I’m currently looking for people ready to lend voices to my characters in upcoming projects. If you ever wanted to be a part of WoW smut scene, this is a chance for you.

    For those interested in helping me, you can find more informations below.


  • Good quality microphone
  • Familiarity with Warcraft universe
  • Ability to record LOUD noises
  • Being fine with voicing non con scenes
  • Being able to lend voice in many upcoming future projects 
  • Patience
  • Voices I’m looking for:

  • Male Human
  • Male Night Elf
  • Male Orc
  • Female Night Elf x2
  • Send your submissions via email on bombowykurczak@gmail.com. Remember to attach the role you want to take and model of the microphone you use. Any voice reels are welcome. Experience is appreciated but if it’s your first time and you hesitate, don’t worry, I will gladly listen to your samples as well.

    Feel free to ask any questions via email or tumblr.

    Thank you.


    Such a wholesome loving couple ( • ◡ •)

    Gfycat / MP4 (Sound)

    My favourite lore pairing that I’ve wanted to do for ages but never could because I had no idea how to get models for them both ;-; but somehow over the course of like a month I blundered my way to getting something semi usable, so yay!

    Sound isn’t the best because I struggled to get good sounds that fit them D:


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