Title: Camping

Requested: No, but after the photos Boo and Davin have posted I got inspiration

Image Not Mine


I heard the sound of a horn honking outside my house. I peeked out to see Boo in his jeep and grinned to myself, grabbing my backpack and then opening the door, I waved at him and then locked up my house before running over to him.

“Hey cowboy,” I said, standing up on my tiptoes to kiss him.

“Hey angel,” he grinned, “jump in”

I did so and put my seatbelt on and he set off, we began to catch up on the day and then started talking about the site we were camping at for the night. I was so excited for it, I had been so busy and stressed out lately that when he told me he was taking me camping to get my mind off it, I remembered how thankful I was for him.

Once we got to the site, we jumped out and I gasped as I saw the view, it was beautiful and I couldn’t wait for the hike that we were going on. A I was looking at the scenery, Boo grabbed the tent.

“Want help with that?” I asked, grabbing the table and chairs to put for us to have our food.

“Nah, i’ve got it, you can set the table up and make yourself a drink if you want?” he asked, I nodded as I really needed a cup of tea. After I had put everything up, I sat down, waiting for the kettle to boil on the little hob we had to cook. I looked up and  giggled as I watched the tent cave a little.

“I thought you said you’ve got this?” I asked.

“I did, I’m very good at this,” Booboo said, modestly. I just sipped at my tea and then looked at the scenery. After a few minutes, he still hadn’t managed.

“Hurry before your tea gets cold,” I giggled, watching him try and get the tent up again.

“I’m trying,” he chuckled and finally managed to get there, “I’ve got it up!”

“That’s something a girl loves to hear,” I said, standing up to go to stand next to him.

“Play your cards right and that might come up later too,” he winked, wrapping his arm around my waist and placing his hand on my bum. I admired his work as he had also chucked the sleeping bag and blanket in there too.

“I can’t wait to get exploring,” I smiled, kissing his cheek, “now come have your drink”

“Ok,” he said and we went to sit down, his Jeep nearby with the food and stuff in for later.

We both sat and relaxed for a bit, looking at the view as I smiled at how peaceful it was.

“I needed this,” I said, “thank you”

“It’s ok, I knew you needed some peace away from home stress,” he smiled, placing his hand on my thigh. I kissed him and then leant my head on his shoulder, taking a deep breath of fresh air as I looked at the rocks in front of us, taking in the moment.

We sat and relaxed for a bit, drinking our drinks and talking about random things. We then began to get ready for our hike, I ate some chocolate to give myself energy and then we set off.

After one of the most beautiful walks I have ever been on, with cute little waterfalls found and climbing into little caves that Boo had managed to find, we got back to our tent and we began to cook some food. We had some burgers which Boo was cooking and I poured the drinks and took some more pictures of him. I had taken so many today but I couldn’t help it, it was such a beautiful place that I never wanted to forget.

“Here you go,” Boo handed me a plate with a cheeseburger on.

“Thank you,” I took it and put some sauce on it, then placed it on my knee.

The sun started setting as we ate, I smiled as the wind gently ran through my hair and I had completely forgotten about everything except for this moment with Booboo and how lucky I am to have him. We finished our food, letting it settle before putting everything away and climbing in to the tent. Because of the one Boo has, it made it perfect for stargazing, so as we climbed in to the 2 man sleeping bag and I covered myself with a blanket, we cuddled up and looked up at the stars, I was so cosy.

“This is so perfect,” he mumbled contently.

“I agree,” I looked to kiss him softly.

“Do you think aliens exist?” he asked, causing me to smile as we began to discuss aliens, space, other universes and everything else.

I knew then that I had met the one.