My next door neighbor is a hypnotherapist and one Friday night when he got home from work I went over and asked him to explain to me what erotic hypnotism really was. He laughed and started to explain erotic hypnotism to me and said it would be better if you would let me hypnotize you and show you. I agrees to let him hypnotize me to show me and I am shocked at how fast this lesson in erotic hypnotism has progressed. I am a straight man who has no desire to do anything sexually with another man. But when he first told me under hypnosis that he wanted me to give myself to him and that I would find myself wanting to do this more and more each day. I got scared and wanted to stop it there because there was no way I was going to do anything sexual with another man. But then I found myself kneeling between his legs worshipping his cock still in his underpants and felt this is truly amazing how fantastic it is to worship his cock just this once no big deal. I kept thinking that I can stop this any time and felt I’ll just stop it later because right now I’m really enjoying it and it feels so right. It has been two weeks now since he first hypnotized me to show me what erotic hypnotism is and I have broken off my relationship with my girlfriend and find when I get home from work I keep looking and waiting for him to get home so I can give myself to him.