Writing Stories Competition

Do you write bondage stories? And do you want to compete in a little challenge? So this is the right place for you! I liked a good bondage stories always. And I have several very good friends, who are truly Masters in this field. But they are very busy at work mostly. Of course, why I don´t write some story by myself? As you can see, my English is not on the highest level and I´m not able to write anything good in this language. It´s simple :-) So, I want to give a chance and find out some new authors.

1) I´m big fan of old FM Concepts models, photos and videos. Therefore try to look firstly on these links:

2) Choose any photo (or photos) and write ONE story. You can combine photos from different sets and sites, you can combine different models, you can create one-part story, or story to be continued. But you have to use photo (or photos) only from these three links.
If you win, everything will be upload here on my blog.

I´m a softcore bondage fan therefore:
) No raping, or incest fantasies
) All characters must be 18+
) No violence against women (paddling, abusing, bagging, strangling, beating etc.)
) No men in bondage (it´s not my cup of tea, sorry :-))
7) No foot worship (again, it´s not my cup of tea)
8) I reserve the right to reject your story due to the above conditions.

If you want to participate in this challenge, don´t be shy and send me your story until this Sunday (deadline is 19.03.2023, 23:59). You can send it here on Tumblr, or on coscorella@gmail.com.
For the winner is prepared full list of direct links to all videos from my offers and as bonus full list of my free usernames and passwords.

I´m looking forward to your stories :-)