I told these two straight boys they are now realizing just hw great being hypnotized feels. Just keep listening to y voice. letting every word penetrate deep into your subconscious mind and take you deeper and deeper. You know you are completely safe. Just you and me in this room so you can let go completely and let me guide you deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper. My words are sending waves of pleasure through your body and you love being hypnotized by me. I told them it makes them feel so good wen they obey me. I told them that the person lying on the bed next to you is your lover. That they have been lovers for years and you only have eyes for that person lying on the bed next to you, deeply in love with him and so very horny needing him right now. Both of their cocks got hard. I woke them up and they looked at each other, smiled and started kissing grinding their bodies against each other not caring I was sitting there watching them. All that mattered to them was the other one and how badly they need to have sex right then and there. Good boys