Husband- “Ohhhh fuck! Please tell me you’re not just pretending again. Of course I want you to get fucked!!! Will you do it in the spare bedroom?

    Wife- “Yessssssssss”

    Husband- “And will you let him cum in you?”

    Wife- “Yessssssss. And I’ll immediately come back to our bedroom and let you have all the cum you want! That’s a promise. You can have me sit on your face if that’s what you want can just fuck me with all of his cum in me. I’ll do whatever you want!”

    Husband- “Oh know how badly I want you to do this. Look at how hard I am right now. I think I have Superman’s dick.”

    Wife- (Cute laugh) “I see that. Keep it exactly that way for a couple of hours until I am finished. I’ve just sent him a text and told him to come by. He texted me that he was near the house and thought of me. I’m going to go wait by the front door and I’ll take him directly to the bedroom. I love that you’re such a freaky husband. Don’t jerk off while I’m getting fucked. I want your cum in me too after you’re eaten me. OK? (Silence). OK???

    Husband- “I feel like I’m having the best dream ever but, yes. I won’t cum until you’ve been fucked.”

    He’s Better Than You

    “He’s better than you.”

    Those words illustrate the push and pull of the cuckold lifestyle. Ultimately, a cuckold wants his wife to utter them, or at least feel that way about the guy she’s sleeping with. Why would she bother fucking him if he wasn’t better than you? Those words hurt though, at least a little. They’re arousing too though, aren’t they?

    When she fucks him and he makes her cum harder than you ever have, she’s going to want more. She can’t help but crave the cock that gets her off like that. She can’t help but find his big dick irresistible. She can’t help but desire more of the deep, sensual connection they had.

    When she gets home from a night of bliss with her lover, you want to hear all about it, even though you know her words might hurt.

    “It was amazing, honey. It was so much better than when you fuck me. His cock is so much bigger and he’s so much better in bed than you are.”

    Those words hurt, but they’re exactly what you need to hear. You need to know that you made the right choice in asking her to cuckold you. You need to know that your cock is inadequate, that he’s a better lover than you. You need to know that your wife is receiving the sexual satisfaction she craves.

    How much do you want to know? Do you want to hear exactly how he was better? Do you want to hear how he lasted longer, how his cock was bigger, how he made her cum harder? What if he was a better kisser?

    Maybe all you really want to hear is that he made her cum harder than you ever have. He gives her a better orgasm.

    You want your wife to have that hunger for him. You want her to think about his cock constantly. You want her to dream of having him inside her. You want her to need him.

    Don’t worry, she will. Once you’ve unlocked her inner hotwife and set her free, your wife will find being with other men irresistible. Once she experiences truly great sex she’ll want more.

    The truth is, you don’t give her what she needs. That’s why you’re a cuckold. She needs another man to provide her with the sex she craves. She needs you to love and support her while he fucks her. She needs you to be a cuckold while she is your loving hotwife.

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