My wife’s class reunion is coming up in a few weeks and the conversation came up of how many guys at the reunion have seen her tits. She says “you make me out to be so naughty, only a few of them have seen my tits…I believe…well ok 3….make that 4….then she finally starts naming guys and counting-she finally says ok 4…maybe 5”

    Yesterday we were in this position-almost. My wife hovered over me with her tit in my mouth. My cock was barely inside her from the position we were in. She said it felt so good having her tits sucked on but wished my cock could be fully inside her. That’s when she said “this is when it would feel good to have another guy join us, so his cock could be deep in my pussy right now while your sucking my tits.”

    Thursday night was the first time my wife and I went camping WITHOUT the kids. We sat around the fire and had drinks. We finally decided to go in the camper and needless to say we were naked immediately. We were having Great Sex when my wife says “let’s go outside.” Both of us naked, we went outside and had outdoor sex. I bent her over the picnic table and fucked her from the back side. Yes we had neighbor campers about 50’ away. Considering it was about 11:00 at night we don’t think they were awake to watch us as we fucked outside in the open. Anyone want to go camping with us?

    Only once. We were at a bar and my wife was dancing to some music. Another guy started dancing with her. She danced with him for awhile. While he did he kept grabbing her ass. Unfortunately we had family around and my wife politely pushed his hands away. He tried several times, each time she just pushed his hands down. My wife’s sister was trying to get me to stop him. Little did she know how much I was enjoying it.

    Yes my wife asked me this on a Friday night after coming home from work. She has been flirting and texting me naughty stuff all day. She asked me 3 times “are you really sure you want to know who I think about having sex with?” I answered YES all 3 times. She finally looked at me and said “Ryan.” Ryan was an older boyfriend of hers. She then said “I never had sex with him but I’ve always wondered what it would’ve been like to.” I told her it’s not too late. Then I proceeded to fuck her hard and fast at the thought of her fucking Ryan.