Quizeek - First Task

    New bondage quiz is here. And again with a new concept. This week will be big quiz week. Or better said - Quizeek (sorry for that neologism :-)) Maybe it will be rather about good searching, than about good knowledges, but I hope, that still it will be some fun for you and everything will be understandable.

    The conditions remain the same. No deadline. Who will send me as first the right answers, gets:
    a) full list with direct links to all my video offers (updated)
    b) full list with my free usernames and passwords (all active)

    And now a little something about new concept. This week I will upload one task on my Tumblr blog every day. You have to find the right answer for each one of them and on Sunday 30.04.2023 send them together at once to me. Not separately one by one. Don´t forget it!

    The right answers you can send me here on Tumblr through "Message", or on my email - "coscorella@gmail.com".

    So, let´s start with the first task. Maybe you will be a little confused, how is this first one related to bondage, but don't worry, everything will be explained. Be patient :-)

    Watch this video and find out what flag of the Central European country is on the beach ball, which is the model holding in her hand.

    As I wrote already, it´s a little strange, but we have to start somehow and I couldn't think of anything better :-)

    Everything about model, song, or where I found it, I will write you in the final results.

    Remember your answer on the first task and stay tuned for the second one tomorrow!

    Bondage Quiz

    The idea for this quiz was spontaneous. I've never done anything like this before, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes and shortcomings. I'm learning as I go :-)

    In this quiz you find 12 questions. To some of them I added a little clue.

    There is no deadline! The first one, who will send me the right answers, will gain:
    1) full list of direct links from all my video offers
    2) full list of my free usernames and passwords

    Your answers send here on Tumblr through "Message", or on my email - coscorella@gmail.com.

    So… here we go!

    1) Write the name of at least one model, who is working/worked for both FM Concepts and Borderland Bound.

    2) In RopExpert production (ropexpert.com) we find some interesting and beautiful models, who, however, we know under much better-known stage names. To the names, which they were using in the RopExpert production, write the ones, that made them much more famous in the bondage community.

    Destiny Fenne DeMore Heather Ryan LT Smash Lydia Molly Matthews Nikki PXE Taylor Lee

    And now something more difficult. The Sisters Block! :-)

    3) Write names of the sister duo, who are models of Zahnrix (aka Bound To Be GAGGED)

    4) Bondage legend Cleo Nicole was doing only one video with her real-life sister for Steve Villa. Write her name and title of the video.

    5) On FM Concepts we find several sister duos too. Write the names only of biological sisters (they have same surname). I found thirteen. So, go for it! :-)

    6) We will stay at FM Concepts a little longer. This time I want from you names of Czech models, who is/was modelling for this site in bondage videos (I don´t mean tickling and footworship videos, only bondage videos!). I know about nineteen models, but this time I have to admit, that´s really difficult to know origin of every model, so six names will be OK. But who knows, can write more ones :-)
    and maybe

    7) Did Lorna Rope some video with Sandra Silvers? Find videos on https://sandrasilvers.com/x-new/new-preview-grid.php?user= and write their numbers and full titles.

    8) Write names of the models and the title of the video.


    9) Sort the models names correctly. From the first letters you get the name and surname of my bondage queen :-)

    lyelk thsnoa tedeot rcxiledao koerbo eponhtms hzbleatie wasdenr

    ialreu elawcla dene slewl ciear balpcmel

    10) These ladies are smiling and they know why. To be a Bondage Mischief model is enjoyable and makes lots of fun. But who are these lovely beauties?

    And at the end something for smart heads :-)

    11) Find name and surname of the models from Borderland Bound. Then write the full title of their video from this site, where they are wearing bikini (swimwear). You find it on the Borderland Bound Clip4Sale account.

    First model:

    Second model:

    12) Write name and surname of very famous bondage model. It´s hiding in these two clues.

    I´m looking forward to your answers. I hope, that you will enjoy the bondage quiz! :-)