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    The Seven Degrees Of Submission

    1.  The Kinky Sensualist
    Not into servitude, humiliation or giving up of control.  Looking for spiced-up sensuality, light bondage and potential role-play, but only on his terms for his own pleasure (ie: being turned on solely or mainly by his own bodily sensations, rather than being turned on by being “used” to gratify one’s partner).  This is only a game, exists only during sex play, and ends whenever the sensualist wants.

    2.  Pseudo-Submissive
    Enjoys “submissive” role-playing, e.g.: schoolteacher scenes, misbehaving boyfriend, meeting a stranger. Usually into some level of humiliation, but NOT into servitude, even in play. Dictates the scene to a large degree.  Might be persuaded to engage in semi-public sex (i.e. in a bathroom stall) but still insists on maintaining control.  Pleasure comes from the thrill of the moment, but still focused on deriving pleasure for himself.  Willing to be called names but sets many limits.

    3.  Pseudo-Submissive PLAY Slave
    Likes to play at being controlled. Likes to *feel* subservient; may in some cases like to *feel* that one is being “used” to gratify one’s partner’s pleasure; and may even really serve the dominant in some ways, but only on the “slave’s” own terms. Dictates the scene to a large degree; often fetishistic (e.g. foot worshippers, play-rape).  Gains some pleasure knowing he is being used for his partner’s pleasure.  The goal of the PLAY slave is to feel exposed and inferior during sex-play, but for total control to be regained as soon as the game is done and reserves the right to stop at any time.

    4.  True Submissive PLAY Slave
    Really gives up control (though only temporarily and within agreed upon limits), but gets his main satisfaction from aspects of submission *other than* serving or being used by the dominant. Usually turned on by suspense, vulnerability, and/or giving up of responsibility. Doesn’t dictate the scene except in very general terms, but still seeks mainly his own *direct* pleasure (rather than getting one’s pleasure mainly from pleasing the dominant).  Willing to let the dominant introduce other people into the sex scene, and to submit to being used by other men in a controlled setting.  Largely gives up control in making sexual decisions.  Allows Dominant to introduce spit, piss and cum into the sex-play.  Willing to be sexually degraded, exposed and used during the duration of the sex-play.

    5.  Part-Time Consensual REAL Slave
    Really gives up control (though usually within limits); wants to serve and be used by the dominant; wants to provide practical, non-erotic as well as fun, erotic services. May even act as a full-time slave for, say, several days at a time, but is free to leave at the end of the agreed upon time. Regards oneself as the Master’s “property” when in use. Wants to obey and please Master in all aspects of life. Gains pleasure for pleasing the Master.  Committed to cleaning Master’s house, running errands, sexually servicing Master (and his friends). Calls the Dom MASTER in private and SIR in public at all times. Makes weekly substantial financial contribution to Master to show his respect.  

    6.  Full-Time Consensual REAL Slave
    Within no more than a few broad limits/requirements, the slave regards himself as existing solely for the Master’s use, pleasure and well-being. The slave in turn expects to be regarded as a prized possession. Within the S/M world, a full-time “slave” arrangement is entered into with an explicit awareness of the magnitude of power that is being given up, and hence is usually entered into much more carefully, with more awareness of the possible dangers, and with much clearer and more specific agreements than usually precede the traditional marriage.  A contract is usually prepared and signed that sets out responsibilities and duties of both parties.  Slave exists for the pleasure and use of his Master.  The Master may lock the slave in chastity to remind him that the focus is on the pleasure of the Master.  Slave turns over total paycheck to Master and accepts a weekly allowance – as determined by the Master – to cover his expenses.

    7.  Total Slave/No Limits
    A common fantasy ideal which probably doesn’t exist in real life (except in authoritarian religious cults and other situations where the “consent” is induced by brainwashing and/or social or economic pressures). A few S/M purists will insist that you aren’t really a slave unless you’re willing to do absolutely *anything* for your Master, with no limits at all.   Master takes total control of all money, all bank accounts, all assets.  Master owns everything the slave owned and may use and dispose of it at his will.  Slave’s body is available 24/7 for Master and anyone else Master decides to allow to use it. Slave may never say No.


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