Results of the new bondage story competition

    This time it was very simple. I received from you "only" one story from "drijoka39". His story is very funny and I really like it. He deserves the first prize. Although… if I good remember, he is a winner of one bondage quiz already. So, I have to find some good solution of this situation. I will send him a message and we will see :-)

    His story you find here:

    I hope, that you enjoy it as same as enjoyed it myself.

    Writing Stories Competition #2

    New bondage story contest is here! Conditions are similar like in the first one.

    1) This time I want from you story from Captured Snapshots. Link is here: snapshots

    2) Choose any photo (or photos) and write ONE story. You can combine photos from different sets, you can combine different models, you can create one-part story, or story to be continued. But you have to use photo (or photos) only from this link.
    3) No sexual, raping, or incest fantasies
    4) All characters must be 18+
    5) No violence against women (paddling, abusing, bagging, strangling, beating etc.)
    6) No men in bondage
    7) No foot worship
    8) I reserve the right to reject your story due to the above conditions.

    If you want to participate in this challenge, send me your story until this Sunday (deadline is 14.05.2023, 23:59). You can send it here on Tumblr through "Message", or on
    For the winner is prepared full list of direct links to all videos from my offers and full list of my free usernames and passwords.

    I´m looking forward to your stories :-)

    Quizeek - Final Results

    Yesterday sent me the right answers as first "dragon4232". Congratulations!

    Here are all tasks:
    First Task + conditions of the quizeek

    Second Task

    Third Task

    Fourth Task

    Fifth Task

    Sixth Task

    Seventh Task

    And here are the right answers:
    1) The flag on the beach ball belongs to Poland.

    Song: High Energy - Summer Boy (Czech Eurodance project from 90´s)
    o: my own work (OK, I needed to create some clip for one of my favourite Czech Eurodance songs :-))
    s: portfolio of Alla Serebrina

    Unfortunately I don´t know the name of the model, but if someone of you know it, please send it to me. I´m very curious, who she is. I can imagine, that I would spend a pleasant Summer holidays with such a beautiful Miss. Maybe I would finally begin with my bondage practising. Of course, only with her permission … Well, sometimes it´s nice to phantasize about impossible dreams :-)

    2) The final result is 12 and number of the videos is 9: Bondage From The Attic, Bound And Gagged Beauties, Chair Tied, Costumed Captives, Keep ´Em Quiet, Pathways To Peril, Shayla´s Nightmare, Stand Up For Bondage, Trapped In Tape

    53 - number of the Regina Bartkowski´s items
    - number of her bondage full-length videos
    53 - 9 = 44
    44 : 4 = 11
    11 + 1 = 12

    3) The title of the video is The Bondage Attic, Volume Seventeen“

    Rose Bancroft - It Ain't Easy Being A MIB! (Download)
    Christina Kazan - Christina Kazan, Gia Mancini (Download) from „Bare Soles Bring Smiles“
    Lolana - Lolana's Barefoot Party (Download)
    Gia Mancini - Bondage For Family and Friends (DVD)
    Holly Manning - Captured Costumed Cuties (DVD)
    Mackenzie Montgomery - Hand Gagged (DVD)
    Reina - Chair Bound Beauties (Download)
    Teresa Tabor - Karlie Montana, Teresa Tabor (HD Download) from „Br
    unette Beauties In Bondage“

    5) The title of the video is Office Hostages“

    One personal note. I chose less known model - Angelica Snow - to show you, how is sometimes tricky to find something on FM Concepts. After the closing the site "Chloroformed Girls", dissapeared titles of the videos from all lists of the FM Concepts models. When you want to find something, where is playing Angelica, you find six items. But as you know from my quiz already, she was playing in one other video, which is not on her list. If is missing "only" one video by not very known model, like Angelica, how many videos are missing by famous bondage stars, like Holly Manning, or Cali Logan? I don´t know, why FM Concepts owners did it in a such terrible way. But it´s good to know it. Anyway, still it´s the best bondage site ever :-)

    Pearl - PVC Tape Gagged FULL 3 Gag Video
    Emma - Catsuit Tape Bondage FULL 2 Gag Video
    Red Foxy - Microfoam tape gagged FULL 3 Gags
    Bunnie - Tergaderm Self Gag FULL 2 Gag Video
    Stardust - PVC Tape Gagged While in Tape Bondage
    Darina - Catsuit Tape Bondage FUL
    L Bondage Video

    Photos of „Jessica“ are again from the portfolio of Alla Serebrina.

    c) 13 videos
    d) page 13
    e) 3 videos
    Ashlee Graham - The nosey neighbor girl saw too much
    Christina Carter - Buxom Beauty Queen kept tied up & gagged in her pantyhose
    Crystal Frost - I let him tie me up and do naughty things to me
    f) page 16
    g) Nicotine - The plumber tied me up and robbed me! and Daytime Home Invasion!

    Once again big congratulations to the winner. Did you enjoy this type of bondage quiz? Was it easy, or hard? What do you think about it? Send me your opinions and ideas for next quiz.

    Quizeek - Seventh Task

    This last task will be related only with the site Maybe it will be a little complicated, but I will try to write it as clearly as possible.

    a) Open
    b) Write "clear tape"
    c) Count all the videos on the page.
    d) Click on "Updates" and go to the page, whose number is the same as the number of the videos from the step c)
    e) Watch carefully gifs of every video on this page and find all videos, where are models gagged with the clear tape. Remember the number of these videos.
    f) To the number of this page add the number of the videos from the step e) and go to the page with this number
    g) On this page find the model, whose name is relating with the smoking and write full title of her video.
    These two things (name of the model and full title of her video) are the right answers of the last task

    That´s all. I´m waiting on your right answers. You can send them here on Tumblr through "Message", or on my email - "".

    Remember, there is no deadline. Who will be the first with right answers, wins. Good luck! :-)

    Previous tasks:
    First Task + conditions of the quizeek

    Second Task

    Third Task

    Fourth Task

    Fifth Task

    Sixth Task

    Quizeek - Sixth Task

    Originally there were only five tasks in my Quizeek. But then I have been asked for some help by one pretty girl. We can call her Jessica.

    She is a big fan of roller skates.

    She is enjoying her ride every sunny day.

    But what is very sympathetic on her, she is also a big fan of two another things.

    She loves Eurodance. During the ride she likes to listen her favorite songs.

    And… she loves softcore, gentle bondage. Well, she is rather a watcher and fan yet, but one day she wants to try it herself. Now she has a little problem, that is bothering her a lot and she hopes, that you can help her.

    She found several photos of the models from the site But she doesn´t know, who is it. I promised her, that for my followers it won´t be a big problem to find it.

    She sent me only their photos and one gif. No more informations. Well, the best way for you will be go to and browsing it to solve Jessica´s problem.

    a) find names of all models
    b) find full titles of the videos, whose photos and gif you have to use for your searchin

    Remember these names and videos titles, because they are right answers of this task.

    And now who are those mysterious models?

    First model

    Second model

    Third model

    Fourth model

    Fifth model

    Sixth model

    This is the last unknown, mysterious model for my friend Jessica.
    I would be very glad, if someone of you has also the full videos to these photos and gif… eee… JESSICA would be glad, if someone of you has also the full videos to these photos and gif. If you will send them to me, I would resend these videos to her of course… Maybe :-)
    And now really seriously. I will repeat, what I want from you in this task.

    a) find names of all models
    b) find full titles of the videos, whose photos and gif you have to use for your searchin

    That´s all for now. Stay tuned for the last task tomorrow!

    Previous tasks:
    First Task + conditions of the quizeek

    Second Task

    Third Task

    Fourth Task

    Fifth Task

    Quizeek - Fifth Task

    This will be maybe the easiest one.

    a) Remember Angelica Snow? Use this link:

    b) Write her name
    c) On the page appear six items. Find the only bondage full-length video there.

    The title of this video is the right answer of this task. Remember it and stay tuned tomorrow!

    Previous tasks:
    First Task + conditions of the quizeek

    Second Task

    Third Task

    Fourth Task

    Quizeek - Fourth Task

    a) If you found the right title of the video yesterday, will be the first step of today´s task very easy for you. Write all names of the models from this full-length video. Except Angelica Snow, of course. It´s eight names together.
    ) Now comes the worse part of today´s task.
    Use this link:

    c) For each of those eight models, find the fifty-third item from their FM Concepts portfolio.

    The right answers of today's task are the names of eight models and the full title of the fifty-third item of their portfolio. I know, that it will take some time for searching, but I don´t want to give you the first prize for free :-) Stay tuned tomorrow!

    Previous tasks:
    First Task + conditions of the quizeek

    Second Task

    Third Task

    Quizeek - Third Task

    b) go to the page corresponding to the final result from yesterday´s task
    ) find on this page the FM Concepts series hidden under the letters "TBA"
    ) find the video from this series, where is playing model Angelica Snow
    Little hel
    p: Just focus on the first twenty videos from this series

    Remember the title of the video. It´s the right answer on the third task and is (as always) important for the next one. Stay tuned tomorrow!

    Previous tasks:
    First Task + conditions of the quizeek

    Second Task

    Quizeek - Second Task

    I have to admit, that I don´t know some famous bondage model from the country, whose flag you had to find yesterday. So I had to help myself with the name of the FM Concepts model, who you know maybe already. It´s Regina Bartkowski and she is very important for today´s task. And also a little math knowledges :-)

    a) go to ""
    b) write "Regina Bartkowski"
    c) from the number of all items (you find it very easy) subtract the number of the full-length bondage videos (they have "Download" written after the hyphen). I repeat, only full-length bondage videos, not single clips, the videos with tickling, men in bondage, or footworship!
    d) the difference divide by four
    e) add one to the quotient

    What do I want from you in this task?
    I) Titles of all full-length bondage videos with Regina Bartkowski
    II) The final result from t
    he point e)

    The final result from the point e) is important for the next task. Remember it and stay tuned for tomorrow!

    Previous tasks:
    First Task + conditions of the quizeek

    Quizeek - First Task

    New bondage quiz is here. And again with a new concept. This week will be big quiz week. Or better said - Quizeek (sorry for that neologism :-)) Maybe it will be rather about good searching, than about good knowledges, but I hope, that still it will be some fun for you and everything will be understandable.

    The conditions remain the same. No deadline. Who will send me as first the right answers, gets:
    a) full list with direct links to all my video offers (updated)
    b) full list with my free usernames and passwords (all active)

    And now a little something about new concept. This week I will upload one task on my Tumblr blog every day. You have to find the right answer for each one of them and on Sunday 30.04.2023 send them together at once to me. Not separately one by one. Don´t forget it!

    The right answers you can send me here on Tumblr through "Message", or on my email - "".

    So, let´s start with the first task. Maybe you will be a little confused, how is this first one related to bondage, but don't worry, everything will be explained. Be patient :-)

    Watch this video and find out what flag of the Central European country is on the beach ball, which is the model holding in her hand.

    As I wrote already, it´s a little strange, but we have to start somehow and I couldn't think of anything better :-)

    Everything about model, song, or where I found it, I will write you in the final results.

    Remember your answer on the first task and stay tuned for the second one tomorrow!

    Results of the Bondage Quiz

    It's a big coincidence, but I received three right answers in about several minutes yesterday. So I decided, that this quiz will have three winners - "morpheus-cf", "drijoka39" and "jpphoenix". Congratulations to all of them!

    Questions you find here:

    And what are the right answers?
    1) Veronica Avluv
    The models in the photos are Veronika Lure and Veronica Raquel. Her husband was Hans Avluv.

    2) Linda Connors
    Czech tennis hope is Linda Nosková and the US legendary tennis player is Jimmy Connors.

    3) Jenni Czech
    She is from Czech Republic and was born in Czech Republic.
    Example of the trap: Erika Jordan has surname same as the country Jordan, but she was born in Germany. So her surname doesn´t indicate country of her origin.

    4) Melissa Mendini
    13 5 12 9 19 19 1
    M E L I S S A
    13 5 14 4 9 14 9
    M E N D I N I
    I used the English alphabet ( The numbers mark numbers of the letters.

    5) Sadie Moreau
    The model in the photo is Sadie Atkins and the French actress is Jeanne Moreau.

    6) Charlie Royce
    Maybe the easiest. In the photo is Charlie Chaplin and the car is Rolls-Royce.

    For the finding of the video title is the best way use this link…:

    … write "Melissa Mendini" and browse only titles of the full videos. To her you find "only" 43 items, so it´s not very difficult.

    The right video is "Tape Bound, volume 8" and the correct order of the clips:

    1) Melissa Mendini (with Monique Alexander and Nikki Nefarious)
    2) Jenni Czech
    3) Linda Connors (with Nikki Nefarious)
    4) Charlie Royce
    5) Sadie Moreau
    6) Veronica Avluv (with Eri
    ka Jordan)

    So, this was my second Bondage Quiz. Was it easy, or hard? What do you think about both quizes? Is it a good idea, or not? Send me your opinions.

    P.S.: Some of you encourage me to do some next one. Well, we will see. I have to wait for my quiz muse :-)

    Once another Bondage Quiz

    I didn't want to create something new, but lately I have lot of crazy ideas and this one is next of them.
    If you think, that the first quiz was hard, I have good news for you. This one is a little easier. Well, I hope :-)
    Upload a photo of Jewell Marceau, Christina Carter, or Cali Logan and ask you: "Who is it?" finds me too easy. At least, for bondage fans. And it underestimates a little your intelligence.
    So, calm down, relax and take your time. Again, there is no deadline!

    Who will send me as first the right answer, gets:
    a) full list with the links to all my video offers (I added new ones from the last days)
    b) full list of my free usernames and passwords

    What is the goal? Find a title of my favourite video from FM Concepts + full list of the models in the correct order (I mean, how their clips follow each other in the video)

    Your answers you can send me here on Tumblr through "Message", or on my email -

    In my favourite FM Concepts video play six models. Let´s begin with the first one.

    1) First model has the same name as these two ladies:

    As a surname she is using real name of her husband, who unforunately died in 2013.

    2) This model has the same name as Czech tennis hope, who lost the final of the women tournament in Adelaide in January this year.
    (Don´t worry, use uncle Google or auntie Wikie. I tried it and it´s there)

    Her surname is the same as a legendary tennis player from US, who is still holds three prominent Open Era men's singles records: 109 titles, 1 557 matches played, and 1 274 match wins.

    3) The surname of this model also indicates the country of her origin. From it you quickly find out her name too.

    4) Name and surname of the fourth model. If you like numbers, you will come into your own.

    13 5 12 9 19 19 1 13 5 14 4 9 14 9

    5) I´ll let talk the model herself.
    "I have the same name as my beautiful collegue here:

    My surname you´ll find in the movie "Viva Maria". I can tell you, that I like Brigitte Bardot, but I don´t like name Jeanne."

    Well, I have to admit, that I would be not so strict to that actress, but I hope, that these clues help you find, who is our mysterious movie critique :-)

    6) To the name and surname of the last model I have for you "only" these two photos.

    After you will find all names, you can use for the searching of video title these links:

    That's all for now. I'm waiting on your answers. Don't forget! I need from you full title of the video + full names of the models in the correct order (I mean, how their clips follow each other in the video)

    P.S.: OK, one bonus. For the winner I have a special surprise!

    Results of the Bondage Quiz

    I can announced a winner of the bondage quiz. Congratulations to "friendofcybermen".

    Here are the questions:

    And here are the correct answers:
    1) I know about three models, who worked with FM Concepts and also with Borderland Bound.

    Stella Cox
    FM Concepts - for example „Grab And Bind Of Stella Cox“, or „Lady Lawyer's Bondage Liability“ (with Holly Manning)
    nd Bound - for example „Mr MogWai's Treasure Map: A Jolly Tight, ToeBound Girl Detective Mystery!“, or „The ShadowWeb Trader Connection: Undercover Agents Catapulted into the Very Auction They're Investigating!“ (with Jennifer Jade)

    Anissa Kate
    FM Concepts - for example "Naked Spies In Plastic And Rope" (with Keira Nicole), or "Grab And Bind Of Anissa Kate: Anissa's Attitude Adjustment" (with Eden Wells)
    Borderland Bound - for example "on Bay 12: HardBound & Squirming Security Cuties Cannot Call For Back-Up" (with Kourtney Love), or "Burgled Panty-Gagged n' Hopping Lap Dancers Corralled, Hoglashed & Toe-Tied! (again with Kourtney Love)

    Ashley Lane
    FM Concepts - for example „Ashley And Riley's Bondage Collection Combat“(with Riley Reyes), or „Bondage 101 For Ashley And Nadia“ (with Nadia Noja)
    nd Bound - for example „Her Private Fitness Haven - Their Newly-Found Stash-House: Take Care of That Brat!“, or „The Talented Ms Lane Falls Prey to the MarGate Chameleon & Can be Found the Next Morning STILL Struggling!“

    Destiny Courtney Robinson
    Fenne DeMore Lindsey Sinclaire
    Heather Ryan Danielle Trixie
    LT Smash Ashley Graham
    Lydia Charlie Mancini
    Molly Matthews Emily Marilyn
    Nikki Taylor Sinn
    PXE Kate Powers
    Taylor Lee Malloy Martini

    3) London Evans, Kody Evans

    4) Chloe Nicholl, SVBC0668-Hitch Hikers driven away bound and gagged

    Hana Dubcek, Monica Dubcek
    Cory Lane, Holly Lane
    Dolly Leigh, Sally Leigh
    Cali Logan, Eva Logan
    A.J. Lynn, Jamie Lynn
    Gia Mancini, Jasmine Mancini
    Brianna Rinaldi, Rachel Rinaldi
    Melanie Rios, Valerie Rios
    Kalina Ryu, Mia Ryu
    Sabrina Samuels, Sofia Samuels
    Bunny Sorel, Candy Sorel
    Natalia Starr, Natasha Starr
    Sandy Van Arsdale, Trish Van Arsdale

    How I found them:
    b) write "sisters"

    One note: Mia and Natasha Malkova ARE NOT sisters, but "only" close friends!

    Petula Anton
    Claudia Charles
    Marcela Conrad (aka Kelly Havel)
    Jana Cova
    Jenni Czech
    Hana Dubcek
    Monica Dubcek
    Judith Eufrat (aka Eufrat Mai)
    Jenny Foster
    Sarah Haden
    Isabella Janacek
    Lara Mathias
    Melissa Mendini
    Monica Novak (did only several photosets)
    Anneka Proval
    Siyra (did only one photoset)
    Suzy Smart
    Monica Sweetheart
    Teresa Tabor

    How I found them:
    b) write "czech"

    1444 - Sandra Silvers & Lorna
    Burgled,Barefoot, Bound and Buck Naked! The Italian Bondage Job!

    1483 - Sandra Silvers & Lorna Sandra & Lorna Captured and Taped & Toe Tied by a Foot Fanatic!

    2110 - Sandra Silvers & Lorna Captive Barefoot MILF Secretaries Struggle for Escape, Bare their Soles to You!

    2196 - Sandra Silvers & Lorna Topless MILFs in Tight Jeans Have Inadvertent Boob Battle while Bound and Ballgaged together!

    2284 - Sandra Silvers & Lorna Burgled Buxom MILF Beauties on Holiday in Italy Bound and Gagged! Nude! Barefoot!

    Chrissy Sparks and Tyler Durden (DW-13 Short, Tight & Sexy)

    Kelly Ashton
    Odette Delacroix
    Brooke Thompsen
    Elizabeth Andrews

    Laurie Wallace
    Eden Wells
    Erica Campbell

    Chrissy Daniels
    Anabelle Pync
    Lexymae (or Lexy Mae)
    Alena Marie

    Melody Mack, Cali (or Callista) Garcia
    Introducing The Great Fantastico & the Two Cover-Blown Assistant Decoys All Tied Up in His Prop-Room

    John Hannah
    Inscription Claydon (2:00 and 3:55)

    So, that was my Bondage Quiz. What do you think about it? Did you know everything? Or just some of it? Was it too easy, or too hard? Send me your opinion :-)