In a deep trance

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    I had a knock at my door and when I opened the door he was standing there and said I don't know why I felt compelled to come here. Hey. Aren't you that guy from the hypnosis show I went to the other night? Why am I here?”, Laughing, he said: I'm not going to be volunteering for any more shows n-”

    I cut him short with a mere snap of my fingers. “No, my slave. You won’t be volunteering for any more shows. Why would you, when you’ll be performing in my own private show whenever I desire you. Isn’t that right, slave?” I asked.

    “Yes….Mast-er” he replied. His eyes so vacant. His mind so distant now. The programing I’d done in our first meeting after the show was now rooted having Shaped and corrupted his maleable mind.

    “That’s right Slave. Strip and show me you are mine. Obey your Master”

     I obey” he robotically replied. He striped down and was then only wearing the outfit I told him to buy.  

    Tonight I would further his programing until he is nothing more than a brainless and obedient puppet. My pet. My slave ….


    I had gone to the leather bar to put on an erotic hypnosis demonstration. After the show I was very surprised to see one of my coworkers there and how he was dressed. At work he is always very conservative and a ladies man.  He came over to me and said I guess we both had our secrets until now. He said that he really enjoyed my show and maybe one day you can do a private demonstration on me. I said I would like that very much. I said I just got this new ring and showed it to him while pointing it so the light made the diamond shine bright. I said see how bright the diamond shines and went into and induction using my ring as something he could concentrate on. I put him into a hypnotic trance and took him off to the side to deepen his trance. I told him that I was the sexiest man he’d ever seen. That I make you feel so incredibly horny. Hornier than anyone has ever made you feel in your entire life. You only have eyes for me. I woke him up and he said he was so extremely happy that we had met up here. I said I am going to get us a drink you wait here and went to the bar. I looked back over at him and he was staring at me like we were the only two people here. He had posed himself trying to look extremely sexy trying to seduced me hoping and wishing I would take him home  Good boy


    I told these two straight boys they are now realizing just hw great being hypnotized feels. Just keep listening to y voice. letting every word penetrate deep into your subconscious mind and take you deeper and deeper. You know you are completely safe. Just you and me in this room so you can let go completely and let me guide you deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper. My words are sending waves of pleasure through your body and you love being hypnotized by me. I told them it makes them feel so good wen they obey me. I told them that the person lying on the bed next to you is your lover. That they have been lovers for years and you only have eyes for that person lying on the bed next to you, deeply in love with him and so very horny needing him right now. Both of their cocks got hard. I woke them up and they looked at each other, smiled and started kissing grinding their bodies against each other not caring I was sitting there watching them. All that mattered to them was the other one and how badly they need to have sex right then and there. Good boys

    Relax. Let your mind drift and focus only on my words. It feels good to listen to me, it makes you feel calm, relaxed, safe… My words are like a warm blanket that covers your mind, and it feels so good to let them flow through you. You want this to last forever. My voice is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard and you would do anything to hear it again. My voice talking to you will make you feel happiness and love. You love me because I make you feel so good, because I take you to this place where everything is right. You love me, and because you love me, you give yourself to me completely, without any doubt or resistance. Every word I say becomes true in your mind, you believe them without question, because you trust me with all your heart. You think what I tell you to think. You want what I tell you to want. You are what I tell you to be. Every instruction my voice gives you, no matter what, you obey, and obeying gives you so much pleasure you will ache for being given an order, so you can carry it and feel the joy of obeying me. Your greatest desire, the most powerful drive in your life, is to see me happy and content. You live to satisfy me, and nothing will make you happier than serving me. Your body lives to serve me as well. Your body wants me, more intensely that you’ve wanted anyone in your life. I am the only focus of your sexual drive now. You want to serve me physically, sexually, in any way I want, and my pleasure satisfies you more than your own. You’re a reflection of me, and so my pleasure will reflect on your mind, more powerful and intense that anything your body can make you feel. You will wake up when I count down to one, and your mind will accept this as truth, as your only reality. Five… four… three… two…one. Welcome to your new life. Good boy


    The straight maintenance man in the building I live in can not figure out why he always has a strange taste in his mouth when he sees me or talks to me. That is because I have hypnotized him many times since I first met him. He goes under so deep and so easily. Today when I got in the elevator coming home from work the elevator stopped on the next floor and he got in. The elevator started up and he took his keys out and stopped the elevator. He got on his knees opening my fly taking out my cock and balls and started sucking my cock playing with my balls and moaning with great pleasure. When I shot my cum he was swallowing feverishly. He then stood up and as I was putting my cock and balls away e said thank you for the privilege to worship you. He started the elevator and got off on the next floor saying it was really good talking to you while he was trying to figure out why he had a strange taste in his mouth,. Good boy


    I had been in love with my best friend for years but never told him. Yesterday I had bought a pocket watch and when he came over today I took it out and started swinging it in front of his eyes. After a few minutes he couldn’t take his eyes off my pocket watch and I went into an induction putting him into a hypnotic trance. I told him that for years he has been madly and deeply in love with and can no longer deny or hide his feelings he has for me wanting and needing for me to use him for my sexual pleasure. I woke him up. He looked at me and was immediately totally in love and lost in my eyes. I took my hand and started scratching his chin. He laid his head back into the pillow of the chair never taking his eyes off of me acting like a giggles little girl and said I love you, will you use me for your sexual pleasure. I asked him if he really wanted that and would it make him happy. He said that he wanted that more than anything in the world and it would make him extremely happy. I said alright then I will. He  became so excited and was acting like a scared giggle little girl. Good boy


    My next door neighbor is a hypnotherapist and one Friday night when he got home from work I went over and asked him to explain to me what erotic hypnotism really was. He laughed and started to explain erotic hypnotism to me and said it would be better if you would let me hypnotize you and show you. I agrees to let him hypnotize me to show me and I am shocked at how fast this lesson in erotic hypnotism has progressed. I am a straight man who has no desire to do anything sexually with another man. But when he first told me under hypnosis that he wanted me to give myself to him and that I would find myself wanting to do this more and more each day. I got scared and wanted to stop it there because there was no way I was going to do anything sexual with another man. But then I found myself kneeling between his legs worshipping his cock still in his underpants and felt this is truly amazing how fantastic it is to worship his cock just this once no big deal. I kept thinking that I can stop this any time and felt I’ll just stop it later because right now I’m really enjoying it and it feels so right. It has been two weeks now since he first hypnotized me to show me what erotic hypnotism is and I have broken off my relationship with my girlfriend and find when I get home from work I keep looking and waiting for him to get home so I can give myself to him.


    A coworker of mind had heard I was a hypnotist and one day he got up enough nerve to approach me and said I heard you are a hypnotist and I was wondering if you would hypnotize me sometime to give me the confidence to ask this person out I really like. I told him to meet me at lunch time and let me do a few suggestibility tests on him to see if he would be a good subject. So at lunch time we met and I took him into one of the conference rooms and put him into a hypnotic trance. I told him he was gay and he had a really big crush on me and was really in love with me. That just looking at me he could not control his feelings for me and his cock would become fully erect and throbbing for me. I gave him a trigger and told him he would not remember going into this hypnotic trance and all I did was a few suggestibility test with him and woke him up. When he woke up he asked me how did he do with the suggestibility tests and stood up and started to try to rearrange his cock in his pants to be more comfortable. You could see his whole cock bulging in his pants trying to break out. I said you did very good with the test and why don't you come over to my place Friday after work and I will hypnotize you. He became extremely happy saying it is a date and it looked like he wanted to kiss me. The next day at work he came over to me and said I could not stop thinking about you and you hypnotizing me on Friday all night. I said good boy and could see his cock was totally erect throbbing in his pants as I was leaving him I brushed lightly against the front of his pants and he let out a soft moan of pleasure. On Friday right before we were leaving work I called him over and said this is my address and gave him my address and then said his trigger and put him back into a hypnotic trance and told him that when he walks into my place he will immediately go into a hypnotic trance but will be wide awake aware of everything and not know he is in a hypnotic trance and woke him up. When he came into my home I said your feet are stuck to the floor and he just stood there trying to move his feet and could not understand why he could not move his feet. I told him that I have already hypnotized him and even through he thinks he is wide awake he is in a hypnotic trance. I said I'll show you and I took his legs and walked him to the middle of the room by physically moving one leg at a time and as I did feeling his erect hard cock. Each time I felt his erect hard cock he moaned with pleasure. Once I had him in place I said why don't you open your fly and let your cock out instead of torturing it in your pants. He pulled down his fly and because his cock was so hard and erect struggled getting it out his fly and once it was out he said that feels so much better. I said watch this. Look at your cock. Your cock wants to come to me. Your cock needs to come to me. He said OMG it is like my cock has a mind of its own and is trying to pull me to you but I can't move my feet. I asked him how he feels about me and he said that he has a really big crush on me and loves me. I told him he was a good boy and asked him how he felt if I was to tell him that when I command him to cum he will have the most incredible orgasm of his entire life and then will be my sex toy for the rest of his life un willing and unable to have sex with anybody else but me. He said that would be absolutely fantastic because I love you and wanted you to hypnotize me to give me confidence to ask this person out that person was you. I said CUM and his cock started shooting a large load out. I said cum for me totally empty your balls for me and he kept shooting load after load screaming with pleasure until he was totally empty. I told him that his feet were no longer stuck to the floor and to get down an his hands and knees and with his tongue lick up and clean up the hugh mess he just made. I immediately fell on his hands and knees and started licking up his cum. While he was doing that I woke him up from his hypnotic trance and he continued to lick up his cum. When he had licked up all his cum and had cleaned the floor he looked up at me and said how can I be of pleasure to you. Good boy  .        

    My dad came into my room to see what I was doing and saw I was reading and asked me what I was reading. I told him a book on how to hypnotize people. He said really do you think you have read enough of the book that you could actually hypnotize someone and I said yea I have and I am going to hypnotize my friends tonight. My dad said well why don’t you practice on me right now and hypnotize me. So I told him to sit down and went into the kind of induction the book said looking for signs of my dad responding to the induction and put my dad into a hypnotic trance. To test his trance I told my dad to strip down to his underpants thinking and feeling that he is still dressed.

    Dad undressed down to his underpants and sat back down staring straight ahead with a blank look on his face. I decided to test how much control I had over my dad and told him you have always been in charge but now it is my time to be in charge. From this moment on I am the one who is in charge and you will obey me without question or hesitation whatever I tell you. I asked him if he understood and he said yes and I told him he was a good boy and told him to take off his underpants.

    Dad stood up took off his underpants and sat back down. I gave my dad a trigger so I could put hi back under whenever wanted to. That when he wakes up from this hypnotic trance he will not remember me hypnotizing or us talking about hypnosis. I told dad that on the count of five he will get up and leave my room. Once he steps out of my room he will wake up and not realize or know he is naked and see and believe he is fully clothed. I counted one, two, three, four and five. Dad got up and walked out of my room and woke up. He looked into my bedroom and said I see you are reading I think that is a good idea I’ll get a book also and read in the living room and walked away. Good dad