Exactly 4 weeks from start to finish to create this video. I had fun being apart of it. Comment and subscribe to Chriskon Machinima.

    Sorry guys, it’s safe for work! No cocks or boobs this time, but now that it’s done and I can get to work on other things again. 


    So I decided to start that Patreon.

    As I said before I would rather not hide stuff behind a pay wall, so I am going to try out a monthly raffle system for those that want to throw in a small amount of money per month. All my reward levels are pretty low in cost for that reason, with the highest one only being four dollars a month.  If I get decent interest I will try to fit in more substantial reward levels with more consistent rewards. Right now I just want it for light support if you like what I do.

    If I don’t get any interest, well that is fine too.  Earlier this month I let myself get overstressed with things in my life, work, the fears of job hunting, and the fact something that was supposed to be a mini-video is now taking ages to finish.  After shaking that off, I was able to find my zen again.

    No matter what happens, I want to thank you all for being so supportive of my work.

    Now how about we get back to some smut? *starts animating an ogre plowing a draenei*


    Help him to help yourself.