I had gone to the leather bar to put on an erotic hypnosis demonstration. After the show I was very surprised to see one of my coworkers there and how he was dressed. At work he is always very conservative and a ladies man.  He came over to me and said I guess we both had our secrets until now. He said that he really enjoyed my show and maybe one day you can do a private demonstration on me. I said I would like that very much. I said I just got this new ring and showed it to him while pointing it so the light made the diamond shine bright. I said see how bright the diamond shines and went into and induction using my ring as something he could concentrate on. I put him into a hypnotic trance and took him off to the side to deepen his trance. I told him that I was the sexiest man he’d ever seen. That I make you feel so incredibly horny. Hornier than anyone has ever made you feel in your entire life. You only have eyes for me. I woke him up and he said he was so extremely happy that we had met up here. I said I am going to get us a drink you wait here and went to the bar. I looked back over at him and he was staring at me like we were the only two people here. He had posed himself trying to look extremely sexy trying to seduced me hoping and wishing I would take him home  Good boy