as he scanned the lines inquisitively. Though with each line read, he found his lips flattening. A deadpan set upon his features.

    “...Well, this is certainly no lorebook,” he mused with a huff. “....That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t read it though,” he said innocently. Before he could seat himself, the kitten let out a frustrated meow.

    “...Alright, alright. Probably hungry. The lot of you are gluttens,” N’hil said with a chuckle as he closed the book and set it aside for later. As he approached the kitten by his bed, he noticed something was off.

    He had an attentive gaze, and he noticed his venturing bag had been ever so slightly tampered with!

    He was quick to descend upon his knees as the kitten darted to the side and watched as he rummaged through the bag, looking for a particular object.

    Then his heart sank. It was gone!

    His teeth clenched as he struggled to make sense of the grave loss. Only then he felt a strange object in his fingers. His brows furrowed as he procured a peculiar paper weight that had the form of a fat cat.

    N’hil deadpans. Suddenly his alarm was replaced by utter confusion. He sank back into his armor butt and traced his thumb thoughtfully along the object.

    “...No typical thief,” N’hil mused as the kitten brushed its head along his wrist. His worried visage softened as he found comfort in tracing his digits along the little one’s back, only to scritch at the base of his tail.

    "It’ll come together,” N’hil said softly in his usual optimism.

    @luck-and-larceny As promised! Let the story begin. And thank you for the content, @worldofquillquivers \[T]/ ))


    What are you Afraid of? (and why :p)


    “Death,” N’hil answered quickly. The sway in his tail ceased as he addressed the concept of his greatest fear once more. A particularly grim fate surfaced in his mind which he sought to confront. The miqo’te laughed disarmingly, though with a pinch of nerves nonetheless.

    “Truth be told, the purpose of my code is to, chiefly, preserve my life. Even so, I’ve endured no shortage of mortal wounds. Some of these wounds I’d have surely succumbed to if it were not for.. Mh..”

    He looks to the asker with dejection masked underneath his great helmet. He was glad they did not have to suffer his gloomy expression and forced smile, though it was obvious on his lips.

    “H-Heh.. This shall sound odd, friend! Brace yourself.. Every time I am on the verge of death.. something brings me back. Though this apparent immortality is not without consequence. I.. feel a part of me burn away each time. I.. lose something, be it my memories or something that is a part of me. Whatever is sacrificed is used to fuel the fire of my resurgence. I worry that I will perish so many times that I won’t recognize myself anymore.”

    “...My greatest fear is to become hollow. A state of being which is neither living or dead. If.. If only I could just stay dead..? Why can’t I just..?”

    He looks off to the side. “..And I have fallen so many times.. I.. I am uncertain if I can complete my quest before..”

    “Well.. Before I lose everything that makes me.. me?”

    Thank you for the ask, @entry-1258! I hope this doesn’t seem too lore bendy xD;; Huge Dark Souls™ inspiration and central plot theme! ))


    polyamorous or monogamous?



    “I have a preference for a monogamous relationship! It’s all I’ve ever been in, really. I know that’s quite odd for a Seeker. Hmm.. Well, truth be told I’ve dabbled in a polyamorous setting. It didn’t turn out well, though. I respect those who make it work.”

    “...Hmmm.. Now that I think of it, I’ve had more problems with monogamous relationships...”

    “...Well, love is a gift. Whatever form it comes in, if it feels right, I will try follow the path.”

    Thank you for the ask, @yuki-yukichan! ))


    ❤ and ✿ for the symbol for a headcanon meme :)

    ❤ and ✿ for the symbol for a headcanon meme :)


    ❤: What is your muse’s perfect romantic date?

    ✿: Which one act in your muse’s past are they most ashamed of? Which one act in their past are they most proud of?


    “My perfect romantic date?” N’hil’s brows furrowed with discomfort at the notion. He was so sure of necessity of love, yet when the topic was visited upon him, the Miqo’te always crashed. 

    “...Hm...” After a moment of hurried contemplation before he cleared his throat to force out words, “I am undeserving,” he said, surprised himself. He dug himself into this hole though, and the least he could do was explore it! “I am.. not well, friend. So I perish the thought.”

    A long silence followed as N’hil found himself recalling a close friend’s past assertions. His tail flicked before he let out a sigh and looked off to the side.

    “...An adventure would be nice,” he said tentatively, though he found no relief from the gloom.


    His head canted at the question of shame and pride. The Miqo’te looks up to deliberate.

    “I’ve killed a lot of people,” N’hil admitted with his voice ringing hollow in his helmet. He swallowed as he looked down to the bonfire. “...So many people.”


    “I’d rather answer the next part now! Haha..”

    “Hmm.. The thing I am the most proud of..!”

    “Well! I--”


    “...Hm...Forgive me.”


    @wind-up-mayru (Thank you for the ask! His reaction was unexpected xD;;)


    "What two questions would you ask to get the most information about who a person truly is?"


    C’elah frowns showing her disappointment.  “Just two?”  she asked again as if she did not hear the number correctly.  “I can see auras you know, which at least gives me a good baseline.”  She sighed still lamenting the fact she only gets two.  “Who a person really is seems to be a convoluted task and you want me to achieve this in two questions, very well.” She takes out her notebook and shines a bright light on him

    “The first question that I would like to ask is What are your goals and ambitions in your life?”  she leaned back in the chair to see if he was determined to be a better version of himself and if he was clear about what he expects from life and how much it would take to achieve it.  Maybe he was happy in life already.

    She leans forward in the chair, clearly intrigued by the helmed one.  “The second question that I would want to ask is What is the importance of relationships and people in your life?”  To some, people and relations are the most precious possession.  She was curious to know the values he gives to people and their emotions.

    “Wait..  I have one more.  I believe I could know you better if I could see your eyes.  Can you take off the helm?” She believed you could tell a lot about someone by their eyes, maybe he already knew that.  It did not hurt to ask.  

    Thank you for the ask @blue-sentinel


    They were within a sparsely crowded tavern of sorts, perhaps on the outskirts of Ul’dah. The armored Miqo’te was clad head to toe in his cumbersome armor which did little to portray his character. Or, perhaps it was his character? He seemed comfortable in it, even if the desert sand was in all the wrong places. 

    He didn’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it got everywhere.

    C’elah was a person he thought he recognized. Yet, he couldn’t be sure of his memory anymore. Her response to his question caught him witless for a moment as she explained, rightfully, the complexities of knowing a person. He rubbed the back of his armored head out of habit and chuckled awkwardly. 

    “Yeah, you’re right,” he said in his soft spoken tone, ringing within the confines of his greathelmet. Once the notebook was drawn and that bright light shined upon his helm, N’hil really found himself with nerves! 

    “..U..Uhh..!” He was quick to seat himself at her table. His tail swayed behind him as she essentially Uno Reverse™ carded him. Yet, he didn’t particularly mind at all. He could learn from this experience, after all.

    “My goals and ambitions..?” he echoed thoughtfully. His contemplation afforded him a measure of calm as he reflected first on his answer, and then on her question. He found himself chuckling heartily. 

    “A good question to ask. There’s much to gleam from knowing what a person’s aim in life is,” he adds tentatively for fear of sounding haughty. “I’ve met many people with different goals. Ehehe.. It makes you wonder how they’re doing. Mhh.. I hope they’re well.”

    “..Oh! Uh.. AHEM. My goals and ambitions. Well, that’s simple. I want to make the world a better place,” the miqo’te said with a nod of affirmation. “Though, it’s not that simple, is it? Good and bad can be subjective things. So.. what am I to do?” His tail swayed, indicating a measure of confidence in the answer that was to come. “I live by a code. So long as I adhere to this code, the probability of me doing others wrong is low! And sometimes I find opportunities to explore virtues others think so highly of.” He hummed thoughtfully.

    “Sometimes, making the world a better place is as easy as not making it worse,” N’hil said with a nod.

    He seemed satisfied and made more confident by his answer! His tail swayed with anticipation as he noted her lean and watched her attentively as she spoke. Her second question drew his gaze to the few others within the tavern having their private conversations. He canted his head.

    “They are immensely meaningful,” N’hil reflected. He was more within his mind than he was in his surroundings, however. “I’ve often pondered the necessity of them in my darkest days. I wanted nothing to do with other people really,” he said with a conflicted chuckle embedded within the sentence. “But.. they are experiences at the least. Sometimes, relationships with people turn into lasting friendships. It’s.. a beautiful thing when you can trust someone to rely on them, and allow them to rely on you. To become.. vulnerable.”

    His brows knitted under his helmet before he looked back to C’elah. Recognizing his solemnness, he disarmed it with a shrug!

    “People come and go. Everything is temporary. But, the moments that are spent with them are permanent. Unless you forget about them, that is!”

    “...Ha-haha...” He cleared his throat.

    He grew uncomfortable. “Well, I ought to move on. Your questions spark deep reflection. Thank you for humoring me! Though I fear people are probably trying to kill each other in the Lane again and I need to--”

    He blinked at the third question! The Miqo’te’s hidden gaze squinted. “You want me to take my helmet off? Hmm..”

    “Sorry my friend, but..”

    “The helmet stays on!”

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