My Wife’s Slave
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2023-03-30 22:15:08

    I've had my share of excitement, been through a lot, did a lot of shit, but never in my whole life have I felt greater high than when somebodys wife taking off her clothes in front of me. I actually sometimes wonder wether I will have a fucking heart attack during shit like that. I love it. It makes me crazy. Her soft lips, skin, her mature ass and hips...It's not just about the fun and sex for me, it's about the hunt. I hunt for something I'm not supposed to, for something that isn't mine. I am taking her away from him, I'm fucking stealing her. I'm hunting for that hot breath on my face when I push my fingers inside her. The breath that is boiling with excitement, she doesn't even have to say a thing, I will know that I make her more wet and horny than her husband ever did. In that moment she belongs to me, every atom of her body is mine and mine alone. I can do to her what ever I want because I own her.

    And when she is mine...Oh man, I will use her to the greatest possible extent. I will enjoy every inch of her body while making her beg for more.

    If you want your wife to be faithfull man...You better pray I get that heart attack real soon. Because if I don't, the little cinderella you love more than air might just become my needy little slut.