Time To Vote!



    Some time ago I decided to finally update my Patreon goals so you can get some benefits from supporting me. I think it’s a good moment to annouce them especially when the first one is already reached and now I have to keep the word.

    First goal gives you an option to, once per month, vote for one of four choosen characters that will appear in my next animation ( commissions don’t count ) so here you have four ladies competing to win a place in animation. From left to right:

  • Verana - corrupted Durid from the Ashenvale
  • Unyra - lost Shaman of the Shadowtooth Clan
  • Farseer Viona - prophet of the Sha’tar
  • Keealle - infamous Warlock of the Blackbinder family

    You can see the rest of my Patreon goals here.

    Consider supporting me if you like my works.