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2018-08-26 15:54:41

    Yesterday I walked my dog, made a solid breakfast, and got in an hour of archery practice--all before noon on a Saturday. Unicorn mornings. Today is almost as productive but the range is closed and that's a bummer lol. So here's my best from yesterday, which still needs work. Mostly my patience needs work. I think I'm gonna build a range in my apartment so I won't feel the pressure of limited time. • • • #nockon #practice #meditation #makeyourownpath

    Cacti are some crazy looking plants and they survive some of the harshest conditions. Equally so, they are as naturally defensive as they are willing and strong. This one is particularly sharp (I touched it) and yet also extremely pleasant to look at. Idk why I'm geeking out on this one so much. I guess because it says a lot about people born in the same climate as these are found. Texas, you're pretty cool. And so are your native people. • • • #Texans #cacti #exploreeverything

    Roughly 3 miles into the trails and 500ft up through a light, intermittent rain with the thickest humidty I've felt all summer. You can see so many trees and the sky is so wide open up here. Looking down below always jerks the heart for a beat or two and yet this is such a serene view that it steals my mind for a few moments and I feel everything inside become calm. (Even if it's just for just a few minutes.) I am very thankful this hike is just a short walk from downtown and that I am healthy enough to come out here as often as I do. This view is peaceful. • • • #hiking #trailrunning #makeyourownpath (at Barton Creek Greenbelt)

    Yesterday was pretty dope...I've finally found a dope barber here in Austin, took a nap, had a midday date on the archery range, then we went for ice cream. I photographed Nas & Lauryn Hill, had a vegetarian dinner with my girl, and ended it all with some SNL snuggled up on the couch. The sunset at COTA was about as good as it gets and the entire day was a huge reminder of just how fortunate I am to be blessed in so many ways. 🙌🙏 • • • #thankyouUniverse (at Austin360 Amphitheater)

    Good day at the park with my little guy. He's four years old as of yesterday and I'm thankful and happy for every hour he's been with me. I've been enjoying our time a lot more lately and really appreciating his presence in my life. Moments like this image make my heart & soul very happy. Here's to another year of good times and adventure with you, buddy! • • • #Olliespawsofapproval #furkid #dogfather #family

    I recorded a solo episode of my podcast [The Natural Spark] over the weekend to discuss depression and mental health. We've lost a lot of greats this year through suicide linked to depression, I felt it was time I talked about my own struggles, how I cope with them, and continue the discussion on improving mental health. You can find my podcast on all major outlets like @itunes, Stitcher, and @podbean. You can also listen directly at thenaturalspark.com or awakeandmoving.com under The Natural Spark tab/drop down menu. Thank you for listening, downloading, subscribing, and sharing the podcast with people. Feel free to send me feedback, suggestions, and questions to thenaturalsparkpodcast(@)gmail.com • • • #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #itunes #stitcher #podbean #riseandride #stayawakeandmoving #makeyourownpath

    Champions are forged through a series of moments. None more important than the present one. So many varying factors have lead you down your path, ultimately, to where you are now. It is how you embrace the now that determines where your path will continue. Regardless of where you came from, the now is what is going to take you into the unknown. This is the mantra of the champion. Are you a Champion? "GUNS. RAZORS. KNIVES. FUCK WITH ME!" 🎼 Deftones - "Rocket Skates" • • • #akumavsme #40mins #noexcuses #nottomorrow #today #good #keephammering #KeepPushingForward #getonnit #alphabrain #champion #sweatfest #copywriting #kettlebell #riseandride #stayawakeandmoving #makeyouroenpath

    At the end of the day, at the start of the day, I am very thankful for all that I have and for all of the love I get to experience. Today, tell someone you love them. Tomorrow isn't promised and this moment is all that is guaranteed, because this moment is happening RIGHT NOW. Spend your energy and thoughts wisely. Embrace love, echo love. --- --- --- --- #Olliepawsofapproval #echolove #embracelove

    Because you'd rather be in a library instead of a club. Because you'd rather spend a Friday night having coffee and cupcakes rather than hanging out at a bar getting hammered. Because a night in can be just as fun as a night out, which usually consist of the above mentioned, or maybe some yoga or hunting down some good fries. Because the world needs more strong and independent women like you willing to grow into their potential. Here's to a special woman who still brings butterflies to my stomach, usually accompanied with donut holes. 😙 --- --- --- --- #internationalwomensday #bae #bookworm #nerdyhippy #luckyguy