What kind of returns can one expect from you in return for the cash you need.

    I mean, you’re a bit too late now so nothing? Subscribe to my Patreon though and you’ll get plenty of bondage content

    Help a girl out!

    Hey everyone,

    I debated on posting this here, but I decided what’s the harm.

    You’re girl Valereya needs help. Recently I had to take time off of work for personal reasons, but I’m out of time off so I didn’t get paid for that time. Given that, the next couple weeks will be tough because I won’t be getting a paycheck.

    Basically I’m asking for help to pay my bills and eat until the next couple of months. If you do, I’ll try to repay you in any way I can, be it a shout out in a book or personalized story in the future. Here’s the link to my cash app, and even if you can’t pitch in, if you could at least signal boost it would be much appreciated!$ValereyaJames

    Merry Christmas and goodbye

    Hey everyone, hope you all have a great holiday!

    Despite my attempts to stay here, most of my posts have been flagged, not to mention that Tumblr is a graveyard these days. I’ve joined the other refugees on bdsmlr but I’m still going to keep this page around.

    Tumblr’s new policy

    In regards to what they say, I’ve always considered the stuff that I post to be pretty soft in nature, but...

    I’m not going until they carry me off this site bound, gagged, and kicking...

    I’ve been doing this for years, have built a great group of followers, and I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing until they tell me to stop

    Special thanks to @fiftyshadeofgag for the awesome cover art for my new book, DAMSELS ANONYMOUS: THE COMPLETE THIRD VOLUME, now available for pre-order!

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