My dad came into my room to see what I was doing and saw I was reading and asked me what I was reading. I told him a book on how to hypnotize people. He said really do you think you have read enough of the book that you could actually hypnotize someone and I said yea I have and I am going to hypnotize my friends tonight. My dad said well why don’t you practice on me right now and hypnotize me. So I told him to sit down and went into the kind of induction the book said looking for signs of my dad responding to the induction and put my dad into a hypnotic trance. To test his trance I told my dad to strip down to his underpants thinking and feeling that he is still dressed.

Dad undressed down to his underpants and sat back down staring straight ahead with a blank look on his face. I decided to test how much control I had over my dad and told him you have always been in charge but now it is my time to be in charge. From this moment on I am the one who is in charge and you will obey me without question or hesitation whatever I tell you. I asked him if he understood and he said yes and I told him he was a good boy and told him to take off his underpants.

Dad stood up took off his underpants and sat back down. I gave my dad a trigger so I could put hi back under whenever wanted to. That when he wakes up from this hypnotic trance he will not remember me hypnotizing or us talking about hypnosis. I told dad that on the count of five he will get up and leave my room. Once he steps out of my room he will wake up and not realize or know he is naked and see and believe he is fully clothed. I counted one, two, three, four and five. Dad got up and walked out of my room and woke up. He looked into my bedroom and said I see you are reading I think that is a good idea I’ll get a book also and read in the living room and walked away. Good dad