Title: Your Day of Birth

Requested: Anon

Booboo on girlfriends birthday imagine?

Image Not Mine


“Happy birthday babe,” Booboo said as soon as I answered the Skype call.

“Thank you,” I said, “I wish you were here”

“I know, I wish I was there too, I’ll be home in a few days though,” he said.

He was just finishing up on filming for a new movie he was in, I didn’t mind too much as this was what I signed up for as his girlfriend. He was doing what he loved and I couldn’t be happier for him. Plus I get him all to myself when he comes back.

“Have you opened your present?” he asked, I sat up in bed and shook my head.

“Not yet, you called before I could,” I said, grabbing the present that was next to the bed.

“And the card too,” he said, I placed my phone down, propping it against a cushion so he could see me open it, “you’re always so beautiful on a morning”

“I have terrible bed hair,” I said, looking at myself in the screen.

“Never as bad as mine,” he chuckled, “have you got both there?”

“Yeah,” I said, I opened the first one and smiled as it was in a beautiful box, as I opened the box it was a lovely necklace with a cute heart on it. I turned it over and saw a very crazy jagged line across it.

“It’s the waves of my voice when I told you I loved you,” he said.

“That is the cutest thing in the world,” I said, looking at him on the screen, “thank you”

“You’re very welcome,” he said, I took the necklace out of the box and then clipped it around my neck, it was a lovely fit. I then went on to the next present, opening it (I’ll let you guys think of what else he can get, something more personalized to you).

“Thank you Boo, I love you,” I said.

“I love you,” he smiled, “and now you’ll always know”

I smiled and placed a hand on the pendant, I then asked him how his movie was doing and then I told him about the plans for the day, including a meal with my family. He told me how he’d be back in a few days and I really couldn’t wait for him to come home.

We then signed off as he said he had to get going and we hung up, I then opened his card and almost began to cry at how thoughtful and beautiful the words were that were written. He’d wrote a poem on one side and then wrote a cute little message on the other. I really loved him.

I opened a few more cards that I had got from work then had to get changed to go see my family. Once I drove around to theirs, I parked and then got out, going to knock on the door. I then got a chorus of happy birthdays and then got let in to where I could smell my favourite food being cooked.

“This smells so great,” I said and then got handed presents. I opened them all, receiving various things and then opening the cards to some money. I was so thankful to everyone.

“We have got one more thing for you”

I frowned, wondering what else they could possibly get me. That was until the door opened and my heart almost leaped out of my chest.

“Booboo?” I asked as he stood there, grinning at me.

“Happy birthday babe,” he smiled, I stood up and went over to him, hugging him tight.

“You’re here?” I asked, he nodded and held me close, putting his face into my neck.

“I’m here,” he said softly. I was so shocked.

“But how?” I asked, we pulled away and kissed softly, he smiled and kissed me again before we looked at each other, still holding the other close.

“I got the plane home this morning, there was no way I was missing my girls birthday,” he smiled, kissing me softly. I kissed him back again and held him close, so happy he was here.

“Thank you,” I said, so grateful he was here.