A coworker of mind had heard I was a hypnotist and one day he got up enough nerve to approach me and said I heard you are a hypnotist and I was wondering if you would hypnotize me sometime to give me the confidence to ask this person out I really like. I told him to meet me at lunch time and let me do a few suggestibility tests on him to see if he would be a good subject. So at lunch time we met and I took him into one of the conference rooms and put him into a hypnotic trance. I told him he was gay and he had a really big crush on me and was really in love with me. That just looking at me he could not control his feelings for me and his cock would become fully erect and throbbing for me. I gave him a trigger and told him he would not remember going into this hypnotic trance and all I did was a few suggestibility test with him and woke him up. When he woke up he asked me how did he do with the suggestibility tests and stood up and started to try to rearrange his cock in his pants to be more comfortable. You could see his whole cock bulging in his pants trying to break out. I said you did very good with the test and why don't you come over to my place Friday after work and I will hypnotize you. He became extremely happy saying it is a date and it looked like he wanted to kiss me. The next day at work he came over to me and said I could not stop thinking about you and you hypnotizing me on Friday all night. I said good boy and could see his cock was totally erect throbbing in his pants as I was leaving him I brushed lightly against the front of his pants and he let out a soft moan of pleasure. On Friday right before we were leaving work I called him over and said this is my address and gave him my address and then said his trigger and put him back into a hypnotic trance and told him that when he walks into my place he will immediately go into a hypnotic trance but will be wide awake aware of everything and not know he is in a hypnotic trance and woke him up. When he came into my home I said your feet are stuck to the floor and he just stood there trying to move his feet and could not understand why he could not move his feet. I told him that I have already hypnotized him and even through he thinks he is wide awake he is in a hypnotic trance. I said I'll show you and I took his legs and walked him to the middle of the room by physically moving one leg at a time and as I did feeling his erect hard cock. Each time I felt his erect hard cock he moaned with pleasure. Once I had him in place I said why don't you open your fly and let your cock out instead of torturing it in your pants. He pulled down his fly and because his cock was so hard and erect struggled getting it out his fly and once it was out he said that feels so much better. I said watch this. Look at your cock. Your cock wants to come to me. Your cock needs to come to me. He said OMG it is like my cock has a mind of its own and is trying to pull me to you but I can't move my feet. I asked him how he feels about me and he said that he has a really big crush on me and loves me. I told him he was a good boy and asked him how he felt if I was to tell him that when I command him to cum he will have the most incredible orgasm of his entire life and then will be my sex toy for the rest of his life un willing and unable to have sex with anybody else but me. He said that would be absolutely fantastic because I love you and wanted you to hypnotize me to give me confidence to ask this person out that person was you. I said CUM and his cock started shooting a large load out. I said cum for me totally empty your balls for me and he kept shooting load after load screaming with pleasure until he was totally empty. I told him that his feet were no longer stuck to the floor and to get down an his hands and knees and with his tongue lick up and clean up the hugh mess he just made. I immediately fell on his hands and knees and started licking up his cum. While he was doing that I woke him up from his hypnotic trance and he continued to lick up his cum. When he had licked up all his cum and had cleaned the floor he looked up at me and said how can I be of pleasure to you. Good boy  .