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    Shiiiiit. I reblogged, and I got $750 in two days for basically nothing! The first day this client/POT asked my agent to invite some girls and I to his end. We basically sipped wine and left with $500 each. He called me yesterday and we took a ride on my highway and gave me $250😂😂😂. Money blogs everyday any day!


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    What’s crazy is that the documents uncovered in the arrests of the white nationalists like the Boogaloo and Proud boys showed that the fires, shooting, damages, etc at the BLM rallies was often started by the white nationalists in a (mostly successful) attempt to besmirch  BLM protesters and start a race war.

    It’s one of the reasons MLK wrote that those who supported civil rights should stop protesting (which he called “methods of persuasion”) and switch to boycotts, lawsuits, and voting marches (which he called “methods of coercion”)

    “What?” You say. “Wasn’t I taught that MLK led mighty protests where people were beaten and that attention changed hearts and minds?”

    Yes … that’s what you were taught however - for the past 50 or so years there’s been a concerted movement from large industry to whitewash MLKs message and change his actual strategy to “protest and get noticed/beaten”, the exact strategy he rejected repeatedly.

    The MLK and Gandhi messages of how to do civil disobedience was defanged in modern textbooks to become “your suffering makes a change!” The “make noise and people will pay attention” is a story DESIGNED to get progressives to waste energy in the most inefficient manner.


    What are some examples of human cruelty?

    In 1991, John Bunn, age 14, was framed by a detective and charged with the murder and attempted murder of two correctional officers in Brooklyn. He was given a one-day trial followed by 27 years in prison. During his term, he didn’t receive an education.

    In 2018, Bunn was freed with the help of The Exoneration Initiative, a foundation dedicated to freeing the wrongfully convicted.

    This man wasted 27 years of his life in prison for an offense that he never committed.

    Damn, that was cruel…

    Update: For some of us in the comment session that are curious to know what happened to the police detective officer, here it is: The lead detective of the case was Louis Scarcella. He has since been disgraced as it was proved he was as corrupt as can be. Look at this picture of the man that caused the whole catastrophe.

    Louis Scarcella

    Edit: Thanks for all the upvotes and comments. I’m indeed overwhelmed as I never expected it. The views and reshare are incredible.

    Photo Credit: Google.


    Two years?! I’m in!


    I’ll try it


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    No fucking joke, I was offered 4 days of film-set marshalling and I told him I was unavailable for one of the days but I could cancel. And he told me he’d potentially found someone else.

    I reblogged this.

    And not 20 mins later, he came back to me and said if I really want it, let him know now. So fuck. Wow.


    fuck it double the potassium, double the luck.


    Hoping so this year has been horrible


    Fingers crossed


    maybe I’ll find someone with a double dong. Or a real Hermaphrodite.


    You never know until you try!


    Certainly worth a re blog as I’m out of work.


    There are days I’d pay good money to have a sub who thought about it as much as I do.


    How can you not think of spanking all day when the ladies are walking around in leggings


    Yep almost every hour of the day


    I think about spanking 24/7...


    I would LOVE to have two nice, round, booties to alternatively spank every other day.......🤔🤔🤔