I had been in love with my best friend for years but never told him. Yesterday I had bought a pocket watch and when he came over today I took it out and started swinging it in front of his eyes. After a few minutes he couldn’t take his eyes off my pocket watch and I went into an induction putting him into a hypnotic trance. I told him that for years he has been madly and deeply in love with and can no longer deny or hide his feelings he has for me wanting and needing for me to use him for my sexual pleasure. I woke him up. He looked at me and was immediately totally in love and lost in my eyes. I took my hand and started scratching his chin. He laid his head back into the pillow of the chair never taking his eyes off of me acting like a giggles little girl and said I love you, will you use me for your sexual pleasure. I asked him if he really wanted that and would it make him happy. He said that he wanted that more than anything in the world and it would make him extremely happy. I said alright then I will. He  became so excited and was acting like a scared giggle little girl. Good boy