Results of the new bondage story competition

    This time it was very simple. I received from you "only" one story from "drijoka39". His story is very funny and I really like it. He deserves the first prize. Although… if I good remember, he is a winner of one bondage quiz already. So, I have to find some good solution of this situation. I will send him a message and we will see :-)

    His story you find here:

    I hope, that you enjoy it as same as enjoyed it myself.

    Aunt Shellie come to play (story by "drijoka39")

    It was Sunday afternoon, Charly was a grown man but his mother is still scared of leaving him alone when she goes out for work. So she asked her sister Shellie to watch over him.

    Shellie arrived and was happy to watch over his nephew. But the young man has seen some movies and series on the television, about cop and thiefs, cowboys and indians… and wonder if he could do the same with his innocent aunt. He goes in the garage and look in his dad’s stuff, he found a good pile of ropes and some tape. « That will do the trick ! » he say to himself. After preparing the tools, he called for his aunt : « Aunt Shellie !!! Can you come to the garage ? I want to play a game ! »

    Few minutes later, the aunt appears in the garage, dressed with her heels, her army patterned pants and his little brown top, slighty tight for this busty woman. « What is it sweetie ? » She asked softly, sitting on the floor. « Last time on the TV, i saw a movie about a robbers who got caught by the police. But before that he enter a random house and trussed up the owner, a gorgeous woman, like you aunt Shellie » the boy say, innoncently. « Would you play this little game with me ? » Shellie hesitate for a moment, before accepting the nephew’s request : « Of course sweetheart !!! This will be fun !!!

    Shellie was excited about this idea !!

    The boy grabbed the ropes he prepare, and proceed with tying up his aunt, making sure it is tight and good. She tie her up good on a chair, making it impossible for her to escape. « Where does he learn to do this kind of rope working ? » Shellie ask herself, surprised.

    The boy use the green tape to shut her up, making it impossible for her to say anything. She look at her nephew, who was more than happy to have her aunt like this. « Now that i got you tied up Miss, i will search your house for money » taking his robber role very seriously and so he ran away.

    Shellie was alone in the garage, all tied up and gagged. She trie to look around, see if she can find something for cutting the ropes and gets free. Few minutes later, Charly came back, seeing that his aunt was still here on the chair. « My friend Tommy just knock on the door, he wants to play football outside with him… Can i go and we finish this later ? » the kid asked very softly.

    Shellie could not speak, so she agree by raising her thumbs up.

    The kid goes to her and kiss her on the cheek, before going back upstairs, and goes outside, closing the door. Hearing this, Shellie tried again to escape, struggling against the ropes. But it was too tight. She squirm and squirm and eventually falls off the chair, falling on the ground. « I really need to get out of this. How can a child be this good with ropes. He saw too much on the TV… »

    Long minutes passes and she was still on the floor, trying her best to get free. She finally the front door, it was Charly and his friend who get back inside.

    The two young man goes down in the garage and watch the auntie on the floor, struggling. She was a little upset against Timmy, lefting her alone like this. But the kids just come back to check on her : « Wow your aunt looks good…. Wanna play videogames ? » Tommy says « Yeah lets go ! » reply Charly And so they left the poor woman on the garage’s floor, struggling……

    Shellie could not speak, so she agree by raising her thumbs up.

    Writing Stories Competition #2

    New bondage story contest is here! Conditions are similar like in the first one.

    1) This time I want from you story from Captured Snapshots. Link is here: snapshots

    2) Choose any photo (or photos) and write ONE story. You can combine photos from different sets, you can combine different models, you can create one-part story, or story to be continued. But you have to use photo (or photos) only from this link.
    3) No sexual, raping, or incest fantasies
    4) All characters must be 18+
    5) No violence against women (paddling, abusing, bagging, strangling, beating etc.)
    6) No men in bondage
    7) No foot worship
    8) I reserve the right to reject your story due to the above conditions.

    If you want to participate in this challenge, send me your story until this Sunday (deadline is 14.05.2023, 23:59). You can send it here on Tumblr through "Message", or on
    For the winner is prepared full list of direct links to all videos from my offers and full list of my free usernames and passwords.

    I´m looking forward to your stories :-)

    We know the winner!

    Firstly big thanks to all, who read and voted in the competition. You decided, so here are the results. We'll start from the last position.

    Stalking The Starlet (story by "morpheus-cf")
    29 notes

    No More Snooping For Miss Lane (story by "minigedog")
    31 notes

    The Farm Lady (story by "atmosphericoutlook")
    37 notes

    Sealing The Deal (story by "morpheus-cf")
    40 notes

    Congratulations to "morpheus-cf"! I will contact him and we will have to agree, what will be his special prize :-)

    Are you ready for next competition? If everything will be OK, I will upload tomorrow the "Bondage Quiz". Maybe it will be a little difficult and it will take some of your time, but I will try to upload it and we will see. So, stay tuned! :-)

    Results of the competition

    So, today is that Day :-) Last week I received from you four stories. I want to thank to all participants. Your stories are amazing. I really like them and it was very hard for me to pick only one of them and say "This is the best one!".
    Each of those stories has something special, unique in itself. Interesting, funny plot, unexpected resolution and some of them keep a certain secret as to how the story could unfold. Therefore I have decided to publish all four stories and share them with you. Of course, I will send all participants their winnings as I promised - full list of the links to the videos from my offers and full list of my free username and passwords.

    I have special request on you, dear readers, fans and followers. Please, from this Monday 20.03.2023 to this Sunday 26.03.2023, read, fave and reblog your favourite story from the competition. The one with the highest number of notes will be the winner of my special prize. Well, I will have to arrange with the author, what it should be concretely :-)

    Whole week I will upload special reminders about this new competition on my Tumblr blog.

    Here are the links to the each stories:

    The Farm Lady

    For another stories of this author visit:

    No More Snooping For Miss Lane

    Sealing The Deal

    Stalking The Starlet

    For another stories of this author visit:

    Enjoy the reading, vote and support authors on Tumblr, or DA :-)

    Stalking The Starlet (story by "morpheus-cf")

    Noelle Nash. Her name alone sent Hannah Thurman into a rage. That little moron had cost her everything, and now she had to pay.

    The young blonde woman strolled through the expansive gardens behind the luxurious house, without a care in the world. She had just been cast in a new action movie as the female lead/love interest, she just got a new boyfriend (the movie's producer), and she was now living with him in his magnificent home. Could it get any better than this?

    Probably not, but it was about to get a whole lot worse. Noelle had no idea that her boyfriend's ex had just been fired from her movie, because she had nothing to do with it. The producer simply didn't want his new girlfriend talking to his old girlfriend. When the movie's publicist asked if Noelle had been behind the firing, he smiled and said No comment, and that was all it took for the word to spread. Soon it reached the ex-girlfriend, and as a result, she was about to take out her frustrations on the person she believed was responsible.

    As Noelle slowly made her way down the garden path, she was utterly unaware that the tall blonde woman was close by and about to pounce. It was all so easy; Hannah still had the home's security code from when she'd lived there -- Max was too arrogant to even consider changing it after Hannah had left him -- and so she slipped in without anyone noticing at all.

    Hannah watched as the silly little twit walked along, seething with the notion that she'd ruined her professional life on a whim. But as angry as she was, she had a smile on her face. She was about to show the ingenue what happened to people who bigfooted their way through Hollywood. And it started with a folded handkerchief and a brown glass bottle. As Noelle approached her hiding spot, Hannah soaked the cloth with the bottle's aromatic contents and waited.

    Noelle passed by and Hannah sprang forward, creeping quietly up on her nemesis from behind. With one smooth motion, she brought her left arm around Noelle's waist and pulled her close while applying the damp cloth to her nose and mouth with her right hand. Noelle instantly tensed up, gasping into the smelly rag and getting a noseful of sweet knockout fumes. Her eyes frantically searched for some means of escape as her hands came up to tug on the hand pressing the cloth to her face and to pull on her attacker's long blonde hair, but that had less effect on helping her situation than the chloroform was having on her. That initial gasp had been enough to make Noelle dizzy, and each subsequent breath was only hastening the sensation.

    Despite her desperate efforts, and the immediate peril she was facing, Noelle's mind couldn't help itself. She was mentally comparing this experience to all the times she'd watched someone get chloroformed on TV or in a movie. Whatever she had thought it would be like, it was radically different. For one thing, it was unexpectedly pleasant, the wave of euphoric dizziness that had washed over her with that first big breath. For another, it was weirdly thrilling to be struggling with someone like this, a stranger who was determined to put her to sleep for some unknown reason. And what would they do with her while she was asleep? She knew this was a terrible position to be in, but Noelle could only see the positives. She would worry about the rest of it later, after she woke up. Finally, after too short a time, Noelle's arms fell to her sides, and soon her legs folded as well. Hannah kept the cloth in place as she lowered her sleepy captive to the brick pathway, kneeling with her to maintain full control. With the softest of groans, Noelle's head lolled forward and she seemed to be completely out. But Hannah was taking no chances, and the cloth remained in the starlet's face. Hannah tested her left arm and it was as limp as a noodle. Satisfied that Noelle wasn't faking, she removed the cloth from her face and tucked it into the back pocket of her cargo pants, where it would be within easy reach if she needed it again.

    From another pocket, she produced a few coils of rope and a small roll of olive green duct tape. She quickly secured her captive's wrists, ankles and knees with several turns of the rope. Next, Hannah took a dry hanky and wadded it up to stuff in Noelle's mouth, then sealed her lips over it with multiple strips of the tape, smoothing it over so it looked nice and snug.

    Satisfied that her nemesis was thoroughly tied up and effectively gagged, she hoisted the doped damsel into her arms and placed her gently on the low brick wall lining the right side of the path. Not wanting Noelle to fall from her perch, Hannah allowed the starlet to lean against her. It appeared Noelle wouldn't be waking up anytime soon, so Hannah took out her phone and made a quick call. Arrangements were made for the proper disposition of the treacherous minx, and Hannah hung up.

    Noelle began to stir, perhaps roused by the whispering voice so close behind her. At first her eyes didn't want to focus, but soon the lingering effects of the chloroform passed and she was able to focus on her surroundings. She was sitting on the brick wall. She couldn't move her arms or legs, and there was something wrong with her mouth. Or something inside it. But when she tried to spit it out, her lips remained sealed. Moaning in frustration, she realized there was someone behind her, supporting her body.

    She refused to look, in case her kidnapper was planning to ransom her and wasn't wearing a mask. Noelle had seen enough crime movies in which the captive was prevented from seeing the captor's face, because recognition meant a bad end. But the voice taunting her was strangely familiar, although Noelle was having trouble identifying its owner. Finally, she turned to look and was met with the smiling face of the movie's former stunt coordinator. What was her name? Haley? Harper? Something with an H

    "That's right, Noelle, it's me: Hannah Thurman." Noelle silently breathed a sigh of relief at having her question answered. Bad enough she'd been knocked out and tied up, but to have to wonder what her kidnapper's name was… she didn't need that kind of stress.

    "I bet you never expected this." That was certainly true. Noelle didn't even know the woman, although she had a vague recollection that her boyfriend did. Of course; she had been the stunt coordinator on the movie, it was entirely natural that the producer would be acquainted with her. But Noelle stopped her internal dialogue when she realized the woman was still talking.

    "…but you had to know there would be consequences for what you did. Serious consequences. The kind you can't avoid. The kind that you deserve. The kind…" Okay, the woman was ranting now and Noelle had no need to listen to know she was in danger, so she resumed her ruminations. She still had no idea what led Hannah to kidnap her, or what her ultimate plan was, but given how worked up she had become, it was likely to be pretty bad news for Noelle. As Hannah's harangue persisted, the starlet turned her attention to her wrists. The ropes were tight enough, but the knots had some give to them. She began slowly working at them, and soon her efforts were rewarded. But she didn't want Hannah to know she was close to freeing herself. The tall blonde had already knocked her out once, and would probably do so again if it appeared Noelle was about to escape. So she forced herself to remain still. Might as well see if Hannah's rant was over.

    It wasn't, but Noelle managed to interrupt with a muffled query. Hannah obviously couldn't understand what she was saying with the stuffing and tape in place. So she grabbed the edge of the tape and yanked it off. Noelle yelped into the damp stuffing, then ejected it with her tongue. "Ow! That really hurt!"

    "Oh, is the little princess having a bad time? What a shame. What were you trying to say?" Hannah demanded.

    Noelle licked her lips. Her mouth was extremely dry, no thanks to whatever it was that had been stuffed in her mouth. "Do you have any water?" she croaked.

    "Is that what you wanted to know?" Hannah looked livid.

    Rather than spark another endless tirade, Noelle quickly shook her head. "No, it's just not easy to talk after all that stuff in and on my mouth. What I wanted to know was, what is going on with you? You must have a reason for doing all this, and I think I deserve to know before it escalates any further."

    Hannah's eyes widened. Was the idiot really trying to play innocent with her? With enormous effort, she regained some measure of calm. "Are you serious?"

    "Yes, of course. I genuinely want to know why. If I've done something to offend you in any way, I'm truly sorry. But I still want to know what it was."

    To her immediate dismay, Hannah realized that Noelle was telling the truth. She really didn't know. And if she didn't know… then she probably wasn't responsible. "I was fired from the movie. By your boyfriend. My ex." She paused to let that sink in, and to see what Noelle's reaction would be.

    "NO! What? Why?" The starlet was either giving the greatest performance of her life, or she was actually shocked to hear this.

    Hannah sighed and began to untie Noelle's wrists. She was a little taken aback to see the knots already loose, but as she was releasing her captive anyway, it didn't matter. "I have no idea. I heard it was your idea, but now that I think about it for a second, it was obviously Max's doing. He's a fragile little man, and I imagine the thought of the two of us together on the same set only added to his insecurity. Sorry for ruining your day."

    Noelle rubbed her wrists, more concerned for Hannah than for any minor inconvenience done to her. "No, it's all right. I completely understand. What a piece of shit! Max, I mean. How could he do this to you?"

    Hannah had removed the ropes from Noelle's knees and was moving to her ankles. "Oh, he's a real piece of work, all right. It's a wonder anyone will work with him after all his shenanigans." The last word must have tickled Noelle, because she burst out laughing.

    "Shenanigans? You mean his bullshit?" Noelle giggled.

    "Yeah, well, my parents objected to that sort of language, so I'm more or less incapable of swearing," Hannah confessed, a blush coloring her cheeks.
    Noelle was charmed. "Stick with me. I can swear enough for both of us!" she declared. "But I'll promise you this: when I'm through with Max, he'll be doing plenty of swearing on his own. Sorry: I meant, when we are through with Max." Noelle stuck her hand out.

    Hannah had spent the last ten years breaking bones (mostly hers), plummeting from heights, crashing cars and participating in all manner of fictional filmed mayhem. But the sight of Noelle's hand extended in friendship (and the prospect of mutual scheming to destroy Max) almost made her cry. With no hesitation, she grabbed the younger woman's hand with both of hers, then pulled her into a hug.

    By the time they parted, both of them were wiping their cheeks. But these were tears of joy. For them, in this moment, there was no happier thought than having a willing partner in the pursuit of bloody revenge.

    The End

    Sealing The Deal (story by "morpheus-cf")

    "And that's pretty much all there is to it. But I cannot stress how important the fresh-baked cookies are," Trish said with mock seriousness.

    "Yes, ma'am," replied her sister Sandy. "And thanks so much for the pointers. It's a lot to learn."

    Trish was about to reassure the younger woman that her budding career as a realtor would work out, when the doorbell rang. "I wonder who that could be?"

    Sandy just shrugged as they walked to the front door. On the other side, a pretty Latina greeted them with a sheepish smile.

    "I am so sorry to bother you, but I'm in a fix and I could really use some help." She looked past them momentarily. "Are there by chance any men around?"

    Sandy, a perky twenty-two year old blonde who was fresh out of college, quickly replied, "Sorry, it's just us." Trish, a twenty-nine year old redhead and easily the more cautious of the two, gave her sister a sharp look, as if to say Why did you tell her that?

    The Latina's smile turned from regretful to predatory in a heartbeat. "Perfect," she purred, and produced a gun which she pointed at the startled sisters. "Put your hands up and take a step back. No sudden moves," she ordered. When the sisters complied, she reached outside the door and retrieved a large leather bag that had been just out of the girls' sight, then closed and locked the door.

    "Okay ladies, face the wall and put your hands behind your back," the Latina ordered. With a gun pointed at them, the sisters had little choice in the matter and continued to cooperate with their unwanted guest. The woman took a few lengths of rope from her bag and quickly tied first Trish's wrists, then Sandy's.

    "Very good. You can turn around and have a seat on the floor." With their hands secured, the sisters had even less hope of resisting the woman's orders, although Trish was becoming rather annoyed with the proceedings.

    "Whatever you're up to, you'd better reconsider," she warned the Latina, who'd gathered more rope from her bag and was genuinely amused by Trish's sudden anger.

    "Oh,really? Is that a threat, honey?" she laughed.

    Trish wasn't deterred by the condescending response. "It's a promise. If you don't let us go right now, you will soon regret it."

    The Latina nodded as if accepting this, while simultaneously tying the sisters ankles. Once again, she selected Trish first before taking care of Sandy. Trish fumed silently as Sandy looked on with interest. She hadn't said a word since the Latina took charge and seemed to be less concerned than her older sister with being tied up.

    The Latina now had a roll of silver duct tape in her hand and was tearing multiple strips from it and placing them on her pants leg. Once she had four of them there, she turned back to her bag and took out a pair of white cotton socks. Trish watched her ball one of them up, then gave the Latina a withering look. "This is your last chance to get out of this."

    The Latina smiled wickedly. "No, honey, that was your last chance to talk smack," she replied, forcing the balled-up sock into Trish's mouth. The redhead did her level best to resist, but the Latina had the benefit of two free hands and soon had the sock wedged between Trish's lips. Satisfied that the stuffing was sufficient, she peeled a strip of duct tape off her thigh and applied it to the sputtering redhead's mouth. She soon added another strip and smoothed them out, making a rather effective gag in the process.

    Placing the gun against the silenced redhead's face, the Latina intoned menacingly, "Got anything else to say now?" Trish merely stared daggers at her captor. "That's what I thought."

    The Latina moved over to the young blonde, another sock in hand. Sandy didn't seem at all as perturbed at being gagged as her older sister obviously did, and compliantly opened her mouth before the Latina had even finished balling it up. The Latina nodded with a smirk as she stuffed Sandy's mouth. "At least the little one has some sense. Must not run in the family." Within moments, Sandy's mouth was sealed with the remaining strips of tape and she mmmphed into her new gag is if to test its efficiency. She glaced up at the Latina with a strange gleam in her eyes, which went unnoticed.

    At the moment, the Latina was more interested in removing the ladies' shoes. At first Trish was worried that she was going to tickle them, and that may very well have been what was planned. But before that could happen, the Latina's cellphone rang.

    "Oops! I thought I'd turned it off. Sorry about that, ladies!" Her demeanor had switched from dark and menacing to sincerely apologetic in a flash, and the sisters faced each other with curious looks.

    "Oh, I have to take this call, but I'll be right back!" she promised, dashing into another room. Trish glanced again at Sandy and gave her a pointed look. Sandy's eyes widened and she shook her head no. Trish nodded forcefully back, and the younger woman sighed in reluctant agreement.

    "Hey boss, what's up?" Renee asked, a little breathless from leaving the room so swiftly.

    "Where are you?" her boss asked accusingly.

    "Uh, at the address the clients provided," she replied, baffled by her boss's belligerent attitude. "And I've got them roped and gagged just the way they wanted."

    "According to your GPS, you're a block away from the clients' address. I just got a very angry call and they are wondering why you're late."

    Oh no. "Are you sure? Two girls, a blonde and a redhead? One reluctant and the other enthusiastic?" she asked, suddenly much less confident about her sense of direction.

    "That's the description, but you're at the wrong house. Set them loose and get out of there now!" he barked, then hung up.

    Renee stared at the phone and exhaled deeply. She knew she was in a lot of trouble. But she didn't realize how much until she turned and saw Trish and Sandy standing there. Trish had a look in her eyes that Renee had never seen from a client before… but then, the redhead wasn't really a client, and never had been. It just sank in for Renee.

    "Ladies, I am so, so sorry. There was a little mix-up and I… wait, what are you doing?" Trish had plucked the prop gun from Renee's hand and Sandy gathered her wrists and began tying them behind her back.

    "A little mix-up, you say. That really is too bad," Trish said, brandishing the gun in much the same manner that Renee had been only a few minutes earlier. "I gave you a chance to let us go and you refused. Now it's our turn."

    Another penny dropped for Renee. "How did you get free so quickly? Those knots should have taken longer to loosen!" Her mind was racing as she tried to comprehend how easily the sisters had turned the tables on her.

    Trish smiled. "Ever heard of The Great Van Arsdale? The famous escape artist? He's our father, and he trained us both while we were his assistants. Sandy always pretended not to get the hang of it, but that was just because she enjoyed the bondage. Me, not so much. But I hope you're into it, because you're going to be like this for a while."

    As it turned out, Renee was into it, but not under these circumstances. "Oh, come on. It was a silly misunderstanding. You're not really gonnmmmphh!" Her protest had been abruptly cut off with the addition of a rolled-up sock to her mouth. Trish had plopped the slightly damp cotton between her lips with no trouble whatsoever, with the gun still annoyingly close to Renee's face. She handed Sandy the toy weapon and proceeded to seal Renee's lips over the stuffing with one strip of duct tape after another. Sandy dutifully pointed the gun at Renee, apparently unaware it wasn't real, until Trish gave her a look and Sandy put it away. "There, that's much better," Trish said with great satisfaction. "Lift her hands up for me, would you?" she asked Sandy, who complied without comment. The action forced Renee to bend over, giving Trish the opportunity to spank her bottom. A few swats later, the sisters helped Renee into a seated position on the floor. One last detail was required before the Latina's humiliation could be complete.

    Trish took hold of Renee's right shoe and pried it off her foot, then removed the left shoe. She mimed a tickle assault that terrified Renee into recoiling, and Trish cackled in delight. But she still wasn't through with her former captor. Trish rose to her feet, looming over the Latina with undisguised glee.

    "On your knees, please," Trish commanded. Tied as she was, Renee couldn't manage the maneuver on her own, but Sandy was happy to assist her. Trish pulled on Renee's necklace, compelling the Latina to throw her head back in a most subservient pose. Trish relished her obvious discomfort, then seemed to relent. "Would you hand me her phone, Sandy?" The blonde wondered what her older sister wanted it for, but once again fulfilled her request without asking why.

    Trish found the call history and dialed the most recent number. Three rings later, a gruff voice answered, "Fantasyland Abductions: making kidnap scenarios come true since 1987. How can I help you?"

    In her sweetest tones, Trish replied, "Hello there. My sister and I were the recipients of your representative's unwanted -- and, frankly, substandard -- efforts at bondage. We've taken her into our custody and will be keeping her for the next few hours, so you'd better find a replacement for her intended clients."

    For several long seconds the man said nothing, then he provided a counteroffer. "How about this? You let her go and I don't send my boys over there to explain things in their own special way."

    Trish laughed. "You clearly don't understand the facts of this situation. You can either send someone to placate your clients and avoid pissing them off any further, or I can speak to my attorneys about how this little idiot wrongfully detained us and determine what the legal consequences will be for her… and you."

    Another long pause. "I see your point. Okay, just don't do any permanent damage." And with that, he hung up.

    Trish tossed Renee's phone onto the carpeted floor and returned her attention to the Latina, now sitting on her knees with her back to Sandy, who had her hands on Renee's shoulders. "That takes care of that. Now… what should we do with you next?"

    The End

    No More Snooping For Miss Lane (story by "minigedog")

    Cory Lane, reporter for the Brooklyn Times, checked her watch for probably about the tenth time in the last twenty minutes. She was in the living room of a huge house in the suburbs of Brooklyn, waiting for an interview with a famous Italian politician.

    What interested her was the fact that a politician so well-known accepted her proposal for an interview, she wasn't a big deal in the world of reporters, so this intrigued her.

    Lorenzo Romana had made quite a few headlines since reaching his level of status. Going to charity events, political dinners, balls, parties, and even buying big houses for all his family. He was portrayed in the papers as the "Saint of Brooklyn"

    Cory's bullshit capacity meter was at zero, and she could tell that some things weren't adding up. So, she did some digging in the town hall records, going through old property deeds, sales receipts, and several interesting articles.

    Turns out Romano was a big crime family going right back to the 1920’s during the height of the mafia. Twenty dollars later she was able to trace the family tree right up to Lorenzo Romana. But why hadn't someone found this before? Maybe they deleted it from the digital records.

    All this proved to her mind that the highly esteemed Lorenzo Romana was up to no good.

    So, she thought she'd try for an interview and see if she could get something incriminating on him. She thought to herself that if she could uncover all the secrets that Romana was hiding, there would be no doubt in her mind that her status would go up.

    Cory is a passionate and headstrong person. When she gets a whiff of corruption, she pursues it with as much enthusiasm as the fictional Sherlock Holmes. Sometimes her enthusiasm runs away with her a little, but she's smart and relies on that to get her out of trouble. And it usually does. Well, most times, anyway.

    At five feet six inches, she has a slim athletic body with smooth and soft skin that belies her occasionally endearing clumsiness. She's dressed professionally, white button-down shirt, with a green jacket on top. She would typically wear trouser pants as it looked more professional, however she wore a small, black skirt which she only wears on dates. finally, to complete her outfit, she always wears her classic white heels, simple yet sexy.

    Her face is lightly decorated with makeup, with rosy cheeks and a small nose with an imperceptible dimple at the end, soft naturally coloured lips painted with lipstick, warm blue eyes, with it all framed by a headful of long blonde hair.

    Cory's face registers impatience on it, not one of her strong suits. With a sigh, she checks her wristwatch. It has a square face with two buttons on the side, and a thick black leather band. It's an expensive lady's watch.

    Finally, the butler entered the room, "Miss Lane, Mr Romana will see you now, this way, please"

    "Certainly," Cory replied pleasantly.

    As she follows the butler, she decides to pry a little.

    "So, is Mr Romana home a lot? I mean I bet he's very busy as clearly, he is the top socialite right now," She enjoys poking her nose where it clearly doesn't belong.

    "Mr Romana will answer all your questions, I'm sure," the butler said primly.

    He has a good poker face.

    He led her upstairs into an office that was adjacent to the master bedroom, where Mr Romana was awaiting, 

    Lorenzo Romana was a very handsome man. Tall like a typical Italian at 6ft 2in, luscious brown hair. Large brown eyes that look both alluring and cold. Perfect facial features covered with a well-groomed beard. A stocky build. Wearing a very smart suit that was tailored perfectly to contour his body.

    Too perfect, Cory thought, he looks way too perfect. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was slightly attracted to Mr Romana but the facts that she knew about him suppressed that feeling.

    "Ahh, come in my dear, I have been looking forward to meeting you! well you are a gorgeous young woman! So pretty! Blonde hair and blue eyes, very beautiful" he has an Italian accent. His well-spoken manner throws Cory off a little bit.

    "Yeah, nice to meet you too," she forced a smile at the over the top. "Do you normally meet reporters right next to your bedroom Mr Romana?"

    "Only the pretty ones," Lorenzo said letting out a small smirk. almost as if he is hiding something that he has planned for her.

    Ok, things were getting weird quickly, "So um, let's get down to business, shall we?" Cory said.

    "Sure" Lorenzo seemed a little disappointed.

    Cory turned on her handheld voice recorder and began asking questions, "Mr Romana, why did you pick me of all reporters? I'm not a well-established figure?"

    "That's a very good question. You see, I've been following your work for a while now, and I must say, your work is very impressive for a small reporter Miss Lane" He answered readily.

    Cory refrained from rolling her eyes, "Ok, now why are you buying small businesses around town if your already own quite large businesses that produce a steady income?"

    "I'm not sure what you mean. I haven't been buying businesses." Lorenzo said as he was taken back by the sudden change in question

    " Well," Cory held up a folder she had with her. "I've been doing some digging and you two have been buying businesses through shell companies, then moving the funds to an offshore account. What would the political yahoos think of that? Any comments?" Cory waited eagerly; her recorder held outstretched.

    Lorenzo’s whole demeanour had changed to be defensive "I.....ummmm.... I " Lorenzo stammered.

    Luckily the butler poked his head through the door.

    "Mr Romana, I found someone who was sneaking around taking pictures. She says her name is Vivian and she won't leave until she speaks with you personally."

    "But of course. Miss Lane, if you don't mind waiting here, we can continue our interview in a few minutes," Lorenzo looked relieved to get out of the conversation.

    he gave a forced smile, Cory noted

    "Sure, Mr Romana I'll gladly wait" Cory said, smiling to herself. The butler and Lorenzo left the room. Cory thanked her lucky stars that her friend, Vivian Ireene Pierce, a fellow reporter & photographer, had delivered the distraction as promised.

    She had discussed it earlier with her busty bff, "Viv, just make sure you're not seen until about ten minutes into the interview." Cory had said.

    "Of course, Cory, they won't see me until I want them to." Vivian had calmly assured her.

    Now with the distraction complete, Cory turned to the master bedroom. What she was about to do was probably illegal. But the ends justify the means, at least in this case, right?

    She opened the fancy bedroom door, which was unlocked, and tiptoed inside. She started at the desk, going through paperwork, bills, and post-it notes.

    Strike one.

    Nothing yet. She figured nothing incriminating would just be lying around. She checked the wardrobe and dressers. She saw many nice clothes she could never afford.

    Strike two.

    Wait, what was that lump under Lorenzo's neatly stacked shirts? She carefully moved the shirts aside. What the hell? Several coils of thin, white rope, with a long, black piece of cloth layed on top.

    Was Mr Romana into bondage? Or was there a more sinister reason? Cory left the top drawer open and was thinking hard. She thought she felt a cool breeze from somewhere.

    There shouldn't be a draft in here.

    Coming from where? Under the bed? That was so cliche Cory rolled her eyes but decided to check anyway. Curiosity killed the cat, she thought, and she had checked everywhere else in the room.

    She knelt down and looked under the bed. Yup! Definitely a breeze! There must be a way to open this apparent passageway.......

    "Well, if it isn't our little snooping reporter!"

    Cory jerked her head up; she hadn't been expecting anyone so soon. A quick glance at her watch told her only fifteen minutes had passed.

    Vivian was supposed to keep Lorenzo for at least twenty, plus five minutes to walk back. But apparently Vivian couldn't distract him long enough.

    Cory decided to go on the offensive. "Lorenzo, I know you are looking to start up the Romana criminal family again. I've done my research; I know about the offshore accounts and Romana's family history of crime. You will be ruined reputation-wise, and this city will be safer without you dragging it down."

    Lorenzo moved so quickly it took Cory by surprise.

    She had expected Lorenzo to be slow judging by his age, instead the Italian man rushed to the dresser drawer, which was still open, and grabbed the rope.

    Cory sprinted for the door, but Lorenzo slid gracefully across the room, grabbing Cory.

    "LET ME GO!!!" Cory exclaimed as she was being dragged to the bed by Mr Romana

    Lorenzo grabbed Cory’s wrists, wrenched them behind her back and swiftly began tying them together

    "Whaaaa...uhhhh ...." Cory wheezed, then winced at how tight the ropes were.

    "Oh, shut up! You're trying to ruin everything, and I will not let that happen." he flipped Cory on her back, threw her sleek heels off her feet and got to work on tying her ankles tightly in place.

    Cory tested her bonds, too tight around my wrists, and there's going to be marks on my ankles too.

    She finally regained her breath. "Lorenzo, I have friends who will notice I'm missing. It'd be easier if you just gave yourself up now."

    Lorenzo straddled Cory, then ran his finger along Cory's cheek.

    "No, my pretty reporter, we'll figure out what to do with you, but in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy restraining you and making sure that you're not going anywhere."

    Cory gulped, things were going to shit pretty fast.

    I hope Vivian comes looking for me, as part of the plan and everything.

    The doorbell rang. Speak of the devil.

    "VIV! I'm up HERE HEL........mmmmmpppphhhhff!'

    Lorenzo, who still straddled her, quickly grabbed the black cloth that was on top of the rope. He slotted it in-between Cory's tightly closed lips. tying it behind the back of her head quite tight to make sure that it didn't come undone so that she could scream for help.

    Her eyes went wide with surprise. yet it seemed like there was a little hint of excitement behind her eyes. Did she secretly like this.

    "Mmmppphhh! Fufmd!" She tried to say something, to scream, but her speech was too muffled.

    "Much better, can't have you alerting whoever is at the door." Lorenzo smiled down at her.


    Cory tried to scream but to no avail. the cleave gag was too tight that she couldn't get a single word out

    Lorenzo walked over to the dresser and pulled out more rope.

    "This will definitely come in handy" he chuckled

    Cory's expressive blue eyes widened even more when she saw Lorenzo slowly walking towards her with a sinister look on his face.

    "Mmmmmpppphhhhrrgggdd" Cory tried to say.

    Lorenzo ignored her, pulling Cory towards him

    "Well, looks like you're still a bit loose, I think we need to fix that. At least your quiet enough" Lorenzo said as he placed the coils of rope next to her

    Gggrrrmmmmppphhhhfffugg! Mmmmppppphhh!"

    By this time, she could barely make any noise, yet she still managed to moan and growl her displeasure enough for Lorenzo to laugh.

    "My dear Cory, you're in over your head, yes?"

    Cory growled, "Grmmmmppp."

    "Well, I'd better go see what our guest wants. Don’t go anywhere" he said as left the room laughing.

    Barely five minutes had passed since the doorbell rang. Lorenzo was very good at this.

    As soon as the Italian man left Cory began struggling. Using the bed for support, she inched her way to the edge of the bed to get to a standing position. It was slow going, and Cory breathed heavily through her nose. Finally, she made it! She was standing precariously and started to hop towards the door.

    Wow girl, good thing you played a few sports in high school.

    "Mmmppphhh! Huffam damphu!" She tried to yell again as she hopped.

    Cory was making good progress until she tripped on her heels that were left on the floor of the bedroom.

    She fell. "Ummmmfffff!" Cory laid there for a moment, then began thumping on the floor and making a poor attempt at screaming.








    Why couldn't Vivian hear her? Cory began to despair. Wait! Her purse was over by the chair! Her cell phone! Maybe she could call 911! She was at least going to try.

    Squirming and rolling, she made her way over to her purse. Cory's binded hands reached inside. She felt a little and pulled her phone out. Yes!

    How the hell am I going to unlock it?

    She attempted the difficult pattern she had insisted putting on her phone, but quickly got impatient with her awkward attempts.

    Then she noticed one of those old dial phones with a cord attached to it.

    If it still works, Cory thought. She tried to check her watch, but rope kept her wrists tightly together behind her back. She just managed to twist her arms enough to see how much time had passed. About sixteen minutes since she'd been captured. Moving as quick as could, all the while breathing heavily, she earthworm crawled to the phone, somehow managing to stand again. Cory pulled the phone off its hook with her tied hands.

    She knelt down next to the phone, almost falling, then used her petite nose to dial 911.

    The phone started ringing, surprisingly. At least one thing was going right. She tried get the gag loose, yet the knot at the back of her head didn't budge at all.

    "911 WHAT'S YOUR EMERGENCY?!" A loud female screeched over the line.

    "Mmmmpphhj! Mff rrg fmgr!" Cory tried to exclaim.

    "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU! WOULD YOU PLEASE SPEAK UP!" The female operator yelled.

    "Fffrrrggggmmmmpppphhhhh! Ifgrrdmmmsfgsmmm! Mmppffhrrff! Grrr," Cory was getting a little pissed off at the operator and this stupid gag. Plus, her screechy voice was hurting Cory's ears.

    "ARE YOU IN TROUBLE? 'CAUSE IF YOU'RE TROUBLE, WE'LL SEND SOMEONE OUT!" It sounded like she was chewing gum. "BUT FIRST YOU NEED TO COMMUNICATE! C'MON, CAN'T BE THAT HARD." She clearly didn’t care about her job enough.


    A long, slender hand grabbed the phone away from Cory's mouth.

    "Operator" Mr Romana said smoothly, " I'm sorry, my child is just learning to crawl and likes to play with phones. Yes, you too dear." Lorenzo said charmingly.

    He hung up the phone, "Dreadful voice, that woman."

    "Grrrrrrrmmmfff" if looks could kill Mr Romana would certainly be dead with the look Cory gave her.

    "You almost warned your friend Vivian in time. That was not nice. Don't worry though, she's incapacitated at the moment. You, on the other hand, I'll have to make you more secure."

    Suddenly Cory was very angry. Her wrists and ankles were sore. Her arms hurt from being held behind her back. A position she wasn't used to. Her cheeks aching due to the cleave gag tied securely around her head. Lorenzo loomed over her.

    Suddenly, Cory head-butted the Italian mob boss in the gut.

    Lorenzo doubled over, trying just to breathe.

    Cory managed to get to her feet and started hopping for the door to go downstairs. Surely the butler wasn't in on this. Surely, he would...... Someone grabbed her from behind.

    Lorenzo! How had he recovered so fast?

    "You really shouldn't have done that !" He exclaimed as he carried a bound Cory back to the bed.


    "Don't give me any attitude, young lady!"

    Lorenzo threw Cory back onto the bed. "You won't be able to do anything when I'm finished with you"

    Lorenzo grabbed the coil of rope that he placed earlier. He started binding Cory's chest making sure that her arms were secured tightly with the rest of her body so that she couldn't move as much

    The bindings were so tight that it pushed her breast out making them look bigger.

    "Mmmppphhh!!!!" Cory could tell this would get extremely uncomfortable very quickly.

    Lorenzo inspected his work. "Very nicely done, yes?"

    "I must say Miss Lane, you have very nice and juicy breasts for a woman your age. maybe I will peek at them later when you've calmed down a bit" Mr Romana said with a sinister look on his face

    as he was examining his work from the back, he noticed something that caught his eye.

    "Now that is a Nice watch Miss Lane" He examined the watch. Unstrapping it off Cory's wrist.

    "Grmmffffgggg! Mmmmppppphhh! Iffmmmppphhh. Mph, grrmmmff."

    "Oh, so this watch is important to you? No matter."

    He carefully placed it beside Cory, where if she turned her head far enough, she could see what time it is.

     "You are to stay like this for quite a while. I'm sure if you can see the time, it will move even slower."

    Cory started to get concerned. She couldn't talk. She couldn't move. Her wrists and ankles were getting incredibly sore. Her favourite wristwatch, the one that Vivian gave her, was in danger of getting lost. If that watch got lost forever, she would be screwed, as that was her only chance of escape as the watch also doubled as a tracking device that would activate once she pushed both buttons at the same time. Vivian was probably trussed up somewhere. Hell, both their lives were probably in peril. And this bastard, Lorenzo Romana, was very much enjoying the predicament that Cory found herself in.

    What could she do?

    The Farm Lady (story by "atmosphericoutlook")

    Shay couldn’t believe this was happening to her. A short while ago, she’d been preparing to go work with the horses, dressing in a blue button up striped shirt, blue jeans, her white heeled boots that she lovingly slipped on before pulling her jean cuffs over them, and finished off the outfit with a white belt and brown cowgirl hat. With her husband away in the city, Shay was ready to do the daily routine of grooming and caring for the four horses they had out in the barn, but upon exiting their house she had barely gone three steps before a man with a bandana covering his face had stepped out from behind a tree and levelled a revolver in her direction.

    After some stuttered demand to know what he was doing there, which of course went unanswered, Shay reluctantly placed her hands on her head. With the gun barrel jabbed into her back, she allowed herself to be frogmarched around the house to the back where a wooden post was set into the ground. Her husband had wanted to build a gazebo for entertaining guests but had only gotten far enough for a single post, which she now looked at with dread as she was instructed to stand with her back to the pole. Coils of rope were removed from a bag and she knew instantly that it was going to be an uncomfortable day. “Hands behind the pole.” He instructed in a gruff voice.

    She stood her ground, glaring at the man and refused to move her hands, hoping that once he was busy with the ropes she could maybe make a run for it since the gun would be put away, but instead he seized her wrists in an iron group and wrenched them behind her back, causing her to cry out in pain. With skilled practice he quickly wrapped a length of rope around her wrists, her hands together palm to palm, before cinching it off and securing her wrists behind the pole. So much for the running plan. She thought glumly.

    Next he turned his attention to her legs. Despite her attempts to kick him, the toes and heels of her boots capable of inflicting some damage, he quickly gathered them together and looped more rope around her ankles, securing them together. Shay bit her lip as she felt the ropes through the leather of her boots and jeans. She idly wondered if the rope would crease her boots before her heels were shoved up against the base of the pole and the rest of the rope wrapped around the pole to prevent her from moving her booted feet outside some clops of her heels. “Congratulations.” She deadpanned. “You’ve got the lady of the house helpless. Now what do you want?”

    “I want you to shutup.” Came the reply before a balled up scarf was jammed between her teeth.

    Shay retched as the cloth was forced into her mouth. It at least tasted clean, much to her relief, but then a second white scarf was pulled between her lips and wrapped around her face. Her hair was swept aside and the scarf knotted off at the base of her neck, the cleave gag muffling her cries and insults now being thrown at the man as he pulled more rope from his bag. Now that his victim was silenced, he worked with silent efficiency to make Shay even more helpless. Several bands were wrapped above and below her breasts and the pole, pushing her back into the wood. It also had the undesired effect of thrusting out her chest and pulling her shirt tight against her breasts, which attracted his attention more than a couple of times to her distress.

    Thankfully, he seemed more professional to not take advantage of the situation and resumed binding her legs at the thighs, wrapping those ropes around the pole as well so Shay felt welded to the pole with no hope of movement. Satisfied that she was going nowhere, her captor finally stepped back to admire his work, gave a nod, then walked off down the path towards the barn. “NNNMMMPH! GRRRT BMMM HRRRR!” Shay screamed into the gag, realizing he was probably here for her horses. She struggled and fought against the bonds but the ropes did their job extremely well and she was unable to shift anything. Her fingers fluttered for any knot but the wrist ropes were well tied and out of her reach. After several minutes of struggling, Shay accepted defeat and stamped her feet in frustration. Her mouth was already dried up from the cloth filling it up and the cleave gag was beginning to hurt her cheeks. Not that she could do much about that, or the fact that the man was now leading two of her horses on leads out of the barn and down the road. He probably had some kind of horse trailer, which was seemingly confirmed when he returned without the horses and left with the other two. Tears filled her eyes as she watched her precious horses led away and there was nothing she could do but watch in her bound and gagged state. With a muffled scream, she watched as a plume of dust in the distance signified him driving away. She would be stuck here until her husband returned later that evening where he would find his bound and gagged wife, and an empty farm.