I had a knock at my door and when I opened the door he was standing there and said I don't know why I felt compelled to come here. Hey. Aren't you that guy from the hypnosis show I went to the other night? Why am I here?”, Laughing, he said: I'm not going to be volunteering for any more shows n-”

I cut him short with a mere snap of my fingers. “No, my slave. You won’t be volunteering for any more shows. Why would you, when you’ll be performing in my own private show whenever I desire you. Isn’t that right, slave?” I asked.

“Yes….Mast-er” he replied. His eyes so vacant. His mind so distant now. The programing I’d done in our first meeting after the show was now rooted having Shaped and corrupted his maleable mind.

“That’s right Slave. Strip and show me you are mine. Obey your Master”

 I obey” he robotically replied. He striped down and was then only wearing the outfit I told him to buy.  

Tonight I would further his programing until he is nothing more than a brainless and obedient puppet. My pet. My slave ….