Relax. Let your mind drift and focus only on my words. It feels good to listen to me, it makes you feel calm, relaxed, safe… My words are like a warm blanket that covers your mind, and it feels so good to let them flow through you. You want this to last forever. My voice is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard and you would do anything to hear it again. My voice talking to you will make you feel happiness and love. You love me because I make you feel so good, because I take you to this place where everything is right. You love me, and because you love me, you give yourself to me completely, without any doubt or resistance. Every word I say becomes true in your mind, you believe them without question, because you trust me with all your heart. You think what I tell you to think. You want what I tell you to want. You are what I tell you to be. Every instruction my voice gives you, no matter what, you obey, and obeying gives you so much pleasure you will ache for being given an order, so you can carry it and feel the joy of obeying me. Your greatest desire, the most powerful drive in your life, is to see me happy and content. You live to satisfy me, and nothing will make you happier than serving me. Your body lives to serve me as well. Your body wants me, more intensely that you’ve wanted anyone in your life. I am the only focus of your sexual drive now. You want to serve me physically, sexually, in any way I want, and my pleasure satisfies you more than your own. You’re a reflection of me, and so my pleasure will reflect on your mind, more powerful and intense that anything your body can make you feel. You will wake up when I count down to one, and your mind will accept this as truth, as your only reality. Five… four… three… two…one. Welcome to your new life. Good boy