Title: Mesmerized

Requested: Anon

Image Not Mine

Sorta smut warning (18+)


“Ok, we’re going live on air in five minutes so i’ll let you know when to come up,” Caroline, one of the assistants, said, “in the meantime, let us know if you need anything”

“Thank you,” Boo smiled, I smiled too and she nodded and walked out the room, “may as well get comfy”

I joined him on the sofa of the backstage room, Boo was doing an interview for a new movie that had been released and he’s invited me along to see him.

“You really do get a star treatment,” I said, looking around and the VIP room.

“Yeah, I never understand why,” he shrugged, “just doing my job, other people deserve something like this more”

“Oh babe, you’re so talented, you do deserve this,” I said, he was always so confused by any recognition he got because he was just happy doing what he does and grateful that he gets to achieve his dream.

We both settled down for a bit, the TV in the room was on so we could watch the show, everytime it mentioned Boo was on for an interview I saw he was excited to talk about his latest movie as he was proud of it. I smiled at how cute he was.

“What?” he chuckled, looking at me with a raised eyebrow as I realised i’d been staring.

“I love you,” I said, he smiled.

“I love you,” he replied, kissing me softly. I smiled and kissed him back, running my hand up to his cheek, running my thumb along his jawline.

He smiled into the kiss, I turned to straddle him to get closer to him, his arms wrapped around my waist and I ran my hands to his hair. I bit his lip and tugged it slightly as I pulled away.

“You are so sexy,” I whispered in his ear, kissing his jaw softly. His breathing faltered a little, his hands gripping on my hips.

“Erm,” he mumbled, not sure what to say, I looked at him and he smiled softly, “ya know I have an interview soon”

“I do,” I giggled softly, he realised what I was doing and rolled his eyes but began to kiss me again anyway. I kissed him back, running my hands through his hair, I kissed his cheek and then his jaw, running my fingers down his neck and chest, his shirt was undone slightly so I could trail my fingers to his nipples. He moaned against my lips and I could feel how hot and bothered he was getting.

I pulled away and looked at him, biting my lip as I looked at him. One of his hands was placed on my thigh as the other was on my hip.

“Booboo Stewart will be joining us in the studio after we find out the news near you,” I heard someone say behind me.

“Ugh,” Boo groaned as he leaned his head back against the sofa. I giggled and climbed off him, “it’s a good thing i’m sat down behind a desk”

“Did I really do that to ya?” I giggled, placing my hand on his thigh, he looked at me and nodded.

“You knew exactly what you were doing, you sultry little diva,” he said, kissing me softly. I kissed him back and smiled.

“Not my fault you’re too fucking handsome,” I said softly, “and i’ll be waiting for you after the interview”

Just as I said that, there was a knock at the door.

“Yeah?” Booboo called, Caroline walked in and smiled at the two of us.

“You’re on in two minutes, if you would like to follow me?” she asked, Boo nodded and smiled, his press side coming out of him. I grinned at the difference and let him go after he quickly kissed me softly, it always made me smile at the ways I got to see Boo.

As I watched the interview, he was talking about the new movie and then got asked a question he got asked a lot.

“So, girls want to know, do you have a girlfriend?” the interviewer asked, Boo grinned as he heard it.

“I do, she’s absolutley breath taking and I love her so much,” he said, causing me to smile.

“She seems to make you very happy,” the interviewer said.

“You have no idea,” he said, I giggled as I thought back to what was happening previously to this interview. They then wrapped up the interview, Boo thanking them for having him and then it went to an ad break.

A few minutes later, Booboo walked in and looked at me, smiling.

“You did good,” I grinned, knowing he never really knew what to do in interviews because he was always nervous about the questions he would get.

“Thank you, do you wanna set off back to the hotel?” he asked, I nodded and grinned.

“Come on,” I said, standing up and getting my bag before we headed out and got back to our hotel as quickly as possible.