Our gorgeous model Jenny starts this clip bound and gagged. Stacy grabs her and ties her elbows til they just about touch. She removes her “OTM” gag and pushes a rag into her mouth to further silence our beautiful girl. Once that rag is in Stacy pulls the vet wrap back up over her mouth to hold it in. Not wanting her to try and hop anywhere a large white rag is used to blindfold her. Plenty of close-ups of her beautiful high arched pantyhose covered feet.  http://www.capturedsnapshots.com/

    Busty cutie Lila fills out her shirt with those huge boobs. She’s got a short skirt on too. Starting off fully tied up she gets her mouth stuffed on screen. Sports wrap is wound around her head which is very effective at keeping that huge bandana in her mouth. The sports wrap continues around her head and then she’s fully blindfolded as well. Lots of struggling and she even manages to hop a bit. She reaches around her side with her wrists bound behind her and “feels” her way towards the dressing room of the studio. Reaching the door she opens it though she’s still totally helpless. She stops and faces the camera (while still blindfolded naturally) and begins a couple of minutes of gag talking. You can’t make out a thing she says but it sure is enjoyable to listen.  http://escapevideos.com/

    Nastasia purchases a sweater and other items at a local garage sale.  The sweater is folded up and is only two bucks so she takes it. Once she gets home she finds the sweater torn and goes back to confront the girl who sold it to her (Tilly McReese). Tilly isn’t so sure she wants to give a refund as she is sure the sweater wasn’t torn. Nastasia gets annoyed and decides to teach Tilly a lesson.  She binds and gags her. The gag is a bandana Tilly had in her hair and Nastasia shoves it in her mouth. The torn sweater is used as a “cleave” to hold it in place. Nastasia not only exposes Tilly she takes one of her heels and tapes it to her face in two places so she can’t get rid of it and is forced to smell her own shoe.  http://www.capturedsnapshots.com/

    Now that the tables are turned, Sahrye is finishing up her bondage work on Nastasia. She wraps some rope around Nastasia's high heels while her legs are crossed, then cinches her wrists together and ties them to a wooden chair. Nastasia is not amused. Just check out the pissed off look on her face. To make matters worse, Sahrye gags her with a cloth, seals her mouth shut with lots of tape, then slides her leopard-print panties over her head! Totally humiliating. She struggles like crazy and even attempts to stand up, bringing the entire wooden chair with her! Look at those awesome boobs, though. Nastasia is a busty babe, that's for damn sure. Check out some behind-the-scenes shots at the end where these two hotties are goofing off while the tape and rope come off! http://escapevideos.com/

    Let's get back into it. Check out these two smoking hot girls: Nastasia with her big tits and Sahrye with her fantastic body. Nastasia starts off by finishing up the rope work on Sahrye's chest harness, listening to her gag-talk through all that tape. Once she's done, she sits back and watches. Nastasia thinks she has Sahrye but soon after she has her bound and gagged, Sahrye manages to slip out. Nastasia thinks it’s over but Sahrye turns the tables and jumps her from behind and immediately binds her wrists together. Nastasia is a spunky girl and seriously doubts that Sahrye can do a good job. Get a load of Nastasia's big tits once Sahrye uses some rope to hold them in place. Sahrye gets down on her knees and finishes up the rope work on Nastasia's ankles. You'll have to come back for part three to see what happens next!  http://escapevideos.com/

    Hannah Perez and Nastasia are arguing about a flea market chair they purchased. It came with an instruction booklet that shows the chair is for hanging on a porch like a swing.  Nastasia wants to give it a trial run before she puts it outside. One thing leads to another and they start arguing. Nastasia gets pissed off so she ties Hannah to this new chair. It’s an odd shaped one for sure but Hannah gets tied very tightly and strictly to it. Pissing and moaning about getting tied up Nastasia can’t take it anymore so she shoves a 2 inch ballgag in to keep her quiet. Lots of struggling and interaction in this one and once she’s gagged she keeps trying to speak. Come back next week for part 2!  http://www.capturedsnapshots.com/

    Nastasia and Sahrye decide to test Sahrye’s escape skills. Sahrye is dressed in a skin tight outfit consisting of high heels, black pantyhose, a miniskirt, and a blue top that hugs her nice boobs. She gets bound to a bench by Nastasia who uses rope to cinch her ankles, calves, and thighs together. Then she wraps some more rope around her chest to hold her tits in place. Nastasia lifts up her own miniskirt, then strips off her leopard-print panties then stuffs them into Sahrye's mouth which silences her effectively. Tape is wound around her head to hold that stuffing in. Watch for parts two and three to see if she can work her way free! Another classic girl-girl bondage scene featuring two smoking hot, fan favorites!  http://escapevideos.com/