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2021-08-12 21:46:07

    So let’s start this morning right….This candid almost caused me to quit shooting….and I’m not kidding….I’ve filmed many many gorgeous women in my day and most of them loved being behind the cam but this was beyond different…..This L atina beauty saw my cam from when I first hit the record button and no matter what she found her way in front of me to show off.Not only was she beautiful,but she had one of the most amazing bodies I’ve ever had the chance to record.It got so bad I jumped in front of a lady pretending I was her boyfriend standing behind her.The line was so long and she just kept jiggling and bending and touching herself.By the time we got to the front counters I saw a wedding band on her hand and I cried inside alittle bit….This shoot was so intimate and she was soooo comfortable with knowing I was behind her the whole time filming…Sorry for the long story but I’m serious y’all,I wanted her so bad and I knew she wanted me too.I just really hope I see her again….A little over 13 minutes without slow motion.Welcome to the Season 3 Folder Y’all…. If you have access then your still good to go,just check the folder now for this exclusive!!! If you want access to my amazing MEGA folder or to just buy the video itself,DM me now!!!




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