Title: Found

Requested: @anti-society-hippie

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I was sat, idly going through social media, checking my notifications and scrolling down various tags. My boyfriend was asleep next to me and I sighed as I wish I could, I had really bad jetlag and hated every second, but being back in Boo’s arms was definitely a perk.

I then found a Tumblr page with Booboo’s face all over it. I scrolled down a little, beginning to read the words, engrossed in what it was saying, my eyes scanned it and my eyes widened as I got to a particular part.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” you moaned as Boo’s hands and lips began to explore my body. As he made his way down, you held yourself up on your arms, looking at him and moaning as his soft lips kissed your body. He glanced up and winked, knowing exactly what he was doing to you.

As he finally got to where you wanted him, his tongue began to lick your clit slowly. His skilled tongue and mouth working their way around, he looked up at you a soft smile showing on his face and you moaned. He looked like he was enjoying every second of this and it made you even more turned on than before. He closed his eyes and continued to move his tongue in and out, licking up every now and then.

I gasped then bit my lip, reading a bit more. As I was intrigued by it, I didn’t realise Boo had woken up and began to sit up.

“What are you so engrossed by?” I heard Boo say, I looked at him and giggled slightly.

“Morning babe,” I grinned, he raised an eyebrow and sat up, rubbing his face and then looking at me.

“What is it?” He asked softly.

“Your fans, they’re good writers,” I told him, handing him my phone, “they’re pretty accurate too… about you being good in bed”

Boo put his arm around my waist as he held my phone in his other hand, he seemed to wake up pretty quickly when he read.

“Oh,” he chuckled, “this sounds like they’ve been in our room, listen to this bit… you trailed your fingers down his waist, kissing his hips before gripping at his boxers. Boo moaned as you pulled them down, the cold air hitting him, he bit his lip as he looked down at you then moaned loudly as you took him into your mouth. “Fuck Y/N,” he moaned causing you to smiled at the most beautiful sound in the world, him moaning your name. As you increase your pace, taking him more and more into your mouth, his moans just becoming more frequent. “Oh, Y/N, fuck babe!” He half screamed, his eyes closing as you took him all in, his tip hitting the back of your throat as you swallowed then pulled away before picking up your pace again. He was always the best for you so you wanted to make sure you were the best for him, doing everything you knew he liked to get him reaching his high

I bit my lip, my heart rate increasing slightly at what he had just read. I could picture it all too well, his moans really were beautiful and he did sound good screaming my name in pleasure.

“Babe?” Boo asked, nudging me. I looked at him and saw him chuckle, “you ok?”

“Y-yeah,” I replied, he smirked again and bit his lip. Realising what was going on he went back to looking at my phone, his hand running from my waist up under my shirt and tracing circles onto my skin.

You felt his tip against your thigh, you smiled and nodded at him and he slowly slid inside you. The both of you moaning as he began to move slowly, too slowly for your liking which made you let out a groan. He chuckled and kissed you softly, increasing his pace as your tongues ran against each others. You kissed him roughly, placing your hands on his shoulders, feeling his muscles tense and intense with each thrust. You wrapped your legs around his back, and you both moaned at the new angle

By now Boo had moved his hand to my thigh, I was biting my lip and looking at him as he read. The smile on his face that made him seem so innocent even though he’d just said the hottest thing ever.

“Fuck babe,” Boo said, and I wasn’t sure if he was reading or if that was him as his voice was hoarse and low. He looked at me, putting my phone down and turning to kiss me softly. I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck and moving to straddle his lap. He was only in his boxers so I ran my hands down his muscular bare chest, his hands going to the hem of my shirt as we broke away from the kiss to pull it up off.