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    Yessss I’m hungry mom 👅👅👅👅🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆


    Then what are you waiting for dear! Mommy’s ready!

    Jeanette always welcomed her hungry boy home after school with open arms and open legs. And if he had a few buddies coming along, she just spread them wider to accommodate them all with an even wider smile!


    The easiest way for my Mom and I to get some alone time is for her to pose as a cheap street-whore…


    Of course sometimes she is busy sucking and fuckkkking other cocks


    Of course that was a definite downside that she had to take any business that came her way when she waited for her boy and many a times he came with his buddies to check on the milf slut who plied her trade in the woods behind the school!

    Though the way she picked up the extra work, it was obvious that she considered it more of an upside than downside!


    Mmm, thank you so much for that, oops it is coming out put it back in I want to take it hone for my husband


    Sure thing sis. He loves fucking his married sister every chance he can get


    If you stay around, I believe you can take an extra load dear!

    Naturally Emma stayed around on her brother’s lap to milk out an extra load for her husband who was waiting outside in the car already to pick her up

    As for Tom, he thought his days of fucking around with his little sister this much was over when she got married, but as it turned out it was only a new beginning!


    Seriously Nicole! You fuck your own boy! I can’t believe it!

    Believe it sister, and he’s the best fuck I ever had. I can get you ringside seat if you want!

    As it turned out the ring side seat was much much closer than Allison ever planned for, as she could feel the boy’s heavy balls as she part felt and part watched her nephew pump his cock deep into her sister’s ass and then by the time he was done with his mother, she knew was ready to be the next one!


    I want toysss😍😍🙈


    See d-a-a-d-d-i-e-e!!! I practiced the whole day!

    You did, my dear girl? Wonderful, now may be it’s time you took a break!

    D-a-d-d-i-i-e-e-e-e!!! Now you test me out!

    The way her voice was starting to slur and her eyes were glazed over from constant arousal, Alice’s dad took her word for it that she did practice the whole day, and he was more that happy to test her out!


    Am i doing it right daddy?

    You know you are you my girl! Now quit wasting time and show daddy all you have learnt at school!

    Emma’s dad knew that she was al little slut at school too, and the things her teachers taught in the “special” after class sessions or during the recess was something she was always eager to share with her daddy. After all he was her first teacher when it came to sex!


    Awww, sorry boys!

    It’s okay mom! Accidents happen!

    Nicole was embarrassed at her wardrobe malfunction in front of her boy and his buddies who were all watching her closely, and she wondered what will they think of her!

    She should not have wondered, since it was her own boy who loosened the hooks before her getting in the ride during one of his tight mom son hugs and encouraged his buddies to be watching close for a good show!


    Mnnn, Daddy said take it all or go home… So I took it all!❤♠️❄🐇


    Suck it baby


    See daddy! I told you I can!

    Alice was the kind of girl who was supper happy, excited and super competitive at the same time, she never said no to a challenge and she never whined and when it came to showing her new daddy that she can do anything her mommy can, she made sure that he got the point!


    I literally don’t know if I can stop jerking off to you!!

    Mmm... don't ever stop!! 🥰🍆💦💦💦💦


    FAP FAP FAP FAP 🍆✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻💦💦💦💦💦 SPLAT SPLAT SPLATTTT 🍆✊🏻💦💦💦💦💦


    Unnghhh..💦💦 Yes!!! ✊🍆💦💦🤤💕💕


    Nicole was not like other mothers, she was quite encouraging of her boy having a healthy appetite for sex, and masturbation was good for boys this age and she loved all the cum that was coming her way too!


    Ughh i do that everytime 🙈🙈


    Alice, what’s that sound, did you get hurt, are you okay?

    Nothing m-o-m!!! I was just practicing!!!

    After the old stranger in the park taught her about the hidden magic button between her legs, Alice couldn’t stop practicing her magic all day, it was well addictive as teh man said it would be!


    Sarah Banks


    I’d love to be her personal trainer and help her workout that tight little sphincter muscle😍😁


    Daddy, what is this new “thing” on my ride?

    Oh that is something to help you work out all the necessary muscles dear!

    When she had a new dad who was also a personal trainer, it was only natural that she trained with him, especially when her mother wanted them to bond together!

    If only her mother knew how well and tight and hard and rough her little slut was binding with her new dad!


    Hey baby, you been a good boy all day?
    Don’t lie, I can ask your mommy any time, if you were

    You know that good boys get the best treats!

    Allison was the best aunt the boy had, a total slut always willing to spread those thick legs for anyone who bothered to ask and many a times even for many that did not!


    Seems like you won’t let mommy sleep proper tonight too, baby?

    No mom, no sleep for the wicked!

    For a woman who was getting too used to having her husband tired and sleeping early and sleeping in two rooms, it was a welcome change sleeping with her boy, though all of it started by accident one night.

    And now, she couldn’t do without a whole night of sinful debauchery in her new marital bed while her husband slept peacefully next door!