Bruce anxiously hopped out of the car.  He had just arrived at the national park with his best friend Chris and this was the day he would propose to him.

    They met on the swim team in high school and quickly became good friends. They seemed to be together for every major event in each other’s lives since then. They won swim competitions together, went to the same college, and Chris was even there when Bruce’s mother passed away.

    They dated for a bit in college, but after they graduated life seemed bent on keeping them apart.  They both got jobs in other cities and began to drift away. They would catch up every now and then by phone or skype, but it was never like old times. But Bruce was so excited when he got promoted and was transferred to the same city as Chris.

    This hike meant so much to Bruce. It was a chance to not only celebrate his promotion, but it was also a way to really reconnect with Chris, without any outside interference. A chance to express his thoughts, emotions, and dreams for the future.

    The plan was they would reach the mountain top right before sunset. Bruce would, of course, get down on one knee and confess his deep love to Chris. After Chris said yes, they would set up a site and spend a beautiful night under the stars.

    Everything was going according to plan.  They had been hiking for 2 hours and would soon be at the peak. But then the strangest thing happened.  A man dressed head to toe in rubber stepped out of the woods in front of them. The man had a loose-fitting black rubber body suit on with rubber boots, rubber gloves, and a gasmask. The rubber man didn’t say anything to them, but they could hear the slow deep breaths coming from the gasmask.

    Bruce and Chris looked at each other confused. The rubberman then reach out an arm and offered them a gasmask. Bruce and Chris didn’t say anything and began to turn around in hopes of avoiding any further interactions with the rubberman. As they did turn around though they noticed even more rubber men standing behind them.  As Bruce’s relief to finally be alone with Chris, quickly became anxiety that they were all alone in the woods with these crazy rubbermen. What were these men doing out here and what did they want with Bruce and Chris?

    Both Bruce and Chris were very strong muscular young men, but there were too many of the rubbermen for them to overpower. The rubbermen were beginning to close in on them fast. So, Bruce and Chris began to run.

    Pushing rubbermen out of their way they ran off of the path and into the woods. Bruce was so focused on running away from the rubbermen that he didn’t notice Chris had tripped over a tree root and fell. Giving just enough time for the rubbermen to swarm around Chris.

    Chris yelled and Bruce turned around, but at this point Bruce was too far ahead to help Chris. But Bruce could see the rubbermen hold down Chris and force the gasmask over his head. The gasmask seemed to suction itself to Chris’s head, subduing the young man enough for the rubbermen to control him without much force.

    The other rubbermen stopped trying to peruse Bruce and turned around and walked towards Chris. They formed a large circle around Chris and they began to breath heavily through their gasmask in unison.

    Chris grabbed at the gasmask on his face trying to take it off. But the longer the gasmask was on the more relaxed Chris became. He then gave up trying to remove the mask and instead unhooked his backpack, letting it fall to the ground. He then pulled out his phone and took off his smartwatch. He placed them on the ground and began to violently smash each device with his boots until each was inoperable. Then Chris stood up straight and let his arms fall to his side, breathing in heavily through his gasmask in unison with the other rubbermen.

    The rubbermen broke the circle and Chris began walking naked and robotically into the woods as if he knew where he was going. The other rubbermen began forming a line behind Chris and they all marched in unison.

    Bruce watch, from a far, in horror and disbelief.  He envisioned his dream of being with Chris.  A dream that he could not let go of.  

    He thought out loud, “What the hell is going on?“

    ” What the fuck have they done to Chris?“

    He didn’t know what to do. They were so far from any kind of help. If Bruce left to get help, he may never see Chris again.

    So, Bruce began to follow the men into the woods. If Bruce could just get to Chris and pull the gasmask off his face, they could bolt and hopefully lose the rubbermen.

    The rubbermen continued to follow Chris into the woods until they reach an abandoned military complex. Out front of the complex were a few men not in rubber but military uniforms and gasmask. They saluted and watched the rubbermen and Chris walk into the complex. They then stood out front of the complex with rifles guarding the entrance.

    It was dark outside and Bruce knew he wouldn’t be able to go through the front, so he began to walk around the complex looking for an alternate way inside. He walked up to a side door to see if it was open. When all of a sudden two military drones emerged from the door, grabbing Bruce and pulling him inside.

    Once inside, Bruce quickly looked around trying to orient himself. It was a large dark concrete room with no windows. There were hundreds of crates, against the walls, stacked on each other. There was a single light, hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room, where the drones brought Bruce.

    Bruce fought and struggled but it was no use. The drones overpowered Bruce and forced him to his knees. Pushing down firmly on his shoulder to hold him in place.

    Bruce yelled out "Where’s Chris?”

    "Why are you doing this to us?”

    But the drones didn’t respond. Then Bruce heard footsteps and deep breathing in front of him. The drones let go of Bruce and he looked up in fear.

    But it was just Chris, standing rigidly, completely naked over Bruce. Chris’s muscular body glistening with sweat. Bruce thought that Chris looked really hot. As the sound, the sounds of slow heavy breathing pulsating from the gasmask still over his head made Bruce a bit excited.

    Bruce popped up and hugged Chris.

    “Chris, I was so worried. Are you OK?” Bruce said, But Chris simply kept staring straight ahead as if he was looking past Bruce. Chris began breathing even heavier through the gasmask. Bruce tried to look into Chris’s eyes but was unable to see them through the dark lenses of the gasmask.  

    Chris mindlessly pointed at one of the drones.  The drone put down its gun and walked over to one of the crates, opening it. The crates were full of gasmask and the drone grabbed one and walked over to Bruce, offering it to him. Bruce knocked it out of the drone’s hand and it fell to the floor. Bruce then reached up and tried to pull the gasmask from Chris’s face, but it was no use. The mask was suctioned too firmly.  It seemed to be fused to Chris now.  

    Then one of the doors, to the room, swung open and hundreds of the rubbermen flooded into the room. Creating a circle of rubber around Chris and Bruce.  It was clear there was no escaping.  

    Bruce began tearing up as the feelings of dread and despair grew inside him. He shook Chris as if trying to wake him from a dream.

    But Chris was no longer there Bruce realized. Chris was just a mindless drone like the rest of them.

    However, just as Bruce thought all hope was gone, Chris turned his head to Bruce. The lenses of the gasmask glowed as they looked directly into Bruce’s eyes. Chris then began to gently caress Bruce’s face. Bruce leaned into Chris’s hand and began to profess his feelings for Chris. He told Chris that he had always loved him, that life kept getting in the way of that love, and that he wanted to marry Chris so that they would be together forever.  Bruce shared how he had planned to propose on the mountain top as the sunset.  

    In a deep robotic monotone voice, Chris responded to Bruce.

    “Put on the gasmask Bruce”. Chris continued, “Everything will be better. No need to think. No need to worry, just mindless obedient bliss”.

    Chris briefly paused, “We can be together forever. Isn’t that what you really wanted Bruce?”

    Bruce began to cry even more, unsure of what to do, falling to Chris’s feet.

    “Pick up the gasmask Bruce and put it on” Chris said. “It’s our only way Bruce!”

    “Do it for me Bruce, because you love me. Show me how much you appreciate me, and how much you want to be with me”.

    Bruce picked up the mask and looked up at Chris. He wanted to please Chris so badly and show Chris how much he loved him. He knew he would be trap into the collective and this would be his new life from now on.  It was his only way he could be with Chris.

    “JUST FOR YOU BABY!”   Bruce replied as he slowly slides the gasmask over his head and took his first deep breath. The mask immediately suctioned itself to his head beginning to fuse with his skin. The gas from the mask began to take affect and Bruce began to relax. He started to hear the voices and commands of the collective in his mind and Bruce felt numb and obedient.

    Bruce wouldn’t mindlessly obey the orders of the collective, but most importantly he was overwhelmed with joy when he realized he would from now on be perpetually connected to Chris. He could hear Chris’s thought and share the same mindless bliss. They were finally a unit and nothing would separate them ever again.

    Bruce stood up letting his arms fall to his side as the gasmask took over complete control of his mind. Knowing this was where he was supposed to be.  A couple drones brought over rubber suits. Bruce and Chris eagerly dawned the rest of their rubber body suits happily joining the collective knowing they would be together forever.  


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    The two women stood in the doorway watching the diapered man slowly jumping away at the bedsheets and quietly moaning to himself.

    “He’s only been in diapers for about 5 minutes” the first woman whispered to the other.

    “Oh, I’ve been playing these hypnosis tapes in his sleep! Bless him, he only ever gets ..stimulated now if he’s wearing a wet diaper! He doesn’t help himself, he doesn’t realise that with that little chastity cage on...he won’t be cumming for a long time!”

    “Ahaha oh well, it keeps him busy!”


    Fuck that picture of your leather pants, jacket, harness and bandanna is HOT.Imagine if you and Daddy walk into a leather biker bar and Daddy gives you a change on top of the bar in front of all the real men.They all start laughing at your tiny dick and soaked pampers, and start to howl when you get hard.Daddy pulls out your diaper bag and make sure to show them all of the little cartoon characters on it, and pull out the leather paddle.You brace for your spankings, but instead Daddy passes it around and everyone spanks you at least 20 times, when the last guy is handed the paddle.His name, Stan, is on his jacket, and his 9 inch boner under his jeans are the first things you notice when he pulls you over his lap.He begins to spank you, over and over again, until you start bawling and pleading for him to stop.You look around for your daddy, but he’s taking some interest in some other men, and Stans left with you. “Great, now I’ve gotta watch the baby.” He grumbles under his breath.He picks you up, and takes you to a booth in the corner, and takes off his shirt. “I’ve watched a couple pathetic cucks in my lifetime, and I know you fags love sucking on fat cocks, but for know, you can suck on these nipples” He holds your head with one hand and rubs his dick with his other.You suck on his nipples until you calm down, and he takes your diaper bag to the bathroom.He puts you in three diapers, and takes you into a stall.He rubs your face against his bulge. “When’s the last time you sucked on a cock this big faggot?” He was right, even Daddys training dildos he has you practice on to earn changes were smaller than this.You took his large cock in your mouth and began sucking, then, a couple minutes later, tasted precum.You knew what was gonna happen, and soon felt Stans sweet, sticky cum hit the back of your throat and saw his satisfied face.Then, he pushed you to the ground, face first, and made him lick his boots felt his strong hands spank your diapered ass.This is what you wanted.I mean sure, it was nice being a baby, but you wanted to be Stans little diapered cumslut.His pathetic faggot.His leather spanktoy.You were picked up again, and heard Stan talking to Daddy about him babysitting you, taking you out, maybe you drive him around one day, doing his errands to earn a change out of your leaky diaper, or other embarrassing tasks.Wanna hear how it goes?😈

    Where do I sign up Wow love this


    Imagine, boy, after hearing the final padlock snap closed, I roll a pair of six-sided dice on the floor in front of you where you can see the sum of the results will be the number of hours you stay like that. NO escape!


    That would be between 2 and 12 hours! Can’t imagine I’ll endure that long in this very hard position. But NO escape it is..


    D-22089 Hamburg

    To any lay person this looks like a VIKING DRY SUIT. A lifeless piece of rubber laying innocently on the floor. But experience tells me better. I know how hungry the beast is. I know how powerless I am from being consumed by the beast. It shouts out at me, "IN YA GO!"

    I put on a fresh AQUANAUT and all the thermo gear I will need to survive for the next 12 hours. I accept my fate and slowly enter into the beast.

    "That's it!" the beast encourages me, "You can do it! Nice and easy. One leg in, now let me have the rest!"

    Without much thought, the beast is swallowing me whole, just like any snake would consume its prey.

    Like the rest of its feast, the arm slips into place.

    As the head passes thru the 'birth cannel' (neck gasket) the DIAPERED DRYSUIT DIVER DRONE is born again. Locked in with the zipper, my fate is finally sealed.


    Can you imagine being in that predicament?

    You chatted online with this guy for a while. He is into dive gear too and has quite the collection. You come around, slip on a catsuit, a sheath with lots of lube inside. Then the dry suit, the mask, fins, gloves, tank and jacket.

    Next you step into the harness and you are suspended from the ceiling. Your hands are tied.

    There’s no way out.

    The room is warm, and you slowly begin to fill the suit with sweat, lube and pre-cum. He comes over and with a gloved hand rubs your dick for hours. Stopping short of letting you cum.

    You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think to yourself this is me. It’s everything I ever dreamt of.

    At some point he brings out a vibrator. He brings you just to the point of orgasm, and at that moment switches off your air. You suck on the mask, but nothing comes out.

    The vibrator continues and you feel the biggest orgasm of your life coming. Still unable to breath your whole body buckles and bends as you pump your massive load into the suit.

    After the orgasm leaves your body, the air is switched on. You breathe a few deep breaths then collapse into your rubber suit suspended in the air. You never had an orgasm like it before and feel such contentment to stay suspended in your sweaty, rubber prison.