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2020-01-06 13:16:55

    Man, I must've blew it. So today I went to the dentist and I saw this girl I think I seen before today. I would've talk to her before today, instead there were people around and I wouldn't want that, I would explain why. There were only three of us including myself that saw the dentist first, and she went. She had to go upstairs to another place, so I missed out on trying to conversate.

    If I hadn't had told anyone this: So yeah, I was trying to sell videos, at least two on a Wednesday on the 9th, instead I kinda messed up on one of my announcements not thinking that it was may, but up on Nov, instead I said may 9th instead of November. But still I could only sell one video instead of two. It was hard trying to upload the other one, probably because the data had ran out. But nobody hasn't brought the video, and I would plan on uploading the other one. I would think need an opinion. If there's any suggestions.