Nyraelle Feltempest

    Once she was known by a different name, but now this loyal Illidari serves as powerful champion of Illidan Stormrage. Born in Quel'thelas, she had a bright spirited and cheerful soul and was known for her enthusiasm. Her father was a ranger of Silvermoon, and her mother a mage of some skill, and they raised her well and in a happy home. She never lacked for anything, and learned of many things from her skilled parents. From her father she learned of warfare and fighting, finding that she had quite the talent for the use of blades. She was quick and small, and could slip past the defenses of her foes with ease, something she enjoyed doing time and time again to larger opponents in training who didn’t take her so seriously. Her quick wit on the battlefield found use with her mother’s teachings as well, who educated her in an extensive number of fields. The arcane was a large focus, but her mother did not limit her there, and Nyraelle’s hunger for knowledge brought her to learn much about plants, animals, history, and more. So great was her potential as a scholar that she was invited with a small number to travel south and study at Dalaran for some time more. While she was there, the unthinkable happened.

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