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2019-12-09 16:40:57

    How can I ask to a girl that I wanna tie her up just to make her feel more pleasure and have an intensive orgasm?

    Honesty and communication is key in our lifestyle but take your time with it and feel it out.  If you know she's a bit on the kinky side for instance just talk to her and see where her desires and kinks are. 

    I hope this helps 😁


    Hi I'm hoping you could help me. I'm a female looking to be submissive Where do I start looking for a mistress who would be gracious to have a new inexperienced sub. I have always wanted to be in service to a dominant female Thank you for your time.

    I'm a big fan of fetlife but there are other sites available that are really good as well. First, take your time, I know how it feels to want to just plunge on in, but take your time... Just as with anything else be safe, bring friends with you if you can to you first munches. Get to know the D/s community in your area. Your submission and willing and eager service shouldn't go out to just anyone...