Since people complained that it’s easy to predict that, among other races, blood elf will always have the most votes, I decided to make it a bit harder and put all the belf chicks in one vote ( before you spam my mailbox, yes, I know that dark rangers are rather high elves ). I will do the same thing to other races in the future votes so don’t worry.

    Which of those four ladies would you like to see in next animation? From left to right:

  • Fenora
  • Akiasha
  • Keealle
  • Liantriss

    But that’s not everything...


    Which WoW lore character should get a new model and take part in animation?

    High Priestess Ishanah? Or maybe Lady Liadrin?

    It’s for you to decide...

    Both votes will end on 04.08 18:00 CET